Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Technical Hitch

I have experienced some sort of technical glitch on my PC. I think it started when Mr. Bloom and I decided to book our holiday and I set the calender on my PC to July 2008 to look at dates. Well, instead of cancelling out I clicked OK. It took me a good few days to work out why I kept getting out of date security certificate messages everywhere I visited. As well as that though, some of my blog links seem to have got stuck in a time warp - every time I visited them I got the same post from about 10 days ago. I did think it a bit odd that so many of my blog friends weren't posting as frequently, but I assumed you were all busy doing other things. By chance I discovered this glitch yesterday when I went to a blog by a different route. So if you haven't received any comments from me for a while, or I have left a strange comment on an older post, that's why. I've got a bit of catching up to do!

After work this morning I went into every charity shop in the town centre - 7 in total. I came home with one thing, just one. Thrift Fairy must be elsewhere today. Oh but what a pretty thing it was:

I think I mentioned doing another Giveaway, I'm still putting a few things together but hope to post it next time. It seems to be taking on a pink and green theme - here's a preview of what will be included.

I hope your week is going well, I have banished myself to the attic and I'm not to come out (except for air, food and rationed blogging) until I have made some serious progress up there. It really has got out-of-hand, last year Mr. Bloom had to wear the same one pair of shorts all summer because I couldn't find the box of his summer clothes. I've found them now, plus a few of my treasures I had forgotten about (probably a whole post's worth) - I love it when that happens!


  1. I'm glad you figured out the "glitch"!

    Your blogging spot is so cozy looking!

    The teacup set is very lovely as are the other things!

    Don't work too hard!

  2. I love tea cups, esp ones with roses on them!

    I'm sure the thrift fairy will be back soon!


  3. Hi Lucy. You are lucky to have 7 thrift shops close by. That is a very pretty cup and saucer you got. Gald you got the computer problems worked out. Rhondi

  4. The cup and saucer are absolutely beautiful! I think the thrift fairy left quality instead of quantity. I love the screensaver on your computer too.

  5. Lucy where did you get that gorgeous wall paper on your pc from - fabulous! And glad your thrifting efforts didn't go unrewarded - what a beauty.
    Glad the pc problem is sorted too.

  6. Hi Lucy, me again. Just wanted to tell you that I find your blog so charming that I went through and read it from start to finish. My favorite is the little thrifted bunny that you re-worked in red plaid and such. She's adorable!

  7. You are clever to have figured out what was happening! I’m glad you are up and running again.

    Thank you for the lovely comment on the tags. This has been a very exciting adventure. Even if nothing comes of it at least I have been brave enough to try.

    I love that cup!! I have never found anything like that at one of my thrift stores. I think the fairy was with you.

    By the way, I would love to have you be a part of my 50th Blog Post Celebration Giveaway.

    Hugs! Nancy

  8. Hi Lucy
    I think finding forgotten treasures has to count as one of the best things!! Love the cup and saucer, it is so pretty it makes up for the lack of other treasures to be found.

  9. LOL I have a similar problem with my workroom, and come to think of it a lot of my husbands wardrobe has spilled into my workroom too, he'll never find it again :)))))

    It's a shame you didn't get to find much on your shopping trip but the cup is well worth the effort ... so pretty.

    best wishes Ginny

  10. Our computer totally died just before Christmas, affected by the "Trojan" virus - yikes, fortunately Eugene (yes, seriously!) from the IT dept at Ian's work fixed it by wiping everything from the hard drive.
    The charity shopes do seem a little low on goodies at the moment, however I will persevere, I'm always looking for that little treasure.
    I love the view out of your sewing room door, you lucky thing!
    Julia xx
    ps - how did you get that background on your screen, it's fab!

  11. pps. sorry, no idea what a shope is, must check my spelling more often!
    Julia xx

  12. Hi Lucy, I have just found your adorable blog through Gill at Lucy Locket, only it's midnight and I am torn between reading it from the beginning and going to bed!! I will explore further tomorrow I think - something lovely to read with a cuppa. And, I will be changing my background tomorrow as well to something pretty!

  13. Sorry to hear about your glitch with the computer, hopfully all is well now, and loving your little corner at your desk, what a lovely place to blog. I have, and still am taking a little break from posting, but have been reading all or most of everyones blog,this one is always a pleasure to read and the pictures fill me with inspiration, the little flower cup and saucer is so sweet, my daughter managed to pick up 6 cups and saucers of the same design, they are so sweet.
    will pop back again soon, love, Kath x

  14. Hello Lucy
    Don't you just hate it when techy gremlins get into the works? My printer decided to play up yesterday.. just when I need it most!
    I was thinking that maybe you could make some nice floral chic shorts for Mr Bloom if you can't find his in the attic! Shabby chic shorts!
    Thank you for your lovely comments recently.

  15. Hello, Lucy Bloom, my dear! I am sorry you had trouble with the computer but glad you have it fixed. If ever mine gets a mind of it's own and does odd things, I am totally lost as how to fix it.
    Poor, poor Mr. Bloom and his one pair of shorts for all summer long. Haha...I think that is priceless altho HE probably was wishing you could find that box. My attic is just the same and so out of hand that I'm almost afraid to go up there!!
    Oh, my....your give away is looking so delicious, I am beginning to drool. I can't wait to sign up and then keep my fingers crossed for the entire time until your drawing. I, too, am putting together a giveaway...I am just moving slow right now.
    Thanks for your lovely thoughts and prayers, Mrs. Bloom....they were and are so appreciated.
    hugs, bj

  16. Hi Lucy, computer problems, the very words sends shivers down the spine! Glad it's all sorted! Jenn and Jacqui

  17. Hi Lucy,
    Glad your fixed the problem and i hope you found the bloom's perfect getaway,i also love your screen saver its gorgeous!
    Kristina XxX


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