Saturday, 3 January 2009

A winter's walk

Well, it seems we are now firmly into 2009 - hope you all had a great New Year, thank you for your good wishes on my last post.

Much as I love Christmas, I do find it disruptive and must admit that I'm also rather glad when it's over - especially that odd period in between Christmas and New Year, where it's difficult to know quite what one should be doing with oneself.

Walks seem to be quite popular though.

On one of these odd days, I decided an outing in the crisp winter weather to walk off some of that stodge would be the order of the day.

We dressed up warmly, jumped in the car and drove to one of my favourite spots to begin our walk.

First we walked down the High Street to the antiques centre. A good hour or so spent browsing yielded some goodies too.

Next a brisk walk to the other end of the High Street, to a delightful gift shop which is sadly closing down.

Then a walk to the local hostelry for some refreshment to keep up our energy levels.

Finally, a walk to the charity shop, unexpectedly found to be open.

Then a short walk back to the car and home to warm our toes - hope you enjoyed our winter walk as much as we did ;-)

I also found some time in that odd in-between period for a bit of crafting, some items will be apearing in my shop very soon.

Around this time last year I remember vaguely resolving to have a good clear out around the house and attic. I don't know what happened but now the situation is even worse (the stuff situation that is, i.e. too much of it - I think these winter walks have a lot to answer for!).

Having a good clear out is not one of my favourite things to do, it's something I have to break down into manageable chunks and delay starting for as long as possible. But the time has come and over the next few weeks I will again be having a good clear out and listing some things for sale too.

Right... off I go then... to have a good clear out - have a good weekend!

Lucy x


  1. Hi Lucy,

    I hope your clear out has been going well... i started a small one the beginning of the week but haven't had the motivation to finish it off!

    Victoria xx

  2. Happy New Year Lucy. A good de-clutter is definitely on the cards in my household too. I am waiting until Monday, when I will have the house to myself again. Then I will be able to potter away to my hearts content.

  3. That sounds like my sort of walk Lucy! Look forward to your shop reopening. JackieM x

  4. What beautiful treasures you seem to have found on your walk! Makes me want to put on my tennis shoes and head outdoors- though I'd have to travel quite a distance to find myself walking through markets and stores as wonderful as the ones you visited!

    Happy New Year.


  5. Hi Lucy, what a wonderful "walk" you had and all the lovely goodies you brought home with you are so cute! We will be moving at some stage this year so a good clean out at our place might be a good idea too.....

  6. Lucy, am I reading that properly? Frozoclone? What on earth is that, sounds like some sort of antifreeze? Very nice bottle though? Ahh just clicked on the pic and seen the word mentholated... Will look in my ancient mags 1930's/40's to see if I can see anything like that.
    What a good walk you had!
    Rosie x

  7. Hi Lucy

    I'm guessing the frozoclone is something similar to the 'stuff' which was used to rub over your forehead when you had a headache - at least we had some in the 50s when I was a child.

    Good luck with your sorting. I started last week and spent the whole day in the spare bedroom. I found some nice woolly socks I'd forgotten about, which have helped to keep my toes warm at DH. Of course there were hundreds of other bits and pieces tucked away in drawers I haven't opened for goodness knows how long!

    Your walk looks to have been very successful. How good to be able to 'get fit' AND 'feed your habit' at the same time!!

    Sue x

  8. Hi Lucy

    Next time you go one one of your long WALKS !!! please invite me along too.
    LOL Frances

  9. Lucy-love your post-LoL! How is the clearing out going? Mine is very slow at the moment. Oh hum it will all get done-or not? Hope you have a happy week!~Smiles~Tam!

  10. Ooh now that sounds like my kind of walk! Both the charity shops have closed down within walking distance here, I couldnt believe it when I went past the other day. Best of luck with the clearout, I started mine on Christmas eve but i's far from finished! x

  11. Ohooo Lucy I have a garage full of things that need to go, is it only me though that delves into maybe the second box and gets carried off to a dreamy land with what I pull out of it, you know things that I havent looked at at for months years even, and then when I finally get on to the forth box out of forty, five hours have gone and I cant be botherd anymore and back the boxes go :)

    Right I have to be motivated now, or else my Home Sweet Home shall never get finished, eight weeks, its been nearly thirty and yes much more to do :)

    I hope you are all perked up now, I have won a lovely blog giveaway, so feel quite cheery here.

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year

    Much Love



  12. Hiya, I do like the idea of your walk. I think I need a walk like that! I love to have a good clear out because it makes room for more things I find on the "walk". Of course I dont get rid of anything I love, only those boring everyday things that we accumulate over the year. Best of luck with it and I look forward to seeing what will be for sale as you "clear out"!! Happy New Year!

  13. Hi Lucy
    Happy new year. I am so glad youstopped by becasue I haven't beento visit you for quite awhile! Thanks for taking us for a walk up the High street. You are lucky to have interesting little charity shops to browse in. Hope the clear out goes well. You can do it!!
    Hugs. Rhondi

  14. OOO, Lucy girl....I was so glad you came by to visit this morning. I have missed you.
    And, you so take just the kind of "walks" I dearly LOVE. Next time, I wanna go walk with you!
    It looks as if you found lots of pretties, too.
    Don't work too hard on your clearing away of things....I know...just put it off awhile longer!! ;O)
    love, bj
    oh, and please give my hello to MR. BLOOM.....

  15. Hi Lucy!
    Your lovely comment this morning was the best surprise ever! Thank you! (And the answer to your question is: I am a Stakanovite, and have some problems in relaxing, or better I just relax doing things!)...;))

    Your finds are lovely, and your dolls look so pretty! I will have mine listed soon, too.

    Happy New Year to you and Mr. Bloom,

    Monica x.

  16. I always love all of your vintage finds! Fantastic!


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