Saturday, 12 January 2008

Corners of My Home - Landing

This week I have started the obligatory New Year Clear Out around the house - the entire house. There is not one room, possibly excepting the bathroom, where either a clear-out or decorating isn't required. The list is so long I avoid looking at it, but finally realizing that it wasn't going to do itself, I've made a start. I did however, manage to find this presentable corner to show you.

This is the view that greets me if I poke my head out of my sewing room, where I sit by the door, my 'corner' at the top of the stairs.

Some stategically placed items surround the radio. I can't decide whether this modern machine looks OK or not, but it's handy having it here as you can hear it from any room upstairs. On Sunday mornings Mr. Bloom and I listen to Sunday Love Songs as we get ready for Church. On Saturday afternoons Mr. Bloom listens to the football and I put on earphones!

It's not a large space and there's just room for the cupboard, where I store bedding and linens, and my small ottoman for laundry. My favourite ted sits on top.

I am really fond of this hat which I bought at the local Car Boot Sale for £1. The seller was a regular who does house clearance and he had obviously cleared the house of an older lady as he had racks of clothing and piles of shoes and bags. All at £1 per item. I only bought this hat as the others were quite plain.

I find it quite sad when I come across stalls like this, I hope the lady knows her hat is being loved now.

On the window ledge this elegant chalk lady is taking her lurchers for a walk, in the summer it's a sunny spot.

She's very chippy but I like her all the more for it.

By the way, it seems that the Thrift-Fairy has not been visiting you all as much as she should, I have had stern words with her and sent her off to sprinkle her thrift-dust around more generously. I wonder who she will visit next? - I do hope it's you!


  1. Hello Lucy
    What a lovely collection of items ... I particularly like your chalkware lady.. I am very fond of challkware.
    I wish our booty had wonderful finds like the hat you bought.. our local boot sale starts up again in the Spring.. weather permitting.. I think I am going to be more commited to it this year.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Hi Lucy, what loveliness adorns your house in every corner. I am all for mixing old with the new, I can see a Roberts radio going very well with your bits 'n bobs? Your hat made me laugh, when my mum was alive, she used to be always buying these kind of hats from the jumble sales, I confess to hating them, but we used to have such fun in trying them on and having a laugh, you would laugh too if you could see me in hats! x

  3. Lucy, I love the landing! Your collection of vintage items is beautiful. You're quite gifted at putting vignettes together and the hat looks scrumptious. The radio is perfect. The way you arranged things makes it look very vintagy.

    Thank you for speaking with the thrift fairy. You have restored my hope once again that I may be blessed by her. ;o)

    Hugs! Nancy

  4. It's all very lovely but the hat is my favorite! I love hats!!

  5. Hi Lucy,
    I love your collection of lovelies on your landing - everything looks so pretty. And your hat must be the bargain of the century! I have MANY hats, but never been lucky enough to find one for £1!! WOW!

    The chalkware lady is stunning too,
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

  6. Hi Lucy, you have some really lovely things.........boy I would love a little rummage around your home, it seems to be a treasure trove.
    Carol cxc

  7. What a pretty collection of things...I love the hat, what an absolute bargain!

    It all looks so floral, feminim and lovely.


  8. Thank you for sharing your lovely things! I can't wait to get back into my boot sale rounds, always so much fun!


  9. Oh Lucy your landing is lovely - mind you all your photos have been up to now - I vote for more! I love your chalky lady!

  10. Lucy Bloom....your vintage items are just LOVELY...every single one of them. The hat is so pretty.
    I love your radio...right where it's at. You made it seem a part of the room and I love it there.
    Hugs to you AND to Mr. Bloom....
    OH...and the Thrift Fairy did come to see me a few days ago. I will post a picture for you to see next week.....THANK YOU for sending her my way!

  11. Hi Lucy,
    What a collection of prettiness. It all works so well together and I too love that bargain hat.
    Take care,
    Sandi x

  12. Hi Lucy. That is a lovely collection of beautiful and interesting things. I like the way you have arranged them all together. Very charming indeed!
    That hat reminds me of the type of hats ladies used to wear to church when I was young. Brings back memories. Rhondi

  13. Hi Lucy

    If I had just one corner of my home looking as neat and tidy and pretty as your landing I'd be thrilled!!

    Today the sitting room carpet surfaced briefly from one pile of boxes to be covered again by bags of stock ready for Shepton this weekend! And it was soooo clear and tidy over Christmas!!

    Sue x

  14. Oh my gracious, that chippy lady is fall over gorgeous! I just love her. And you have an amazing way of decorating. Love that too!! I like the radio with the other stuff. I think it fits in nicely there. Is it pink? and does it have a cd player? and where can I get one? =) Blessings... Polly

  15. Hi Lucy, your home looks lovely, soft and very charming. If you ever having a Yard Sale call us!! Please!! Jenn and Jacqui

  16. What a lovely landing! So many pretty things to look at. I love that hat and am so pleased you rescued it. I often wonder about the original owners of things I've bought at car boots too. A gorgeous sight on a grey, wet and windy morning, Thank you

  17. What a lovely view Lucy, so many pretty objects to admire.I love the lady with her lurchers and didn't realise that was called chalkware, so thank you for that. Your curtain fabric is lovely and the photo of the dog is so sweet. Jackie Mx

  18. Back again Lucy - have added your award thank it cheered my up on another miserable - even lying like the rest of those involved in my house sale didnt work. I now know where my oval cream mirror will go when I move - at the top of the stairs. I bought it in a sale for £18 and it was distressed but Alan and I like solid paint so its now F&B Lime White - gorgeous.

  19. Gorgeous displays!
    Beautiful blog!
    Sandra Evertson

  20. Hi Lucy, just popped over from Lilly Cottage for a visit and it has been such a pleasure...thanks for sharing photos orf your gorgeous things. I do love the hat..just the right amount of Tissyness ( new word) and a beautiful blue. I too think it is sad that someones beautiful things get tossed aside when they go...but luckily we can save them and love them again. There is this gorgeous saying that goes ' My Grandmother owned it, my Mother threw it out and I just bought it again'.....that sounds just about right! Have a truly wonderful day, KN Linda Lilly Cottage.

  21. Hi Lucy, what a lovely scene to look out at when you're busy sewing!

    The chalkware lady is wonderful - and as you say, all the more beautiful for her signs of age!

    Clare x


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