Friday, 14 March 2014

Vintage Jumble

I will be here next Saturday - hope you can come along.

Monday, 24 February 2014

One down - lots to go!

My first fair of the year under my belt and I had a lovely day.  It being February and given the recent weather conditions, no one was very sure how the day would turn out.   But the weather was good and lots of visitors came through the doors, many more than expected I think.
Trusty friend Jane and I managed to set up my stall in good time, but then as usual I was faffing about with it and ended up running around with my camera at the last minute.  Most of my pics came out blurred, so just a few here that were useable.

My stall had a very spring-like theme to it, not intentionally but I was pleased with the way it turned out.  I've really missed the buzz of the fairs and hope to do lots more this year. 

Thank you to everyone who admired and made purchases from my stall, it made for a perfect day.

I did snap a few pictures of the other stalls - this was part of Niki's display, which are always stunning.

Clearly everyone had worked very hard to produce some wonderful displays, all very tempting.

Thank you too to Jayne and Michele for organising another wonderful fair, looking forward to the next one already!

(love that jewellery display box in the bottom right corner!)

My next event will be the Vintage Jumble at Rangeworthy on 22nd March.  All events organised by Jayne and Michele can be found on the Vintage and Handmade website here.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Vintage and Handmade February Fling

This Saturday 22nd Feb, I will have a stall at the Vintage and Handmade February Fling Fair in Chipping Sodbury.  I have really missed doing the fairs over the last year, I did a few Vintage Jumbles but none of the main fairs.  Things are more settled at the shop, we have a work routine which leaves me time to engage in more vintage activity so I am hoping to get back on the 'fair circuit' this year.

It's a bit embarrassing that I haven't blogged for such a long time, I think the best thing is to gloss over that fact.   Below are a few of the things I will be taking on Saturday.  Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Village Shop Life

Since most of my time revolves around the shop now, I thought I'd document a typical day here.  When we first started I had visions of sitting in the shop making pretty things, leafing through magazines for inspiration and floating around making everything look lovely.  Ha!  Not a bit of it.  This is what my days are typically like:

5.30 - 6.00am Get up (reluctantly - I'm not a morning person)

6.30 - 7.00am Leave home.

7.00 - 7.30am Open up shop, turn off alarm, switch on kettle and coffee machine, make myself a cup of coffee and breakfast (cereal).  I don't have breakfast at home as it's too early for me.  Sign onto lottery terminal and unlock scatchcard machine.

7.30am   Move all the plants and outdoor stock outside (they are stored inside the shop overnight).  Count papers, arrange on shelves, put by regular orders, count milk and put in fridge.

8.00am Switch on lights, open the shop, eat breakfast in between serving customers.

8.30am  Chat with earlybird customers, can learn useful things - one reminded me this week that Marlborough Summer School allows local businesses to have leaftlets in the foyer.  We need to promote the shop as much as we can.  Mental note to design a proper shop leaflet (this has been on my 'to do' list for months).  Water all the plants.

9.00 - 12.15  Serve customers, in between which stock up shelves, place any orders for groceries, tidy, weigh and bag up the birdfoods (we buy in sacks and divide into 1kg bags),  box  eggs (we buy in trays and box them up ourselves), check perishable stock for sell-by dates. These are ongoing daily tasks - I never really manage to catch up with all of them.   Take photos for our website and facebook and try to resist the tempation of all the chocolate and sweets I am surrounded by (usually I fail).

12.15pm Try to each my lunch - get interrupted several times to serve customers.

1.00pm Our Post Office clerk goes for lunch so I cover the Post Office counter as well as the shop (we don't close at lunchtimes).  Fortunately lunchtimes are fairly quiet and I usually have the chance to  tidy the greetings card racks which become untidy on a daily basis, or re-arrange some displays.

1.45pm Check/update my "to do" list, this can include updating our website & Facebook, making signs and tags for stock, working on marketing and promotion, choosing and ordering greetings cards, sourcing stock. I rarely get these things done in shop time.

2.00pm - 4.30pm  see 9.00 - 12.15

4.30pm  Count newspaper returns, put in crates and take out to shed for collection.  Vacuum and mop the floor. 

5.00pm Cash up - this can take a shorter or longer time depending on interruptions.

5.20pm Bring in as much stock as possible without causing obstructions.

5.30pm Put up Closed sign, bring in remaining plant stock.  Sign off Lottery terminal, lock scratchcards and cash register.   Switch off coffee machine and lights.

5.45 - 6.00pm Alarm on, lock up and go home - phew! 

6.30 - 7.00pm Arrive home, eat my tea (luckily Mr. Bloom is home before me and cooks the tea) and flop on the settee until bedtime.  Same again tomorrow!

Friday, 3 May 2013

Painting Projects

It's been lovely to see some sunshine this week - trade has picked up a bit in the shop and we are seeing more visitors.  I've had a busy week, we are selling a lot of plants now which means more trips to the nursery.

I love these little book racks, you can still sometimes find them at a reasonable price at the usual thrifting haunts.  I always pick them up when I see them, quite often they are home made.

A bit of distressing and some rose decals as a finishing touch. 

They don't need to be just for books, depending on the slope, you can use them as mini shelves for any knick-knacks and they are good for adding height at the back of a display.

I haven't decided yet if this one will go to the shop or not, I love it a bit too much at the moment. 
These lavender sacks did make their way to the shop though.

With the better weather it's great to be able to paint outside, I have some larger items in the pipeline.  Indoors I don't have much room and have to keep to smaller things.

I mixed my own shade of pink for this card holder and wooden storage box.  These I decoupaged with floral cut-outs and vintage paper doyleys. 

Several coats of varnish are required to protect the paper.  Also, it is not recommended to have these items in strong sunlight as the cut-outs are prone to fading.

This is my weekend off, I have nothing much planned except pottering around the house and garden  which are in desperate need of attention.  Oh and staying up late tonight to watch a film as I don't have to get up early tomorrow!  Hope you all have a good weekend.
Lucy x