Thursday, 18 April 2013

After the Party

The weather was not kind to us on the day - fine in the morning, pouring with rain in the afternoon (party was 2-5pm).  Everything we had planned for outside had to be scaled down and moved indoors.  Although we had a reasonable turn-out, I think the weather probably put a lot of people off.

The homemade bunting did look good outside the shop - sadly most of it has now been blown into the gutters, waiting for a man with a ladder to retrieve it for us. Great weather for ducks though!
Inside the shop was decorated with more bunting and balloons. Getting ready was quite a rush as the shop was open until 12.30, giving us 1 ½ hours to get everything set up.  I tried to do as much as I could during the morning but with customers coming in all the time this was quite difficult. 
Beforehand I had created some collages to display around the shop - this one showing labels from household products...
...and assorted kitchenalia.
In the gift room I made bunting from vintage greetings cards - simply pegged onto a length of ribbon - you can see it hanging above the window..
In one corner a display of sewing items and magazines.
We had planned to have a flea market with a couple of tables outside - again put paid to by the weather, so I just set up one table in our garden room.  I had lots more stock which didn't see the light of day.
 On the Post Office windows I hung some old photographs of the village and our shop.  In its time it has been a fire station, an undertakers, a tannery and a stonemasons.
Our beautiful vintage-style cake - made by my sister-in-law/business partner. Post Office red but softened with lovely pink roses and blue forget-me-nots.  It tasted delicious too.
Behind the cake you can see another collage - this one of vintage wallpapers.
So, it was a lovely afternoon - everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. (p.s. I took the photos before the start)  It was a lot of hard work and lots more I would have liked to have done but simply ran out of time.   Now I have the weekend off - I'm hoping to get to a car boot sale on Sunday, let's hope the weather is better this time! 


  1. You can see from the photographs how much hard work went into this, it looks absolutely glorious, wish I could have been there.

  2. It all looks gorgeous. I would LOVE to have such a shop near us. Your locals are very lucky to have you. I am so sorry about the weather though. It really does let us down sometimes.

  3. Well done Lucy, you have worked very hard..........I really wish you were my local post office!!!!!! best wishes for the future years, Sue S X

  4. It looks so lovely, one day I shall pop in for a look. It's so pretty with all the things that I love. I shall cross my fingers as I go look at my Lotto ticket, first stop Britain, second stop your shop.


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