Thursday, 20 May 2010

The good the bad and the downright annoying

GOOD: Today started well, I found a £2 coin in the road.

BAD: After that it went downhill - I lost my car keys.

GOOD:  I keep a spare key at my mums, she kindly brought it over.

BAD: As a result I was late getting to my unit in Lechlade

DOWNRIGHT ANNOYING:  The state in which some customers leave my unit:

One of the downsides of having a unit, as opposed to one's own shop, is that you're not there all the time to keep any eye on things (the upside being that you don't have to be there all the time).  At the moment I go in once a week to re-stock, tidy up and do my afternoon stint behind the counter.
Sometime when I go in my heart sinks when I see what has become of it in the space of one short week.  I'm sure if this was a shop where customers were in view they wouldn't be so disrespectful of my things.  I'm not saying all customers are, I think it's just a small minority who don't have the grace to leave things as they find them.  It might only be one customer or it might be a few, but it doesn't take long before everything is in disarray.
On one occassion I watched a man remove a pair of curtains which were hanging on a cupboard door (he wanted to look inside the cupboard) and casually toss them on the floor, then walk out.  He thought I was just another customer.  Grrrr!!!!

Anyway, rant over, I am grateful to all the customers who come in and buy from me and leave my unit in a tidy state - Thank You!   I was going to take some " after" pictures but ran out of time.  The other pictures are some bits and bobs I've found recently.  Not long till the weekend, hope you have a good one, amongst other things I plan to do some resting!


  1. Hello Lucy! Your unit looks like a lot of fun, with or without the messy customers... I too, know what it is like to arrive to my booth and find everything out of place. It's like little gremlins came in during the night and moved it all around! I just love your little bobs and things you find!

    Bella Rosa Antiques

  2. People can be so careless.

    Victoria x

  3. One of these days I will come down to Lechlade for a visit and you can be sure I will buy something and .....leave it tidy!! it looks full of lovely things.I know what you mean about some people tho......

  4. You have such lovely things,what a shame that a minority of people have no respect for them. Keep your chin up because most people do! :)
    Jille x

  5. Hi Lucy

    I think your customers come straight from Lechlade to Dairy House (or vice versa). The curtains, quilts and fabrics which I have on display on the top floor are more often than not thrown in a heap on the floor. Have watched people pick up, hold up to look at and just drop and walk away. Makes you wonder what their homes are like!!

    Thankfully for every such customer there is a lovely one to redress the balance.

    Sue x


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