Thursday, 8 April 2010

It's not about the frame

I recently bought these three small metal frames - no pictures inside, not very inspiring and easily passed by - not by me though!

Also in my possession, a set of notecards depicting Victorian ladies, squirreled away for the right moment.

With the addition of some vintage lace, they have now become something more desirable.

Sometimes a frame is needed but it's not about the frame, the pictures are quite fussy and didn't need much, the lace just softens the effect.  I think they look rather fine.


  1. Such a great vintage look! Love the frames and the notecards look so romantic with the addition of the lace.

  2. They are gorgeous. Wonderful idea.

  3. The pictures look very good indeed in those frames. You must be pleased:)

  4. oh Lucy.. what a great turn out! love the victorian girls.. they are so pretty in that frame.. especially when you put lace trimmings on them.. who knows such a simple projects, turn out so lovely..

    have a great weekend

  5. beautiful! I love plain frames too!

  6. hi
    great way to put lace on the paintings
    did you cover it with glass?

  7. They look great, Lucy.

    It was lovely to see you on Sunday - I'm just sorry I didn't get a chance to chat. Hope you had a good time and enjoyed your visit to Dairy House.

    See you at the V&H - not long now!

    Sue x

  8. Lucy, they are beautiful. You have dressed each one perfectly.

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  10. Oh Lucy!
    They are gorgeous... you are so talented and they look like they have always been like this.
    Lots of love Kristina XxX

  11. what a transformation..very nice!

  12. Very pretty, what a good idea to use really sets them off!
    Margaret and Noreen

  13. The lace edgings are such a great idea Lucy, and are just perfect for those prints. x


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