Saturday, 5 January 2008

French Inspiration

Hello dear readers, today's post is about my most recent crafting activities. In between Christmas and New Year I decided to indulge myself in some special crafting projects just for me, before making a start on re-stocking my stall in Marlborough. I wanted to make things that looked like they might have come out of the pages of this book.

(Pub: Lark Books (NC) (28 Oct 2006) ISBN-10: 1579909965 ISBN-13: 978-1579909963)

First up, something quick and easy. I had a couple of frames which I had been meaning to do something with for some time. I love the idea of putting vintage fabrics in frames and had a small precious piece of french toile fabric which would be ideal. When the frames are wide and/or quite ornate, I think that the fabric on it's own is all that is needed. My frames were neither, so I added some other embellishments.
In one frame I added a vintage postcard of a pretty girl, the red roses she is holding echo the fabric colour perfectly. Snippets of ribbon and lace add the finishing touches.

Next I had a smaller gilt frame in which I put just the fabric with dash of red ribbon, lace and a tiny velvet flower. Any more would have been too much, I think.

I had small piece from a vintage quilt that was just begging to be made into something beautiful. I really enjoyed making this cushion, I hand stiched all the trimmings imagining myself to be a Victorian lady of leisure who did this all the time.

I think these projects all turned out so well because of the fabrics I used. Sadly I don't have many french fabrics like these, they are so difficult to find and I do agonise over what to make in case I ruin them, but I am very pleased with these results. I just have a tiny square of the french toile left now (boo-hoo) which I think I will make into a lavender sachet. But I'm going to save that pleasure for another time.

Another long-overdue project were these candle shades. They sit on a glass cup which fits inside a candlestick and holds a tea-light candle. I had this lovely fabric trim which was the ideal width for this project.

I finished them off with some pearly flower braid - much more to my liking now.

Finally, a lavender sachet made from the crochet coasters I picked up in the Laura Ashley sale before Christmas. I made a separate linen bag and then attached the coaster on the top. This didn't need any embellishment really, just a small mother-of-pearl button in the centre.

I arranged everything to photograph and I quite like how it looks together so I might just leave it like this for a while. Hang on a minute - would you believe it - another darn bunny has sneaked into the picture! I shall have to have words with those cheeky bunnies.

And now to some unfinished business. I have decided to nominate the following blogs for the "I -less-than-three your Blog" award that I received in my last post.

1. Clare of Vintage Home because of her beautiful Clock House to which I keep going back for another peek.

2. Catherine of Alchamillamolly for making me realise that I never want to move house again - never, ever, ever, never ever, ever, never!!!....well until next time, anyway!

3. Louise of Home is Where the Heart Is, simply for being such a dear, sweet you!

Ladies, you may pick up the the award from here (copy and paste should do it),

and pass it on if you so wish, but you are under no obligation (from me anyway) to do so. And thank you for writing Blogs I Love!

Wishing you all a weekend filled with what you love best.

x Lucy Bloom x


  1. I love what you've made, it's easy to stay in that post-Christmas stupor until well into the new year( I know I am!) so good for you for doing something creative. I haven't seen this book yet although I have read about it on other blogs, perhaps I'll add it to my wishlist!

  2. Oh Lucy, you are so clever, everything you have created here is fantastic, it all looks just beautiful and so original. Thanks again for sharing these photos with us. Jackie Mx

  3. oh, lucy...these are all just perfect. i love every single one of them. you have so much talent and such a good eye. i am especially in love with the lamp shades but love it all. ummmm, UM! very pretty.
    hugs, bj

  4. What lovely creations! I so need to get motivated and actually do some crafting rather than just sitting on the materials to do so!

    Best Wishes


  5. What lovely things you have made and how busy you've been, they are all lovely. I have the identical frame to the one in the second photo. I love the idea of putting fabric as a 'mount' - what a good idea. Love the shades too.

  6. Sorry, don't know why I am signed in as 'info'!

  7. What a talented lady you are!

    All very beautiful!

  8. Thanks Lucy for the award, how honoured am I? Everything looks pretty in pink in your photo, even that darn bunny that snuck in! I wish I lived in Wiltshire, I would come along and have a look at your stall in one of the most lovely towns I have ever seen, Marlborough, instead I must admire from afar. x

  9. I forgot to say that the template that I chose for my blog automatically puts borders around my photos, I cannot take the credit for this one! x

  10. Hello, I've just visited your blog for the first time and I love the wonderful way you have dressed your home. I'm really impressed by your wonderful sense of style and wish I could put such confident flourishes into my house. I look forward to visiting here again soon.
    Best wishes

  11. Gorgeous makes - clever girl- thanks for the comment and the award - do I just copy and paste? I have the French General book isnt it divine....... Had a prefect day - hugged my bays (figuratively speaking!!) we viewed ands measured today Yippeeeeeeeeee and I got an Emma Bridgewater teapot - large in a charity shop for £4.75. Its marked a slight second on the base hey but who cares - what a perfect day..

  12. Hi Lucy I have just nipped in quick to thank you for popping over to see me. I cannot blog at the moment as I have not really felt up to much.....sadly little puppy Maddy died and I have felt ao terrible.
    Keep everything crossed for little Guy, he may be small but I think he is a litle fighter.
    Carol x

  13. Me again!
    Sorry I did forget to say that everything that you have made looks so pretty, I love the shades!
    Carol x

  14. Lucy what a talented thing you are. Those candle shades are divine! Wishing you a fab 2008 and hope it brings you much happiness and success.
    Warm wishes

  15. Hi Lucy

    Love what you've made this week. Email me if you need French fabrics - I have a mountain!


  16. Hi Lucy, you have made some really lovely things, so very pretty and feminine! We love frenh style too, and your shades are especially gorgeous! Jenn and Jacqui

  17. Hi Lucy

    Thank you very much for the award! That is kind of you. You have made some really beautiful things - love those lampshades!

    A Happy New Year to you!

    Clare x

  18. Oooooh I love all the pictures -

    that is just my style too. I love framed fabrics with that oldy world pale red hue and the lampshades are gorgeous too !!!

    Have a lovely new year.
    best wishes


  19. Oh Lucy you have been busy! Everything is beautiful, really pretty! I've been playing with canvases and fabrics the past few weeks (it started with pressies for my daughters at Christmas and is turning into a nice little diversion!). You should keep everything groups together they look lovely.

  20. WOW! You do such nice work! I was really impressed with everything...gave me some great ideas for vintage photos in frames. We have an antique booth that this type of thing would work well in. I'm sure you do well with your stall. How neat!


  21. it all looks so pretty...England is such a pretty country I am sure there is a lot of inspiration around you. I love to visit England, especially the countryside. I am a designer and live near Boston in the USA.
    just found your


  22. Just Lovely! Your hand made goods are wonderful. I especially like the frames. I've had this book for over three months and I haven't even cracked a page yet. After seeing these projects I'm going to make it a priority. :<)


  23. Love all you have made I got some of the Laura ashley placemats and coasters in my Christmas stocking I love them

  24. I love everything you have done. I'd love to have a corner in my home like that x


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