Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Heart Pockets and a Dish

I mentioned that I got a bit of crafting done last week, I've been making these hanging heart pockets. The fronts are fabric, each one has a lace pocket at the bottom where you can put cards or flowers or notes, anything you like really, or leave them just as they are, functional or purely decorative.

I have six of these available in different designs, in my shop now. I am trying to get more items made for the shop, really I am, but you know how it is.

When I posted about my thrifty and booty finds last time I forgot to put in one more thing. In fact, I'd forgotten I'd bought it and only came across it at the weekend still wrapped.
It's this flowery sauce dish with it's own china ladle.

The ladles are often the first things to become broken so I was pleased to find this set complete.

It is to be used but for the moment it's on display on my kitchen cabinet (necessitating a re-arrange of course!)

Finally an update on the kitchen tiles, I went for plain cream in the end as I didn't want to be tied to a colour scheme. I wish I'd decided that in the first place, it would have saved rather a long time trawling around the tile and DIY shops, not my favourite activity. They are still a WIP but I'll show you when they're finished.

TTFN - Lucy x


  1. That dish with the ladle is lovely! A lucky find!!

    Victoria x

  2. Hi Lucy, your hearts are scrumptious, all the things I like!! The dish with ladle is a wonderful find, I love the dainty flowers! Thanks for sharing such goodies! TTFN Kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

  3. Hi Lucy
    The dish and ladle are lovely. That was a nice surprise finding it when you had forgotton about it!. I went for plain cream tiles in my kitchen with a few different coloured ones near the cooker. I had my kitchen put in quite a few years ago and now I would have maybe not picked that kitchen because I would like it all mismatched and an aga!. tastes change all the time.
    I love your hearts and have sent you an email as I have a good home for one!
    X Dominique

  4. Hi Lucy
    I love the hearts. They are so pretty and feminine and the colors are wonderful! That china sauce dish was a great find with the ladle still intact! Lucky you!
    Havea great day

  5. Your new dish is lovely, and your hearts are just beautiful.

    I have an old cake plate that came with a matching server. They are hard to find as a set, too, because the server is usually broken or misplaced.

  6. Lucy, I can't believe you forgot to unwrap something! You are so right, almost impossible to find china ladles, spoons etc still intact. I like the hearts, no pressure, you can only craft when you have the time. x

  7. What a good idea, Heart Pockets and they are very pretty too.
    Well you cannot go wrong with the cream tiles. I am looking forward to this being (as I am sure you are too)! a WNC. I want to see the photos.
    Carol x

  8. Beautiful little heart pockets, Lucy...
    And your sauce bowl and ladle are just lovely.
    Make something luscious to send to Cielo....(Mr. Bloom will be sure to be very pleased and that is our job...to keep our men-folk PLEASED.) I can hardly wait to see all the good looking photos of the good tasting desserts.
    HUGS, bj

  9. You are so good at making things, the hearts look so well done! That sauce dish with ladle is gorgeous, what a find! Im hoping to hit some boot sales this weekend, if the weather holds out!

  10. The hearts are lovely.
    I love the sauce dish with its ladle!!
    Glad you have chosen your tiles!

  11. Love the hearts Lucy they are so pretty. Wonderful dish and ladle, imagine not unwrapping it! Take care

  12. The sauce dish and ladle are just so pretty as indeed are your hearts.

  13. Love your pretty heart pockets!!!

  14. Gosh you have been busy, very pretty! Love the dish!

  15. Hi Lucy
    I received the heart this morning. Its so lovely and it is proudly hanging !. It all was beautifully packaged and I loved the thank you note & the little cigarette cards too. Many thanks Lucy , I love your items they are so very pretty .
    X Dominique

  16. ooh loveliness! you've had some great finds recently and the heart pockets are so pretty!

  17. Hi Lucy,
    You never cease to amaze me with your crafting...these are truly so pretty...i love them.
    Wow! what a gorgeous find its pure loveliness and so rare like you say to get a matching spoon in one piece,lucky you Lucy enjoy it.
    Love Kristina XxX

  18. The heart pockets are so pretty!
    You have a lovely blog; so glad to have found you.

  19. love the dish with the ladle, super find. Good decision cream, think of all the coloured nick-nacks you can add to your scheme with cream as a background.

    jules x


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