Monday, 12 January 2009

Here come the girls!

I have really enjoyed making these peg dolls recently. I have come to the conclusion that I prefer to make small things - they are fiddly but the results are seen sooner and they don't take up too much space.

In the process of making some for me and some to give, they have evolved and (I think) improved. They have more hair, quite a lot of hair - I like that about them, and all wear pantaloons (they were a bit rude before) - I think that will be the format from now on.

I feel they are ready for sale now and they are the first occupants of my re-opened shop. I have called them Lillipegs as whilst thinking of a name I was reminded of the little people in Gulliver's Travels, they are the size I imagine the little people would have been.

Each Lillipeg has an individual name. This is Lottie:

this is Monique:

and this is Pandora:

Each has her own fabric envelope to travel in.

They are available in my updated shop now. I will be adding more handcrafted and vintage items over the next few days and weeks.

In between making Lillipegs I managed to fit in some thrifting last week (what, more?!), some lovely finds that I'll show next time.

Mr. Bloom is decorating the hall and stairs so once again there is upheaval and disruption. There is definately an unwelcome pattern evolving here!


  1. Wow, they're lovely! Good luck with the decorating. Always a pain when it's the hall as it's the hub of everything and you can't just shut the door on it like you can a room.
    Hen x

  2. They are really lovely and i agree, i think the big hair 'makes them'. x

  3. How cute are these little ladies!

    Can't wait to see your thrifty finds.

    Victoria x

  4. Hello Lucy, they are adorable, I bet they spring to life when you're not looking!
    Bertie x.

  5. Love the dolls,such sweet little faces!
    Rachel x

  6. Oh Lucy, they are just gorgeous!! Well done - I can see the amount of time spent lovingly on each one!
    We are redecorating too at present - it's not fun is it!!

  7. Just popped over to Bloom's Store to look at the Lillipegs. I had a feeling they were going to be popular. They are beautifully made, and really lovely. x

  8. Oh Lucy they are wonderful! Really lovely, they remind me of a book I used to read when I was a child, can't even remember what it was called, something about a dolls house, and one of the dolls favourite word was 'genteel' and you sweet little dolls look so genteel!
    Rosie xx

  9. Lucy, these are adorable. I love them!

  10. I agree with Rosie about the dolls.The book was "five dolls in a house". I loved it as a child..and my daughter found it on e bay and gave it to me last Xmas!!Like the name Lilliepegs!just lovely..Sue X

  11. Very pretty, the prettiest I've seen. Love Fi x

  12. How sweet! They remind me that I used to make little peg dolls when I was young & then made them with my daughter.
    I love the name Lillipegs too!

  13. Love your little dolls. I like to do things that are small also. I like to do quicker stuff.

  14. Hello Lucy, I was just wandering through blog world and found you, and I just have to say like the many fans before me, that these peg dolls are just gorgeous. They are so unique and seem to each have their own personalities, and I love that sort of thing. You are very talented.


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Lucy x