Friday, 19 March 2010

Beary Nice

I recently bought this charming little book - Country Livings Country Bears. I'm not a bear collector but the pictures inside were so sweet.

Not just the bears but the props and settings are very interesting - old toys:

Colourful bears:

Lovely outfits:

I do happen to have some bears myself though - just these three.

Big bear came from a car boot, little bear from a flea market and lady bear from the Garden Centre.

Big bear looks rather startled - he has a zipper down his back and is stuffed with an old nightdress - maybe that accounts for it.


  1. Poor big bear, no wonder he looks so startled. Have you checked to make sure there's nothing else hidden inside?

  2. lovely bears,and a lovely blog
    sandra x

  3. Adorei o blog, assim como adoro ursos, os blogs tem estas vantagens, podemos literalmente viajar.
    Quando puder vá me visitar, será bem vinda.


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