Monday, 2 February 2009

Tin of Tiny Treasures

A little while ago I was indulging in a bit of web-window shopping when I came across this pretty tin. Well... a vintage tin and covered in gorgeous roses at that is just too much to resist, so now it's mine!

Not just any tin though, a Tin of Tiny Treasures - look what was inside.

I bought these from Frances at ALittleBitVintage who had put together this lovely collection of vintage treasures. Just love 'em!

Even better that they're tiny so I can easily find room for them on my shelves.
The tiny tin of gramophone needles still has its contents intact.

This celluloid lady is so elegant.

I've adorned the powder box with some tiny china flowers from an old brooch.

The tortoiseshell buffer nestles in my hanging heart pocket along side a Lillipeg.

I have received a number of tags and awards recently. I shan't be passing them on but I did want to give a mention to the lovely ladies who passed them to me (hope I didn't miss anyone out - let me know if I have):

Kim at Shabby, Pink and Pretty

Fifties Girl

Kathryn at Our Shabby Cottage

Renata at Nata's Place

Thank you for thinking of me! And thank you to everyone who bought a Lillipeg from me, I hope to have some more in a couple of weeks or so.

Must go now, there's a documentary about my favourite boys on the TV tonight, so I have to comb my hair and put a bit of lipstick on!


  1. oh wow, that tin is fabulous and even better with the goodies inside!! i'm pretty sure my nan had that tin, and i know she had the little fawn you have, she loved them and used to collect them. My grandad still has a few. x

  2. Wonderful tin of treasures!

    Victoria xx

  3. Look how gorgeous you little treasures look in your shelves. They do just fit right in there don't they?? Love them all but the little packet of gramaphone needles is so special!!
    Glad two of your ladies are coming to live with me!! Woohoo!!
    Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

  4. Ooh I saw that on the site and wondered in a vague kind of way who had bought it, how funny to find out! I have one of Frances' embellished hats, so pretty. Love that tin of little gramaphone needles.

    Mel xxx

  5. Love that tin! I will be definitely checking out her website.

    Pretty pretty things.

  6. Good morning, Mizz Lucy Bloom...
    you do find the best things when you go shopping, girl. These are all just precious!
    All of the little dolls you make are so sweet, Lucy. Hoping to catch one of the next bunch before they are all sold....that is hard to do since most every sweet thing you make is gone in a wink.
    Give Mr. Bloom an extra hug this morning.....and tell him an old gal out in West Texas said HEY !!
    xo bj

  7. Just love that tin, what a beauty!

  8. What a great find. I love the tin it would look perfect in my bedroom. Good to see you found
    homes for evrything.

  9. Hi Lucy
    The snow fall has given me a much needed 'me day' at home today as I couldn't get to work this morning... so naturally tuned in to read your lovely blog.. and what a surprise to see the tiny tin of treasures you kindly bought from me recently. You really have done the treasures proud, and they all look so at home in your chosen settings, I'm so glad you bought them.
    Love & snowballs... Frances

  10. What lovely things to find in a tin, great tin too. In answer to your question about me selling the punched pieces i have made, then yes I do intend to try and sell them. Love your little dollies.
    Rosie x

  11. lovely treasure and wonderful that someone loves it!

    smiles, bee

  12. The very dramatic lady is quite the find! She's got sassy attitude. So pretty how you have it all arranged.

  13. What wonderful treasures you received in that beautiful tin. I love the figurine.

    I hope you had fun watching your boys. ;-)

  14. Hi Chick! Pop over to my blog and pick up your deserved award!...Your Blog Rocks!

    Love Happy xx


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