Monday, 8 February 2010

Betty and Violet in Hungerford

Last Saturday the Blooms took a trip out to Hungerford. It's one of my favourtie places to pop out to around here, and I usually try to plan a trip to co-incide with the Antiques Fair at the town hall.

Not that I very often buy there - it's a 'proper' antiques fair if you know what I mean, and prices are generally out of my range. It's nice to have a browse though.

I probably only go to the antiques fair once or twice a year, which I probably why I've never come across this delightful stall before.

All these delights belong to a lovely lady called Alison of the Tales from Betty and Violet website and blog. I went back about 3 times for another look - pure eye candy - and of course I bought something.

My pictures don't do it justice, as well as selling buttons, trimmings, fabrics, bags, pictures and ephemera and more, Alison makes the most beautiful lavender hearts and pillows from vintage french fabrics.

So, on to my purchases...

A set of vintage chocolate-box drawers and a sweet pincushion doll. The gorgeous lavender heart was from Alison's stall.

As was this sweet french booklet of love poems - it has the prettiest illustrations.

Then it was off for a cup of tea and a quick mooch around the charity shops where I picked up a copy of Routledge's Complete Letter Writer for Ladies and Gentlemen. I'm glad I did as now, if I ever need to write a 'formal invitation to a stranger to meet a mutual friend at the writer's house' I'll know exactly what to say!