Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Awards and Resolutions

What better way to start the New Year that with being awarded. I would like to say Thank You to Victoria of Vintage Tea for awarding me the "I-less-than-3-Your-Blog" award (I heart your blog).

I am very honoured Victoria. If you haven't seen Victoria's blog, do take a look, she was lucky enought to go to Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic store in New York not long ago and there are some fantastic pictures of it here. (It would seem the recipient chooses three more blogs to award - now that's caused me a dilema, how to choose just 3 from all the blogs I love. Not that I'm putting it off or anything, but I'll do it in my next post!).

Now I can't do a post without some pics, it just wouldn't seem right. I've cleared away the Christmas decorations in the kitchen, and my shelves look much lighter and fresher for it. (Oops, just noticed, the bunting isn't quite cleared away!)

Can you see my Country Living Tea and Biscuits tins have found a home. I've put all my tiniest Christmas trinkets in them, bet I won't be able to remember they are in there next year! I can't show the rest of the kitchen as there are loads of Christmas decorations all over the place, waiting to be packed away. A few more of my bunnies here, actually that's probably most of them you've seen now. (Oh dear, shelf edgings are a bit wonky!)

You see that clock in the picture, nothing special but one of my favourite things. Thrifted for just £1, I loved it because it was a wind-up clock with a lovely soothing tick. It used to hang in the hallway by the stairs and the ticking was the last sound I heard when I left the house and the first one I heard when I came in ... until one day I asked Mr. Bloom to move a piece of furniture downstairs for me. Unfortunately he moved the clock too - onto the floor. The glass broke and so did the clock movement - you can even see what time it happened. So now it's just for display - we don't seem to have much luck with clocks in this household!

Not forgetting it's time for New Year's resolutions. Did I ever tell you that Mr. Blooms favourtie movie star of all time is Sophia Loren?

(photo from Sophia's official website


New Year's Resolutions:

1. Grow 6" taller.
2. Lose 2 stone in weight (actually just growing 6" taller might resolve that one!)
3. Book up for lip-filler injections.
4. Change shape and colour of eyes.
5. Throw out entire wardrobe.
6. Practice sultry Italian accent.

...oh blow it - perhaps I'll just eat more chocolate instead - hee-hee!


  1. Congrats on your well deserved award Lucy! Hope you and Mr Bloom are enjoying a wonderful start to the New Year too. I think sticking to the chocolate is the only way forward!

  2. Happy New Year Lucy. I LOVE the bunting I bought for Mum's birthday. It arrived today and is even better in the flesh, thank you :-)

    Eating more chocolate sounds like a fab idea. I might just join you :-)

  3. No need to change - you are a perfect you!
    Your shelves & goodies look so very pretty.

  4. I love your new banner - simple and beautiful

  5. Hi Lucy,

    I have just discovered your blog. How lovely and I love all the things in your shop. I do hope you are going to be making some more this year.

    A Happy New Year to you.


  6. Hi Lucy, there isn't room in this world for two of Sophia Loren, just be you, I am only 5 foot 2 and need to lose some weight, so you can join my club, although count me out for a trout pout! I do spot a lovely Sylvac bunny on your shelf, I have a blue one in that size which was my mums, although mine has had his ears off, mum caught it with the hoover lead, but he still looks grand! x

  7. I think I'd forget about resolutions 1 and 2 and go straight to the chocolate. I'll join Donna and share it with you!

    Sue x

  8. oh Lucy what a lovely post , as usual, love all your bunnies and for the clock that doesn't tick , well, it has a life of it's own and looks perfectly at home on your shelf.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, and may this year find our friendship growing to full forgive the punn!!
    Your NY resoloutions seem to be well within reach, so put that chocolate away, you can do it, with a bit of help and support which seems to be in abundance from all the wonderful bloggers here, you can tick these boxes off very soon..
    Hope you have a wonderful New Year, hugs, Kath x

  9. Hi Lucy. You have such pretty things on your shelves. I love the pinks and blues. Rhondi

  10. Hello Lucy
    Looks like you have started the year on a very high note.. an award and some fabulous photos again!
    Well done you..
    I could ditto all of your resolutions.. I have exactly 2stone to lose and could do with a new wardrobe as nothing fits me anymore. Only one I am a little hesitant about is the lip injections.. it hurts! I haven't done lips but was a guinea pig customer for laughter lines filler and it has lasted well over a year..
    Let me know if you take the plunge..
    Love Michelexx

  11. Let me know when you have more Bunting in stock?! x

  12. Your shelves look lovely!

    Pop over to my blog Please pop over to my blog as I'm having a small Valentines giveaway.

    Best Wishes


  13. I have just recently found your blog and have enjoyed reading through your archives. Sophia Loren?! I always wanted to look like her!

  14. Happy new year Lucy - love your shelves, they look so pretty.

  15. Congrats on your award! And I LOVE your cupboard with all those pretty teatime china pieces. =)

    My hubby doesn't have a fav actress, so I just eat chocolates! lol

  16. Oooh, what a lovely blog with great photos too! Definitely stick with the chocolate, it cures all evils!(and is good for you.Apparently-mind if not thighs, anyway!)

  17. Oh, dear Lucy Bloom...don't you realize that Miss Loren is an old woman now and you, my dear, have youth and beauty and, most of all, LUV on your side!! I am pretty sure Miss Loren would trade places with you in a New York minute!! hee hee....
    hugs, bj

  18. I can't remember how I came across your blog but I just wanted you to know it is truly charming!

    Have a great evening!


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