Tuesday, 9 June 2009

To Boot or not to Boot

I always have a dilema at the weekend deciding whether to go to the Car Boot on Sunday morning. I get up at 5am, 6 days a week for work. I love sleeping and every morning is a struggle to get up. So Sunday morning is my one chance of lie-in and as luck would have it, also Car Boot Sale day.

Most of the sales around here (the ones worth going to) start early - 7 or 8 am which means an early start to get the best bargains. Most Sundays I opt for a lie-in, last weekend I saw there was a Car Boot Sale in Marlborough as part of their Summerl Carnival, starting at 10am. Yippee - a lie in and a car boot sale - heaven!

I thought it might be rained off, but no, Sunday morning turned out dry. Off I went in eager anticipation. Turning off into the field, I saw the car in front of me with a very full boot, and a very interesting set of cabriole legs painted a pale shabby blue visible in the back window. Great, I thought, I shall rush over to their car as soon as they start unpacking and investigate those shabby blue legs... as I watched the car pull into the buyers parking area - drat! They'd obviously got up a lot earlier than me and visited a few sales already - ah well, the bird that doesn't lie-in catches the worm!

As it turned out, the prospect of rain had put a lot of sellers off and there were only about 10 boots, still unloading - mostly toys and DVDs. I hate when that happens, I feel really cheated and can't quite believe that there's nothing to be found. Fortunately, after walking round 3 or 4 times, there was something to be found and I got to go home with a few things in my boot.

My favourties are probably these tiny pink flower stamen earrings, though the lamp is rather sweet too.

Best bargain was the pretty piece of fabric - it was in an empty box under the table, turned out the seller used it as packing material and let me have it for nothing - what a nice man!

The wooden bookstand will get a paint treatment and maybe a bit of decoupage, but it will have to join the long makeover queue. This little letter rack was in the queue for about 3 years, finally got it's turn a couple of weeks ago when I needed a rack to display some calendars I was taking to the V&H fair. I'll probably do something similar with the bookstand.

I have finished updating my webshop this week. Thank you to everyone who has made a purchase so far, some parcels are already on their way, others to follow.

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  1. Hi there, I've not visited here for a long time; your blog is still as beautiful as ever :o)

  2. Hello Lucy, in answer to your question, yes I do have to get up really early for the boot. My friend Karen picks me up at 6am,it takes us 30mins to drive there but it's a really good one and we usually find lots of stuff.After that we go to another one at Kassam stadium,by this time I'm flagging slightly, but the joys of our finds keep me going!
    Love your finds, the letter rack you decoupaged is really pretty!
    Rachel x

  3. Nice, you got some very pretty things.~~Dee

  4. Hi Lucy - As usual, your post is fun to read! I go to yard sales in my neighborhoods each Saturday with Hubs. Lots of folks are feeling the hard financial times here in California and they are moving away from our desert paradise. Most often, the folks are young and they are selling off toys and clothes and cookie cutter furniture, but every now and then, I find a treasure or two. Your pages are so sweet - thank you for taking the time to write such lovely and interesting posts. I look forward to each and every one!


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