Monday, 15 March 2010

Girl with a Pearl Necklace

The week has started well - on the way home from work today I found (as in bought) this lovely simulated pearl necklace, still in it's orginal box with guarantee.

The date on the guarantee is 21/12/59 - so probably it was purchased as a Christmas present, it's lovely to have a bit of information with finds.

Also found 3 pretty 30s plates and a vase, all purchased in different shops but somehow the colours go well together.

This is a Barker Bros. design called Blossom Time.

Lovely pink and blue hydrangeas on the vase (as I'm writing this I realise I photographed the back of the vase, the flowers are much more profuse on the front!)

Also, this wallpaper which will be lovely as a lining for drawers and cupboards.

Hope your week has started well too!


  1. I love all your finds!! The pearls are absolutely gorgeous. I am a sucker for pretty dishes any time.

  2. Those pearls are fabulous!

    I inherited my great aunts ring last year and she kept everything so I have the original receipt!!

    Victoria xx

  3. Those pearls are amazing! I love pearls, and how lovely to have some of the original paperwork with it!

  4. OH Lucy Bloom, those pearls are just gorgeous. You should pop them on and cook up a storm in the kitchen, complete with vintage pinafore apron and high heel shoes. You may as well have a little drinky beside you as you cook as well, a champagne glass or a china tea cup, either would do.
    They are beautiful, great find.
    Kiss Noises Linda Lilly

  5. No wonder you're happy with your finds! They're all lovely :o)

  6. awww Lucy, you hit a jack pot with the pearls! love the pearls and the box too! and the wallpaper is so pretty..

    btw am so glad that now I can leave a comment here :-) have a good day!

  7. Lucy the pearls are very nice.. But that box is Wonderful.. I love the flowers on the plates. Oh Heck.. i love it all. Sheila

  8. Sometimes the boxes for the vintage jewelery are more attractive than the gems, but not in this case. Everything is absolutely beautiful. Having just seen Julie and Julia, I think you should put them on and cook, too. xx


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