Friday, 13 August 2010

A (Summery) Summary

What a lovely blogging break I've had and a lovely summer - I know summer's not over yet but for me August is the beginning of the end and the last few weeks disappear in a flash.
I have been busy, a lot of it mundane but Mr. Bloom and I managed a few days summer break.  I'm not a huge fan of great long summer holiday posts, so I'll just summarise with a few pics.

There were drives through pretty towns and villages


Window shopping

Country houses and gardens

A visit to the seadside - along with the rest of the world - ha ha!

More window shopping

Train rides

Finding the prettiest bandstand I've ever seen.

and the prettiest park gates.

A rare sight on this blog - me!

and of course, finding treasures

More busy days to come as at the end of August I have a stall at the Costwold Vintage Fair - this is a new event and I'm really excited to be taking part.  So of course, having re-surfaced in blogland I'll promptly be disappearing again as the mad panic and frenzy begins.  See you in September!


  1. Wow, what gorgeous finds. I love the little dog and the french beaded flower :)

    Thanks for sharing your summer photos. The beach photo is crazy!..we are lucky that we can go to a beach in summer and not have anyone else around :)


  2. You are having a lovely Summer by the looks of it.Was that Lyme Regis beach I spied there?
    Hope it won't be so crowded when we take our break in Cornwall/Devon next month!
    Good luck with the fair..hope your stall does well.

    Bellaboo :o)

  3. Good to hear from you again..I have the cute terrier with puppies ornament aswell!!(found it in a charity shop)Enjoy the rest of the summer Sue S x

  4. Hi Lucy - so glad to see you literally, I had once spied who I thought might be you on one of the vintage and handmade fair pictures!
    Glad you have had a lovely summer. I am off today to finishing pricing all our stuff, we are venturing into a vintage and retro fair in Durham. We go as customers and decided we would have a bash on the 29th August. Wanted to get sorted this week so I can make a few cushions nad lavender sachets next weekend so its not such a rush (ha ha as it it wont be) The person who persudaed me (like I made her do a blog!) is she is lovely. Hope you do well at your Fair. Let me know if you have any more fabric covered boxes for sale (the ones you make).

  5. Lovely photos, I'm a little bit envious, of all the lovely gardens and villages that seem to be right on your doorstep.
    Hope you enjoyed your break, looks like you had some nice weather for it.

  6. Well, hello to my dear friend, Lucy Bloom (o, i still luv that name). I have really missed glad you and Mr. Bloom have enjoyed the summer. I loved seeing all your grand photos.
    Like you, by the middle of August, I am done with summer and ready to move on. It's been so hot out here on the plains of West Texas..I am ready for WINTER...:))

    Come see me when you can...
    xo bj

  7. 傻氣的人喜歡給心 雖然每次都被笑了卻得到了別人的心..................................................................


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