Monday, 10 May 2010

Forgotten Garden

I have just finished reading this book - The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton and found it a thoroughly good read, I was gripped from beginning to end.  I don't read books often as once I get into a story I have to finish before I can set my mind to anything else.  I started it on Saturday and finished today .  If it hadn't been for having to get up for work this morning I'd have read all night until I'd finished.

My own garden, whilst not quite forgotten, has been rather neglected.  I didn't do any work in in last year and now it really shows - long grass, weeds and plants desperately needing attention.

My sunny nook which was once pretty is now inaccessible.

2 years ago it looked like this.

I bought these recently, I was attracted by the instructions - "shake the bag and sprinkle where desired".  Think I can handle that.

I'm hoping to end up with something like this...

Fingers crossed!


  1. hi lucy will check out the book..i love the cottage garden look..pretty impossible now i live in oz..i have to think mediterranean now ..oh how i miss bluebells and snowdrops..lynnie

  2. I hope you end up with flowers like in the beautiful cottage picture!! However you Garden is already beautiful, it does not look neglected at all!

  3. I read the House at Riverton a few years ago, also by Kate Morton, and absolutely loved it! She's a damn good writer. It was like Attonement only a lot less depressing and dark!
    Good luck with the garden, mine is need of some serious attention too, so perhaps I should stop blog surfing and get on with it?

    Sadie at Flea xx

  4. Dear Lucy,

    it looks like much work in your garden - I love the picture from your space two years ago, so pretty. Our own garden is only 7 months old and the plants need to grow because it looks a bit empty. Sadly we have a small garden and my parents-in-law are doing all the work. I had other ideas for the garden but no time.

    I wish you a warm and sunny week,

    best wishes from germany,

  5. I'm sure your garden will look just as lovely once you are able to get out there and start sowing!
    Here the soil is heavy clay,so it's really hard to dig and plant.I've got mainly shrubs in the main bed and have lots of pots for colour.
    Lets hope for some sunshine at the weekend.

    Bellaboo :0)

  6. It won't take long to get it back to how it was, lets hope for some warmer weather though! Thanks for the book reccomendation

  7. I've read this book too... and there's another of her's that is worth a read.

    Victoria x

  8. If I lived closer I would come and give you a hand with the garden. You are too busy making beautiful things!

  9. When I was a child my favourite book was The Secret Garden, so The Forgotten Garden appeals (although I appreciate it probably is completely different!) Thanks for becoming a follower on my blog, I am look forward to getting to know you better. Your blog is lovely and your style is the style that I would like to decorate the barge with. xx

  10. It is amazing how quickly the garden romps away from you. I didn't do much work on mine last year (or the year before that) so am having to knuckle down this year. The sunny nook looks like a lovely place to escape. What wonderful cottage garden pictures. I have Geoff Hamilton's Cottage Garden which I do my ironing to and dream.

  11. sounds like a good book.

    our garden is looking much the same, overgrown with nettles and dandelions.

    Josie x

  12. I've read that book as well. It is good isn't it?!

    Just as I was making a little bit of progress with our garden, the weather became yuk!

  13. Hello! I am glad to hear a good review on "The Forgotten Garden", because I just bought it. It looks wonderful!

    Your gardens are so pretty.

  14. I fell in love with The Forgotten Garden. It's really an enchanting read with a mixture of fairy tale, suspense and romance. Also the lush Cornwall setting made me yearn for a visit!
    As always, visiting your blog is like a lovely mini vacation for me :-).


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