Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Out and About

I haven't done an 'out and about' post for a while, not that I haven't been out but my excursions have either been not particularly blogworthy or to places I've shown before. 
Today I had an errand which took me to Wootton Bassett, a small market town in Wiltshire.
It's much like many other market towns, a high street busy with traffic in the week.

Wednesday is market day, it's a tiny market with just a handful of stalls.  The medieval building on stilts is the old market hall, built in 1700.    These stilted halls are not an uncommon sight in market towns, built in the Middle Ages, they served a dual purpose as the town hall and as a covered area for the market traders underneath. at the time were the heart of the town, today this one houses the town's museum.

In recent years Wootton Bassett has received widespread media coverage.  It lies close to RAF Lyneham where the bodies of British soldiers serving in Afghanistan are repatriated.  The route  from Lyneham takes the corteges through Wootton Bassett where the locals took to lining the High Street to show their respect.  It has become something of a ritual now, with the High Street being closed to traffic, shops closing and church bells ringing.  For various reasons this has been the subject of some controversy and national debate.  I don't think there's any political intent and personally I see no harm if it provides some small comfort to the bereaved families.

This is the war memorial, erected in 2004 after a local fundraising effort, which lists those townsmen lost during the 1st and 2nd world wars.


The old architecture remains mostly intact in the High Street but nothing particularly noteworthy, so just for you I went for a little wander to see what pretty dwellings I could find.

I couldn't wander very far as my parking ticket was soon to run out but look at this unusual hanging basket, I thought it was rather sweet. (In case you can't make it out against the grey brick, it's a duck!)

Just on the edge of the town is a small nature reserve, a nice place for a picnic on a sunny day (which wasn't today!)

Baby ducklings - aaaaah.

Of course some buying took place too, not a great deal - a couple of baskets, a crocheted doily and some lovely 50s barkcloth.

Pretty pinks - the crochet flowers on the doiley are lovely but the kittens on the barkcloth are just too cute for words.  Something  makes me think I might not be parting with this any time soon!

Thank you for your comments on my last post,  I haven't had a chance to return the visits yet but I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with a jungle for a garden! 


  1. hi lucy..i miss my tootling days out in the uk..i adore that fabric ..i once saw it on donna flowers website but it had all sold..thanks for sharing..lynnie

  2. I have not been there before, it looks like a place worth visiting. You are so lucky to have that kitten barkcloth in pink. I have a curtain panel in pink which I am not in a hurry to part with either ;-)

    Take care
    Isabelle x

  3. Hi, Have a look at my blog for news of the 'Nostalgic Mix' fair in Totnes.
    Love those ducklings!
    Lesley X

  4. Such lovely photos. I would love to visit there. The bark cloth is so sweet ! What a great find :)


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Thank you for your comments - I am not always able to reply but they are always appreciated.
Lucy x