Sunday, 20 January 2008

Pink and Green Giveaway

Ah well, there's another weekend nearly gone, and a dismal wet one at that. Nothing exciting happened in this household, just more clearing out and DIY.

Now I know I said that I wasn't going to enter any more giveaways for a while but I succumbed to temptation and well, I won again! The Fortune Fairy must be in my street. This lovely selection of Valentine images came from Amy at Four Sisters in a Cottage. If you haven't been to Amy's blog before, do make a visit, Amy has recently recovered from breast cancer and very courageously shared her journey with us. Amy is a lovely lady with a big heart - Thank You!

So to ensure a more even distribution of winners and because they are such great fun to do, I'm having another Giveaway. I've put together a pink and green selection of pretty items which I hope will help to banish the winter blues.

The winner will receive:

A vintage bone china teacup and saucer in a pink wild roses design.
A piece of Laura Ashley fabric - (about 1/2 yard) the design is called Anemone from late 80s
A lavender sachet made from a Laura Ashley crochet coaster
A paper flower and bead garland (on wire)
A magentic heart with a vintage flower trim
A tiny floral envelope with a sweet surprise inside

To enter, as usual just leave a comment on this post. The Giveaway will close next Sunday 27th January at 7pm (UK time)

Oh, I should add that if the winner is outside the EU, the lavender sachet will be sent unfilled.

And finally...well, I've been out thrifting again. On Friday I visited all the other charity shops here which aren't in the town centre. I don't go to these so often because they are spread around and require a trip in the car, but they are more likely to yield bargains than the ones in town who like to act like they are proper shops - most of them are full of unwanted Christmas gift sets right now. From 5 shops I got these, nothing over £1, thought you might like to see:

I won't bore you with all the details, best buys were the Laura Ashley wallpaper at 25p a roll, and the Laura Ashley red and white tea towels - 25p each. And to think I paid £6 for a new one of these just before Christmas - darn it! Right, I think that'll be enough on the subject of thrifting for a while, you'll all be getting fed up with me.

Hope you've all had a wonderful weekend, don't forget to leave a comment if you want to enter the Giveaway!

Lucy x


  1. Hi lucy that thrift fairy really likes you!! Nothing on the thrifting front here unfortunately! 25p for those tea towels, they're my fav and I paid full price for them too.. Please enter me for your prize giveaway, your goodies look lovely. Enjoy the rest of the weekend

  2. Lucy, I love pink and green. Please enter me. Blessings, Dee

  3. Goodness what a brilliant haul! I wish the charity shops round here had such great finds.

  4. What a lovely package! Thank you for the chance to win!

  5. yet more lovely loot, lucky winning giveaway and beautiful pics x
    your giveaway looks lovely - i can assure all who enter that the magnetic heart is prize enough - mine looks fab on my fridge door x
    speak soon
    t x

  6. Wow Lucy, what a visual treat! All those beautiful items for your giveaway and those fabulous bargains, thank you for showing us all those,they're lovely. Jackie Mx

  7. I think I must have fallen out with the thrift fairy because I never see wonderful treasures like yours in our Bath charity shops.. and if I do then they are under lock and key at a ridiculous price... never mind.. only three more months and our local boot sale will start up again... I live in hope.
    Shame Mr Bloom didn't like the floral shorts idea.. how about deck chair stripes.. I have just bought some lovely deckchair canvas!
    P.s Delicious giveaway Lucy.

  8. Great finds at the charity shops, I haven't been to my local ones for a while now, I'm tempted to sneak out of work early and have a browse for an hour or two. Luck seems to be on your side right now, hope it continues!
    Gill x

  9. Lucy-lu, I would so love to win your giveaway - pink and green are my colors! I love all your recent treasures too. Was wondering what is in the upper left hand corner of your new treasures picture? It's kind of pink and green paisley I think - very pretty.

  10. I would love to win! Though if I do I am going to have you send it to my sister in law who lives in Stevenage. She just had a baby and could use a treat!
    Jen R

  11. Hi Lucy,
    Your thrifted goodies are just fabulous - I love the china lady powder box! Well done, you!

    The giveaway is so generous, please can you enter me? Thank you!

    Have a great week,
    Niki x

  12. What a pretty giveaway ! You lucky thing finding all those lovely things !

    All our nearest Charity shops are full of next cast offs !

    Sara x

  13. I am pretty sure the Thrift Fairy, bless her little heart, loves your NAME as much as I do!
    I love all your beautiful thrifts; especially the little lady in the yellow and black dress and the TURE STORIES little book. You did GOOD, girlfriend.
    Your pink and green giveaway sounds and looks just yummy. I am crossing my fingers, as we speak, and will keep them crossed until the giveaway! Thank you for this wonderful chance!
    hugs, bj
    oh, and my hello to MR. BLOOM

  14. What a wonderful giveaway! I love seeing all your thrift shop finds.

  15. Just the picture of your give~away has cheered me already!
    So...YES...please enter me! And thank you so much!

  16. What lovely things you are offering! You certainly do well at the charity shops, much better than the ones around here.

  17. Those pinks and greens look so mellow don't they?
    Please enter me in the draw - I would love to win!
    And don't give up telling us about your lucky finds, we won't get fed up I'm sure.

  18. I just love pink and green, I would love you to enter in in your giveaway.

  19. Hello I have just linked through to you from another blog. I was destined to find you !. I love your craft stuff you have made and will be coming back when you have your bits up for sale.
    I cant beleive how lucky you were finding the wallpaper for 25p, if I had been there I think we would have been doing tug of war!. There is something nice about finding pretty items & love the tea towels too. Please enter me into your giveaway the items are so lovely .

    X Dominique

    Love your computer screen saver too. Will be saving you to favouritr blogs now i have found your lovely craft peices & blog. Four sisters in a cottage is a great blog, i remember reading it & my eyes were filled with tears along with the music on the blog.

  20. Hi Lucy

    I bought - but nothing for me to keep for once! At least I get to enjoy the nice items I find until they're sold so I suppose I get the best of both worlds. Still haven't unloaded the car, but haven't forgotten about the fabrics!

    Sue x

  21. Hi Lucy, what a lovely giveaway, I have a plan for my new bedroom when (or if) the barn is ever finished I have been collecting green and pink nik-naks as various secondhand shops. I keep getting them out of their box every so often and imagining where they will be placed when D day arrives. He who thinks he should be obeyed ensures me that we will be in the barn within 3 months so fingers crossed my collection won't be hidden for much longer. I love rummaging around the charity shops when I visit England, there are not many here just one or two so no I could never get fed up with you going on about thrifting because I enjoy this pastime so much myself. looking forward to seeing who wins

    jules x

  22. Gosh I wish I was as good a thrifter as you! I never seem to find such bargains. Maybe I don't look hard enough. Your giveaway looks absolutely gorgeous. I would love to be included in the draw.

  23. Hi Lucy
    What a fantastic collection of thrifting - well done!
    Pleas enter me too to your giveaway, you have put together an excellent selection, especially the garland, really pretty.
    Thanx Emx

  24. Hi Lucy, the thrift fairy is still in the UK it seems, thought you were going to send her over downunder for a bit? lol Another fabulous lot of goodies and what a giveaway, that is so generous, Lucky lady who wins your prize Lucy :) Have a gorgeous week! Jenn and Jacqui

  25. Hello Lucy
    I come over Kristina to your blog.
    I love your craft and your blog is
    very wonderful.Loveley giveaway.I love pink and green.
    Please enter me.
    Have a nice week,

  26. Lovely giveaway! I must enter!! The thrifting fairy looks like she's been working overtime for you!!

    Hugs! Nancy

  27. brendibug@verizon.net23 January 2008 at 06:51

    lucy - i live in california, and i just found your blog....i lovelovelove england and all it's beauties. please enter me in your giveaway with all the lovelies! and thank you for sharing!
    fondly, laurinda d

  28. Hi Lucy Bloom, if I leave a comment here to say you won something at Lilly Cottage does that put me in the running for your giveaway? I really do think that you are just missing the letter k from your name, Lucky Bloom it should be. Anyhoo pop over and see us and email us your snail mail address to claim your treasure. Kiss noises Linda and Laura Lilly Cottage

  29. Hi Lucy,
    Lovely post and what great finds. I haven't been out thrifting for a while now but I never find bargains like yours. The charity shops in our town are rather expensive.
    Continue to enjoy your thrifting and thanks for sharing.
    Sandi x

  30. Lucy,

    Please count me in the giveaway, I'm a sucker for teacups and saucers!

    Some great finds thrifting, I had some success at the weekend and will have to post about them tomorrow!

    Hope you are well,


  31. Oh my! You found some wonderful treasures! I love reading about great finds and I am guilty of posting my own. I love visiting your blog!

  32. Hi Lucy You sure are lucky when it come to giveaways. 'Venot been lucky at all. Maybe my luck will change with your pink and green giveaway. Actually I am working on a pink and green quilt right now. I better get back to it. Rhondi

  33. Hi.I just found your blog via Vintage Tea's blog & would like to enter your giveaway.Myabe this time I will actually win one. :)Also wanted to say I love that blu bottle...especially when the sun hits beautiful!Renee

  34. What an amazing find. I wish my thrift shops had such amazing things. I like your blu bottle. It looks nice on the opposite side of your bread box.

  35. That is a most lovely giveaway!
    That would also be lovely to win!


  36. Hi Lucy, I would so love to be entered into your lovely giveaway. Just love your thrift shop finds too. I am itching to get out and around again once the children are off to school next week!

  37. I just found your blog, and would love to enter your delightful giveaway!

  38. Didn't you do well?! I trawled the charity shops on Wednesday and bought a lovely pearl and gold link chain necklace for £1. I was so pleased with myself! There was nothing else unfortunately, I didn't even manage to find a recipe book I fancied, which is unheard of for me!Please can I join your lovely giveaway too?x

  39. Hi Lucy,
    I found your blog through Becca's.
    I love it! Please enter me in your lovley giveaway.
    Please visit my blog sometime.
    I will be back to visit yours again.

  40. Hi Lucy,
    your giveaway is just gorgeous as always,i hope you don't win it though lol.
    Kristina XxX

  41. Your giveaway looks so deliciously pretty and my favourite colours too. Please could you enter me for the draw.


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