Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Perfect Fit

Do you like my dressing room - lovely isn't it.

I wish it were mine, sadly not. It's the fitting room in a charming charity shop I came across at the weekend.

On Saturday I took a trip out to the Stroud Rag Fair. It was such a lovely day that on the way back I took a small detour to the village of Minchinhampton which I knew had a couple of charity shops - 'posh' ones I'd been told, but I thought I'd have a look. The fitting room was in the Dorothy House Hospice shop on the main street.

I was so taken by it I asked if I could take pictures - the manageress was delighted, she said a lot of people commented on it, which she had taken great care to create and was (I think) rightly proud of.

Patrick Swayze and Audrey Hepburn keep you company as you undress! Being a bit shy of them I didn't try anything on myself. I would happily have bought some of the fixtures, but they weren't for sale :-(

Pretty pink fairy lights around the mirror, there are three mirrors altogether for a good view all round. The rest of the shop was very well kept too and though I didn't find anything to buy it was a delight to visit.

Minchinhampton itself is a pretty village, I loved the matching green on this door and railings.

Wouldn't mind living here:

Small villages at the weekend can be spookily quiet, it felt a bit strange walking down a street and seeing no cars or people.

I almost didn't go into The Trumpet (what a great name) antique shop, looking in the window it looked like it might have 'posh' prices.

But I did and was pleasantly surprised to find these two ladies well within my budget.

They need a bit of attention, but that's fine by me.

I love these sort of days out where I don't follow a particular plan, please myself and find nice surprises along the way!

p.s. I did buy some goodies at the Rag Fair but guess what - I'll post about them another time(hee hee!)


  1. Hi Lucy, love your little ladies, and what a fabulous dressing room! I wish I lived in the house with the Farrow and Ball-ish Green blue door and railings that is my very favourite colour. It sounds like you had a great day.
    Rosie xx

  2. Wow, what a wonderful dressing room. I want to have charity shops like that near me.

  3. lucy.. what a pretty dressing room and I love the houses too! so cottagey.. and the two lil girls.. are so adorable!

  4. That is one fabulous changing room!

    Victoria xx

  5. Can't believe that is a charity shop changing room!!

  6. Aren't your ladies beautiful! I'm always a bit nervous of expensive looking antique shops, The road I live on has got houses, pubs, tyre shops and petrol stations... then a random antiques centre but I haven't been into it yet. Perhaps I should take the plunge.

    That changing room is brilliant, better than most normal clothes shops!

    Mel xxx

  7. What a lovely day you had. I like that sort of day too. I am a real potter person now!
    Now that is a wonderful dressing room, I really could do with one just like it.
    Carol xxx

  8. Oh, dear LucY Bloom...How delighted I was to find that you came over to my place today. Thanks so so much.
    Oh, and now...I want a fitting room such as this one. Couldn't we fix up one corner of a bedroom just like this? I am thinking this is just what I might do...so cute!!
    I just love it.
    So glad you had such a great day out. I, too, love those kind of "fly by the seat of my pants" days...nothing really planned.
    much love,
    Oh, and please tell Mr. Bloom g'day for me!!

  9. Lucy, you always show us around the most interesting places. What a wonderful shop.

    And, I love your new dolls. I'm always on the lookout for them.

  10. Wow, I've never seen a changing room like that. What a fabulous charity shop. Sounds like you had a great day. I like the house with the blue railings too - such a perfect colour.

  11. Thank you soooo much for Miss Maybelle, I've just posted about her, she's lovely! You're not a witch though!!!!

    Mel xxx

  12. That is a lovely fitting room - it looks like it is in a vintage boutique!

  13. Your blog is so beautiful, I can see what I am going to be reading this weekend

  14. Sounds like a lovely day. Can I come next time? I like your shopping trips.

    Love Fi x

  15. That dressing room is just tooooo sweet! Wish it were mine too. :) Your ladies are just wonderful. What a great find! Have a lovely weekend.

    Back Porch Blessings,

  16. What a beautiful changing room...they must be very proud of it. And love the village...will try and see it if I'm ever in the area.
    Margaret and Noreen

  17. Hi Lucy
    What a beautiful dressing room! Your photos and post make me really want to go there. I feel a trip comming on soon! I love the colour of that door and railings.
    Isabelle x

  18. I have been enjoying your blog so much. Love this dressing room. Too pretty. Thank you taking us on this great tour. The houses are beautiful. We don't have these wonderful structures in the part of USA where I live. Actually nowhere in the US. I buy the british Country Homes and Interiors and Country Living mags because I am in awe that there are houses and barns that are several centuries old.

  19. That changing room would put some upmarket clothes shops to shame!

    Love your pincushion ladies...I have quite a collection myself.
    Deb x

  20. We were in Minchinhampton yesterday for a Mother's Day picnic. My grandparents used to live there in a gorgeous house by the allotments. The last time I was in the Hospice shop a lady asked if I'd swap my brooch for a coat. Did you try the cakes in the tea shop down the road? If not you should go back for a visit - they are worth the trip!!
    Cathy X

  21. I loved everything! The street photo is nice...makes we want to get out my sketch book. If I had the time! The ladies you purchased or wonderful! Great post.

  22. Minchinhampton looks like a great place for mooching, and for visiting posh premises! The charity shop changing room must encourage lots of people to try on. The street with no traffic looks as if straight out of a costume drama. A lovely day and lovely ladies you brought home too. x

  23. You have put me in the mood to clean my house! Greetings from Suls Rest in Oregon! Love, Mrs. Slug. P.S. I am over here from Tam's blog....xoxoxoxox

  24. that fitting room is truly gorgeous! Mind you, if you had a big enough room you could cut a corner off or get one of those pretty screens.

  25. Hello
    If you check my blog you'll find an award there for you. Clare

  26. What sweet little ladies. The village looks lovely.


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