Monday, 1 June 2009

A Dream of a Day

Of course I'm referring to the Vintage and Handmade fair on Saturday, which was nothing less than extraordinary. To quote the bard, it made "breath poor and speech unable". Eagerly anticipated, weeks of preparation, nerves and excitement all rolled into one. A dream of a day I wished not to have ended.

Having arrived early so as to have plenty of time to set up, I suddenly found myself with only seconds to spare before the doors opened. Hence the rather blurry photos taken in the nick of time. I wished I had taken more as I can honestly say the quality of all the stalls was first class, it truly was a vintage and handmade lovers paradise. If you go to Jayne's blog there are links to some great photos and reviews of the day.

I had about 5 minutes to whizz around the stalls before the doors opened, thinking I'd go re-visit them during quiet moments and do some shopping for myself. Ha! No chance - once the doors opened I (and the other stallholders) didn't have a moment to ourselves. In the first 3 hours there was not time even for a cup of tea or a biscuit. Fortunately, Mrs. Snippets came over and very kindly offered to hang around my stall whilst I popped out to the loo, I don't know how I'd have managed otherwise.

At times I was almost overwhelmed and would like to say a big thank you to everyone who made a purchase from me. I feel sad that I wasn't able to acknowledge or chat to many of you, I really wasn't expecting it to be as busy as it turned out.

I'm sorry I didn't get the chance to go round all the stalls and meet my fellow stallholders properly, I know some of you came and purchased from me and I didn't realize at the time who you were. A friend came shopping later in the day and briefly manned my stall while I flew round and made a few purchases, but sadly I didn't have time to linger.

I knew in advance that I was going to buy one of Niki's gorgeous fairy dolls and managed to secure this lovely before they were all gone. I'm so happy to at last be the owner of one.

I also bought a few pretty fabrics and trims which I can't wait to start using.

Jayne and Michele are to be thanked and loved for organising this wonderful event, they pulled out all the stops - look out for the next one as it really is a day not to be missed.

My one disappointment of the day was that I missed out on such a fantastic shopping opportunity because I couldn't leave my stand! I've briefly looked at some pictures out on other blogs today and seen so many things I could have bought. Next time I'm going to bring someone along to help me, so if everyone who came this time would kindly book again I'll be able to do some serious shopping!

(p.s. I didn't sell out completely and hope to list some things in my webshop towards the end of the week.)


  1. Hi Lucy...Lovely to see you again at the fair...and thank you for buying my fairy doll - I hope that she behaves herself!

    Its funny...we have written almost identical blog posts!! - With all the same highs (and small lows of no shopping time!)
    But we all have some wonderful memories of a phenominal day, don't we?

    Niki x

  2. Lovely to see you again! Sorry that you didn't get much shopping time!
    Your stall looked so lovely!

  3. It was lovely to have you there again, but as you said, not enough time for chatting & shopping!

    I have added your post to the growing list of blog posts about the fair!


  4. Well done you, sounds like you and everyone else had a ball :)


  5. Li Lucy, so lovely to meet you at the fair, your stall was wonderful and very busy.I was really pleased with my purchases. Can't wait for the neext one!
    Rachel x

  6. Oh dear, sorry about the spelling mistakes
    Rachel x

  7. Hi Lucy..
    I am so pleased you had such a good day...
    Your stall was really attractive and it was good to meet up with you again, albeit briefly..
    Maybe we will get a chance to chat at the next one but then again.. there is something to be said for being busy!

    Michele x

  8. What a super fair this seems to be! The photos look so gorgeous. I would so love to have been there. Glad you did well though even if you didnt get the chance to meet and greet as much as you would have liked to. Next time you will have to take an assitant with you!

  9. Glad to read you did so well. What an amazing day everyone had, stall holders and buyers alike. Wish I could have been there but I am enjoying reading everyone's blogs about it. Your fairy is very pretty.

  10. Oh, I wish I were there! xxx

  11. Hi Lucy

    Ditto, ditto, ditto!!!! No time to shop, but what a day!

    Looking forward to November already!!

    Sue xx

  12. Hi Lucy, I am so pleased with my lovely things that I brought from you. Your stall was full of so many lovely things.

    I will look forward to seeing you at the next fair and saying hello.

    Love Lou xxx

  13. It is lovely to go around the blogs that I have never been to before all with something in common, we all went to the fair :0)

    Both my daughter and I managed to buy some lovely things from you, you had such a lovely stall.

    Hope to see you at the November fair.

    best wishes Ginny

  14. It was lovely and nice to see the pictures taken before it got busy..I see that I missed alot! Glad it went well for you.

  15. Thanks for your comment o my blog Lucy. I did suggest that we just close the doors to the public so we could all have a good chat and buy! Your dollies have settled in well and are sitting with Janes little boat, they look very cute! Let me know if you're up for a coffee sometime it would be lovely to have a proper chat! I'm near Devizes.Take care.

  16. So pleased to hear the event was a success for you even if you couldn't do as much shopping as you would've like.

    I ummed and ahhed about making the drive but chickened out at the last minute but hopefully there'll be a next time and no excuses from me, I'm coming!!!

    Victoria xx

  17. Hallo Lucy, I found your blog right now and think it's amazing. I love vintage too even if it's a new passion and I have no room for lots of old things. But I love your style!
    hugs from Italy


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