Sunday, 23 May 2010

Bargains in the Sunshine

Saturday morning Mr. Bloom and I scooted off into the Wiltshire countryside for a special sale.

It was billed as a "Posh" or "Country" Car Boot sale - several cuts above your regular car boot.  They are run for charity and the sellers are, let's say, more moneyed than most of us and pitches are usually by invitation only.

I've been to this type of sale before so I knew it was worth going, sadly they are too infrequent.  Entrance is pounds rather then pennies and the sale is more akin to a flea market in terms of the goods available, quality on every stall and not a single plastic toy or fondue set in sight.  Of course, many of the prices are posh too but there are also some bargains if you search hard.

It was set in the grounds of a beautiful country farmhouse - loved the duckpond and the dovecote.  I was in my element and the car soon filled up with booty.  It was a blistering hot day and normally I would seek shade, but I hardly noticed in my excitement.

On the way home an obligatory stop for refreshment.

The beer was good, so Mr. Bloom told me, I was impressed with their display of pots and baskets.

I haven't sorted out all my purchases yet, so that'll be for the next post, I just snapped a few snippets. Some lovely faded fabric flowers.

Textiles and trims.

And a pretty doll.

Hope you've been enjoying the sunshine (here in the UK), what a treat for sun-worshippers!  I managed to do some resting today, all set for a busy week ahead.


  1. That sounds like a fabulous "boot sale" to visit.

    Victoria xx

  2. What gorgeous faded flowers, I am very envious, Betty xx

  3. I love the faded flowers!! The doll is awesome as well!

  4. Oh wow Lucy Bloom, I wish I could have come with you to that Posh Boot Sale...the scenery, the wonderful, something I dream of!
    Kiss Noises Linda

  5. what a lovely day & weren't we lucky with the weather, I had some very fantastic finds at the weekend which I will blog in a few days when they are all laundered & ironed, a clue "Horrockses"!
    Keep enjoying the sunshine,

  6. sigh...oh how i miss tootling days like this ..still thank you fro sharing hit the right spot..lynnie

  7. It must have been fantastic. You have such an eye for finding wonderful things.

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    you will be welcome
    from a little village of PATAGONIA.

  10. I'd much rather pay a bit more and bring home something worthwhile. I love how whatever you buy always goes so well together. x

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