Friday, 21 March 2008

Happy Easter

Well I'm just about set, I think. We're going round to family for Sunday lunch tomorrow so not much for me to do actually, though I have decided to make a Key Lime Pie to take for dessert - never made it before so I hope it tastes OK.
Hope my daffodils hurry up and flower too.

I was going to show you the eggs I painted last year, but I've put them away so well I can't find them! Looking round the shops, Easter trees seem to be de rigeur nowadays - I had grand plans for making my own extravagently decorated tree, but somehow it didn't happen. My apple tree provided some nice knobbly twigs though which were given a spray of paint. The two-tone effect came about since I didn't have enough paint in one colour.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend, whatever you are doing, hope the Easter Bunny is very generous to you!

Lucy Bloom x


  1. I know what you mean.I bought tulips and daffs this morning as we have people for supper tonight and for tea tomorrow....and the flowers are still in's hoping that the warmth of the room will do the trick! I love your Easter tree. Mine was a piece from my garden too..and it is blooming, amongst the eggs.Have fun Lucy;-)

  2. Happy Easter Lucy, your little display looks so pretty, have a lovely weekend. Thanks for visiting!
    Gill x

  3. I bet nobody else has a two tone Easter tree! Happy Easter, Fi x

  4. Bonne Fete mon ami, well when in France, key lime pie brings back memories of a long ago holiday in florida YUM, YUM

    happy easter to you and yours lucy

    love jules x

  5. Beautiful decoratoins!! Happy Easter!

  6. A very happy Easter is wished for you too Lucy.
    Your daff's are pretty much like mine...hurry up and open!
    Love your Easter arrangemnets...
    Have a great time with your family.
    Carol xx

  7. Have a lovely Easter, I hope the Key Lime Pie turns out well for you!!

  8. Happy Easter Lucy. The tree looks lovely. I am definietly going to do one next year although they haven't really caught on this side of the world yet. Perhaps I'll start a trend?

  9. Happy Easter Lucy and Mr Bloom. I really like all the Easter goodies around your house. We have devoured all edibles around the place, now feel quite ill! x

  10. Happy Easter, Lucy. I hope yours was full of peace.~~Dee


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