Thursday, 18 September 2008

Just Chintz

A while back I posted about my small collection (3 pieces!) of chintz. Well, a couple of boot sales later and it has more than doubled.

Firstly a part set of 2 small, 2 large plates a jug and a sugar bowl. I did a little whoop of joy inside when I found these for a couple of pounds. I like that they are only part-chintzed, white space is good - not so overpowering.

Also this tiny pot, it may have had a lid once, I'm not sure, but it's very cute anyway.

I've re-arranged my kitchen shelves to accomodate my growing collection. Most of it is on here, though I'm not sure if it's not chintz overkill.

I also re-arranged my little white shelf, I thought there was too much pink before (if that's possible), I like it much better now.

It's Mr. Bloom's birthday tomorrow and I've invited all the family round. With the house being in turmoil we haven't entertained for a long time, so I've been busy getting out all my mismatched china...

... and glass...

... put out some mismatched chairs in the front room, and creatively concealed the mess in the dining room beyond...

I've managed to make the front room presentable (the curtains still aren't hemmed but I've put 2 armchairs in the window so you can't see), can't do anything about the carpet at short notice.

So lots of cleaning done today and then a bit of fluffing. I've baked half a cake - I only have one cake tin so have to bake in 2 batches. I'm trying a new recipe for a wheat-free sponge, part 1 has come out OK, I think I'll do part 2 and the icing tomorrow as it's getting a bit late for me now. If it tastes nice I'll post the recipe.

Oops, and I still have to wrap some presents - I wonder where they are - best get going!

Lucy x
p.s. does anyone know why my links are coming out underlined, they didn't used to, is it because I changed template?
p.p.s actually, I have just noticed they are only underlined in Edit mode, so ignore above question!


  1. Happy Birthday to Mr Bloom!

    Good luck with entertaining and your cake, hope it works out ok for you.

    Victoria x

  2. So pretty, i just love the a huge royal doulton fan.

  3. Oh pretty pretty collection of chintz. My Mother collects chintz too and I'll have to show her your blog.

    Love all the mismatched china and glass. How sweet looking.


  4. I love the chintz collection! it looks so pretty grouped together. Have fun at Mr. B's birthday bash, love Sue x

  5. Don't you just love mismatched crockery. It looks so pretty. I prefer it to a matching set, apart from the Christmas dinner when I use a plain old white set.

    Have a lovely day tomorrow.

    Lucy xx

  6. Happy Birthday Mr. bloom :) What a perfect little day you are going to have in your adorable home X

  7. How nice that you are having a party for your DH.
    Please post us pictures!
    I`m curious to see the cake... the yummy food... and of course more of your beautiful mismatched china!

    Have a lovely weekend!
    Debbie Moss

  8. Lucy - Hi hope the day went well and Mr Bloom is now quietly snoozing in the wing chair. The room looked lovely - you can never have too much chintz!! Its lovely - there was some lovelyParagon greeny chintz edged pieces but couldn't justify the £4.99 and £6.99 prices for them and the jug had a crack in it! xxC I am not supposed to be online - I posted some pics and siad I wouldnt go on this weekend cos we have a blitzy weekend ahead of us. Alan has added a wooden shelf on both sides of the conservatory - high up for adding vintage things - all the stuff that had to go in the loft - I was determined to find somewhere for it all - I triumphed - can't wait to get up there tomorrow and get it on display. The conservatory is stained dark wood and I wanted to paint it but I am being sensible and there are plenty of years ahead of us to do it. In the meantime I will go for the colonial look! - I would love wooden venetians but not this year!!

  9. Just clicked on one of your commenters and she was posting about the price of oil/fuel. I did a calculation on $'s, litres etc and we are paying $9.34 per gallon here

  10. Chintz overkill...gosh, I don't think that's possible!

    M ^..^

  11. First, a Happy Birthday to your Mr. Bloom...
    Your cottage looks just perfect and there is no such thing as CHINTZ 'mam...the more, the better.
    Bet that cake was delicious..give us the recipe, please.
    Sorry I can't help you on yur underlined problem...I am surprised each morning when I click on my blog and it actually comes up!!!
    hugs, bj

  12. Love your collection of chintz and the way you have it displayed. So pretty.

  13. I hope that Mr Bloom enjoys all of his shabby chic style gifts!!
    Love the chintz! ;-)

  14. Happy Birthday to your special Mister. Have a wonderful celebration.

    Lucy, it all looks beautiful, and I'm not sure there is such a thing as too much chintz.

  15. I really enjoy this blog, you have lovely vintage stuff. I am such a novice collector :o)

  16. Hi Lucy, love your chintz, really pretty. Hope Mr Bloom had a great birthday.
    Rosie x

  17. Doesn't chintz look even prettier when it's grouped together like in your photos, lovely!!! Good luck with the party, hope Mr Bloom had a good birthday. Your home is looking lovely

  18. Sorry... ME AGAIN!
    Just a quick note to say that I will treasure forever your support... and I to let you know... if your ever need any type of support... you have mine!
    Debbie Moss

    By the way... how was the birthday party for your DH?
    Any cake left for me! PLEASEEEEEEE!

  19. Love the Chintz and the mis-matched china! Have you seen mine? Its on the Washerwoman blog. Have a great weekend!

  20. Hi Lucy Bloom,
    I saw your blog link at Lilly Cottage and was taken with your name: Lucy Bloom. Now how sweet is that. And then to call your husband/partner, Mr. Bloom was too cute for words. Love your blog and plan to visit often. I also visited your little shop and found the pretty pegs most intriguing. Can't wait to read and see more.
    Theresa @ Cottage Violets

  21. It all looks so very pretty & inviting!

  22. Your chintz collection is beautiful! I have been on the lookout for some, but sadly, there is none to be found around here :( Hope your day was perfect!


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