Friday, 12 June 2009

For Garden Lovers

Not the figurine, that's for later. A few weeks ago the Bloom's took a short break to Shropshire, one of the places we visited was Stockton Bury Gardens near Leominster.

Stockton Bury is a working farm with a beatutiful 4-acre garden set amongst medieval farm buildings. If you are in the area, it is well worth a visit and you can buy unusual plants there too.
From the car park you walk past the orchard where the sheep graze, you can see the tithe barn in the corner.

Beautiful wisteria on one of outbuildings - also the plant sales area.

The dovecote is completely covered in ivy.

The main house

The garden is divided up into lots of smaller garden and planting areas, nooks and crannies, with lovely names such as Pillar Gardens, Dingle Gardens and Iris Walk. There is also a working kitchen garden.

Indside the greenhouse.

I loved the secret garden with it's own folly and view onto the countryside. It was so well hidden we almost missed it.

The water area at the bottom of the garden is the Dingle Garden and hides a grotto behind the trees.

Lovely rose arch.

I'll bet the bees love living here.

I have shown just a few highlights, the gardens are utterly charming, with lots of planting ideas that wouldn't be impossible to achieve on a smaller scale. I would definately visit there again. You can see more lovely pics on their website here.

As for the ballerina, she's a tiny Dresden figurine I thrifted recently. She's only about 4" tall, but so sweet and pretty - and pink!

She's lost a finger and a bit of her dress at the back, but that's no big deal. Currently gracing my mantelpiece.

Well, hope you all have a good weekend, I'm not booting, but if you are I hope you have a fruitful day!


  1. I could quite happily live in that greenhouse, or that wisteria clad outbuilding, or anywhere on that beautiful estate really.

    The ballerina is very sweet, lovely pose.

  2. Oh Lucy, what beautiful gardens..I have a thing for stone walls, archways and old doors..I would have been in Heaven looks so lovely and I love the photo you took of the main house through the trees.
    As for your little ballerina girl, she is just too sweet...great find!
    Kiss Noises Linda

  3. What beautiful grounds! Your latest figurine is totally cute :o) the sweetest thing I've seen in a while. Very girly too, lol!

  4. ahhh isnt she pretty.. in her pink gown.. and i can imagine she will be sitting next to other beautiful pretties you got on your mantelpiece.. have a great weekend!

  5. What a wonderful post! Love the little archways and the folly. Your little Dresden lady is gorgeous. I bet she's glad she's found a home with you. Lucy x

  6. Oh my, Lucy. This place is absolutely enchanting and beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your visit with us.

    And, you know how I love Dresden figurines. Yours is so pretty - and pink. ;-)

  7. what a fantastic place, I love nosing around other peoples gardens loads of ideas to try and copy. I think this one may be a bit beyond me to copy though
    ps not booting whatever next xx

  8. Hello Lucy,

    the last two days I read your whole blog and I love it. So beautiful pictures, lovely crafts and nice items. I love it so much that I´ve added you to my favourite bloglist. I love the same things as you, but - I live in germany and it´s hard to find this specialties and my husband is a fan of a clearer style, but I try my best to change him - ha ha.

    Best greetings from germany,

  9. g'afternoon, Mizz Lucy Bloom...
    I did enjoy this tour so much. The farm and all the buildings are just beautiful.
    May I ask... what is a Car Boot? Oh, I know it is some sort of sale. We have thrift store sales, flea markets, garage and yard a Car Boot like a flea market only out of the back of your car?
    Your little figurine is just beautiful. I love her dress.
    Give Mr. Bloom an extra hug tonight...:O)
    xo bj

  10. Hope to bump into you at the flea..I'm exactly the same when I have the flea goggles on and I'm in the 'pretties' zone! A bomb could go off and wouldn't notice!

  11. Thank you for sharing your lovely garden visit, makes me homesick for my home country New Zealand, which is very green also. I now live in the sunburnt country Australia, where I valiantly try to create a little patch of green in a sand soil. I am having trouble getting the identity to work, my blog is


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