Thursday, 24 January 2008

Kitchen Window - Check!

A few posts ago I mentioned that I was trying to decide on a window treatment for my kitchen window. I thought and thought about it and just couldn't decide what to do. Then I bought 2 yards of this french check fabric on Ebay.

I sort of had the kitchen in mind when buying this, though not necessarily the window. However, when it arrived there was only one place it could go.

The fabric is like a heavyweight cheesecloth, not sure what it might have been used for originally, (curtains maybe?) it was quite stiff but a gentle handwash softened it up. Being a narrower than usual width, all I had to do was fold it over to make a frill at the top and stitch a channel for the curtain rod. I didn't have to cut it up and I used the largest, loosest stitch setting on the machine so I can easily remove the stiching if I ever decide to use it for something else.

The curtain rod is held up with velcro hooks - I didn't want to make holes in the window frames for nails and the velcro hooks were already there from a garland that had been hanging at Christmas. I hung these red felt stars to cover the velcro hooks, in fact these were the Christmas garland which sort of fell apart when I took it down (mass-produced - shoddy workmanship!) I think I'll replace them with something else at some point, but they'll do for now.

I had the devil's own job trying to photograph this with the light behind it, but I think you can get a pretty good idea from the pics. I am very pleased with the results and I think it will be staying for quite some time.

What do you think of that blue glass bottle in the corner of the window. It's not something I would have normally bought and in fact I didn't buy it. I was at a car boot sale last year and came across a stall run by 3 dear old ladies. Nothing much of interest on the stall but in a box under the table I spied some pretty lace doilies. I had a rummage and pulled out a few bits to buy.

When I went to pay, the ladies said they were so pleased I was buying them, their elderly auntie had died and they were selling her bits and pieces. I asked if they had any more and they had a look in the car and pulled out some embroidered chair backs and other bits. 'You can have those for nothing, otherwise we'll just be throwing it all away', they said, and then starting pulling out all sorts of things and giving them to me, including this glass bottle. I didn't really want it all, but I didn't have the heart to refuse, they were so pleased that someone was taking 'auntie's things'.

I put the bottle on the window sill, just for somewhere to put it, and it's been there ever since. Every so often I notice it and think about getting rid of it, but it's kind of grown on me. I just can't decide!

Later... I took a nightime pic as you can see the curtain better. I thinned out the window sill contents and removed the blue bottle. I think I prefer it without, sometimes you can see better in a photo whether things 'work'.

But then... I put it back again in the opposite corner, I think it balances the blue bread bin. Oh flip, I still can't decide. I think I'll leave it for now.

By the way, one day the windowsill and splashback will be tiled, I just don't know when that day will be. I've had to put some vinyl fabric over it for protection ( just in case you were wondering).

Another new item in the kitchen is this jelly bean machine which Mr. Bloom bought me for Christmas. You have to put coins in to get the jelly beans out and I think the intention was that I wouldn't eat so many as a result (I have a very sweet tooth).

Well it worked, but not for long. I have discovered that if you turn it upside-down and shake it, the jelly beans fall out without putting any money in ... and sometimes the money falls out as well! Hee Hee Hee - you'll have to try harder than that Mr. Bloom!! Oh, I love being a big kid :-)))

Don't foget my Pink and Green Giveaway in the previous post. Thank you to everyone who has left a comment so far, I am working my way around visiting you all. Wishing you all Good Luck! Ends on Sunday.

Must go now, got to give that jelly bean machine another shake!


  1. You're so creative, dear. I love the curtain and how you re-used the garland "bits." IMHO, I think the blue bottle looks great in the window and looks best on the left side. I don't know why, but it does.

    Not that you asked, but sometimes it helps me to hear another's view.


  2. My dear Lucy are the most delightful creature ever! I so enjoy reading your humor and I adore looking thru your precious is full of your delightfulness and personality and I just love it all. I can close my eyes and see you shaking that jelly bean machine, just as if your were 10.
    Your curtains are just perfect for your cute kitchen and the blue bottle? It MUST stay right where it is, on the left side of your sink. It looks as if it were made to go there!!
    Mr. sweet of you to buy your Lucy that adorable jelly bean machine! You are a sweetie.
    hugs, bj

  3. Hi Lucy,
    The French check fabric was a great buy - I love what you have done with it - just enough dressing so as not to obscure the view of your pretty garden.

    I agree with your other commenting friends here - you should definitely keep the blue glass bottle and on the left of the window is just perfect!

    Enjoy your jelly beans - I hope Mr. Bloom doesn't read your blog and discover your naughty secret!


  4. Hi Lucy
    Love reading your blog. I think those curtains look just perfect and the litle red stars are a nice creative touch. since I happen to love most shades of blue I think the bottle looks great on the windowsill, right side. Hope you're having a great day. Pop by sometime for a visit. Rhondi

  5. The checks looks so bright and cheery. I love it!


  6. The fabric looks great as your curtain. Isn't it nice when you buy something on ebay and when it arrives you are even more pleased with the item? The blue bottle definitely looks better on the left hand side. You could never get rid of it and each time you are at the sink can be reminded of those lovely ladies and their generosity.

  7. I so admire people with sewing talents...
    Those are some nice window curtains!

    Hey and pass me some jelly beans, anything but the black ones.....

  8. Love the bottle and the window treatment. Don't you just love ebay!
    Julia xx

  9. Beautiful fabric Lucy, it looks perfect at your window. I think I prefer the window in the last shot with the blue bottle in the left hand corner. The stars are lovely little touches too. And as for the jelly bean machines, so glad you managed not to have to pay for them!!!!

  10. You are too funny, with your jelly beans! It's like a trail through the forest, isn't it? I like the way your curtains turned out, and it was very ingenious of you to put the red felt stars up like that (I like the way they hang down). Actually, in my opinion I think the blue bottle adds another dimension to the windowsill. And I love your bread box! Is that old? Probably not. You are able to get some cool stuff that I just don't see over here. Cheers, Jacki

  11. I love the curtain Lucy and I hope you feel that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery becasue that's exactly the idea I have in mind for our new kitchen! Although my fabric is heavy cotton and that cheesecloth stuff is divine. I like the bottle and its story and I agree, looks nicest on the far side to balance that lovely bread bin. What a gorgeous kitchen!
    Have a lovely weekend
    Stephx (as I was lucky enough to win your lovely givewaway not so long back Lucy, please don't enter me in this current one. I'd love to win but that would be being greedy so just in case, please leave me out!)

  12. Hi Lucy,love the new curtain,very pretty and complimented by th red stars too!

  13. Hi again Lucy,
    I love your new curtains. So pretty in red and white. The stars are a great touch.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  14. I love this fabric Lucy.. it is just what I had in mind for my kitchen window solution.. we have an internal sash window (if you can imagine that) which lets light in from two skylights in the adjoining room.. I need to get something up at our window to make it more attractive, offer some privacy from passersby and still let some light in. Would you mind telling me if there was more of this fabric for sale on ebay?
    Please don't share this info if you would rather not..
    I think you curtains are perfect!


  15. I decided to post a comment and say leave the blue bottle on the left, and I see that most of the other messages say the same. So, there's your answer, whether you like it or not! That's what WE want!

    Lovely curtains. Will sort fabrics next week.


  16. You've done a great job dressing your window Lucy, the fabric is perfect. And I like the blue bottle on the left had side, it seems to look more balanced. Lovely pictures.

  17. Hi Lucy, just love what you have done to your kitchen window, it looks great! We LOVE the blue bottle too :) Jenn and Jacqui

  18. Hi Lucy,
    Your window treatment looks so pretty i love it and yes another here who likes the blue bottle and thinks it should stay.
    Tsk Tsk Mr.Bloom you should know that our Lucy is crafty in more ways than one hehe.
    Love Kristina XxX

  19. Hi Lucy, I love your red check fabris, it suits the kitchen window a treat, your kitchen is lovely, and the blue glass bottle looks right at home there, all your kitchen items are great esp the bread it all,can I hire you out for my kitchen interior designer please?.....did I hear a yes?..good , tickets for the train are in the post!!!lol...I wish!
    love Kath x

  20. I meant to say on last comment , you have a 1930s bungalow, mine is 1925, just wondered does yours have a large kitchen ?, the original one I mean?, curious as mine is so small with a seperate dining room off it, just wondered if you had extended?, also we have no storage cupboards for anything, although we do have a basement, which we have to bend in half in order to get in to, but otherwise no cupboards for hoover or ironing board, it drive s me nuts, I do love my little bungelow but the rooms are small, and the garden too big, we once found when we were decorating the dining room that the walls were made with horse hair and lathe and plaster, can't get a nail in the wall for pictures and things, have to drill first, are you the same, hope you don't mind me asking, but was just curious as built around the same time...
    love Kath x

  21. love the window treatment, but then I am a bit biasd as living here in france anything frenchie catches my eye, I think the material would have been used as a kind of cafe net so you have hit the nail on the head with you choice. I think your right about the blue bottle balancing out the blue bread bin(also very french) lots of enamel over here! I think a strong accent colour dotted around the room pulls a scheme together. well thats enough lawrence lewellyn tips for now. look forward to more piccies around your home.

    love jules x

  22. I love that blue glass bottle on the left side of the window too. I have a little glass, blue bird in mine and I love the way it catches the light.
    I have a gum ball machine too and I filled it with old marbles. Much easier on the diet. LOL

  23. Hi Lucy, these pictures are lovely, your kitchen looks beautiful. I love the blue glass bottle by the way, goes with gorgeous bread bin!

  24. Hi Lucy what a lovely post, I really love looking at all the images.
    Your curtain is it.
    I still have to make up my kitchen curtain, I have a red check too. I have been trying to finish the Camper Vans curtains today but ran out of tape and lining.
    Carol xx

  25. I like what you did with the blue bottle on the everyone else agreed. Would the stopper in that bottle work for other beverages? Just a thought. I also enjoyed your tale of the jelly bean machine!!! Great!

    And boy do I wish I had been part of your pink and green giveaway!

  26. Your kitchen looks lovely, it was worth thinking carefully about the window dressing, the curtain looks lovely, and fits perfectly. Very clever to have moved 'aunties' bottle to the other side, it looks nice with the sun shining through it, as do the curtains. Like the jellybean machine, have you got a Julian Graves near you, they sell large containers of jellybeans at quite a reasonable price, for when you need a refill! x


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