Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Bathing Bliss

In all my previous homes I have lived with inherited bathroom suites and decor, there were always other priorities. This is the first house where I've decorated the bathroom exactly how I wanted - and it's bliss!

It hadn't been a priority but it all started a couple of years ago when I dropped a bottle of shampoo into the bath. I didn't think anything of it until the next time I ran a bath and water started dripping on Mr. Bloom's head in the kitchen - the bath had cracked. Not a real shame since it was an ugly peachy-beige colour, and since it couldn't be matched we had to get a whole new suite. I was very pleased to be seeing the back of the ugly beige floor-to-ceiling tiles.

I went for a combination of tiles and painted walls - green for the walls, it's the only room in the house where we have any colour on the walls (at the moment!), it doesn't get any sun and I think the green warms it up.

Mr. Bloom did it all himself, it did take some time but it's such a pretty room to go into now. It's a small bathroom so most of the trinkets and toiletries are kept in a glazed cupboard on the wall.

Of course these are strictly display only!

In the original bathroom there had been no storage space whatsoever. There was a wide ledge at the end of the bath which was wasted space so I decided to sacrifice a few inches off the length of the bath (I'm the only one to take baths and I'm a shorty, so it doesn't matter too much) to have a built in cupboard.

The doors came from Ikea's bargain basement for a couple of pounds each. As there weren't the same colour they had to be painted all the same, which was rather fortunate because they don't look so new now. There's loads of room now for towels, toiletries and cleaning materials, I'm really pleased with this extra storage. Behind the door there's just room for this little painted cupboard.

A large mirror to reflect as much light as possible.

Here's a little tip for you. If you have brand new shiny chrome taps and you want them to look a little less new, here's what to do. Get one of those plastic shower hose thingies, the type that fit over the taps. Leave them on the taps for about 18 months whilst you wait for the shower to be plumbed in. When you eventually remove them you will have lovely aged-looking taps! (hee-hee, Mr. Bloom was not best pleased, I wasn't too upset but pretended I was)

I've never really been one for spending a lot of time at my toilette, I like to get these things over with as quickly as possible (more time for crafting, you know). But now, I don't mind lingering in the bathroom just a little while longer!

p.s. just wanted to add, following this morning's earthquake, which we both slept through, all the tiles are still on the wall!


  1. Hi Lucy
    Your bathroom is so lovely, I love all your little trinkets. My bathroom has those tiles but in white, I even have bunting in there!!!hubby doesnt say a word!. Your shower curtain is lovely. I need a new one as i splashed hair dye on it (I was so cross with myself). My bathroom story was similiar except i dropped an ornament on the rim of the toilet, then flushed toilet and whoosh ! water every where(was secretly pleased
    X Dominique

  2. Really nice bathroom, love that little cupboard behind the door. 3 years 5 months later and I'm still waiting for my bathroom to be finished-lucky you
    Lisa x

  3. Thank you for visiting my blogg!1
    And things!!

    Hugs Millan
    So beatifulT!!! Just lovely pictures!!!!

  4. I love your wall cupboard, very pretty!

  5. The green is wonderful. It's so cozy in there! And all the neat "display only" items you have! I personally would want to linger way too long in there.

  6. Oh, Lucy...I am forever in love with this precious bath. Where do you find so many pretty pink, rose covered items? And, I love the green and the tile together...the shower curtain is adoreable...every thing in this bath if full of wonderfulness! Your sweet and precious Mr. Bloom did such an excellent job. Since he isn't feeling well, please serve him whatever he wants for dinner tonight and then give him the sweetest hug!

  7. Hi Lucy I love the tip for old looking taps! lol
    Clever Mr Bloom, you are lucky to have a man that can!
    The tiles are perfect and your bathrooms looks so inviting as the colours are warming and all the little touches make it special.
    Well done.
    Carol x

  8. I absolutely love your bathroom!
    Mine is awful! ;-)
    We inherited it and have yet to change it. Other rooms took priority when we moved here!
    You've put everything together so well! ;-)Sal

  9. So glad you survived the quake! I love your cabinet of curios, I wish I had a wall in my bathroom to put one on, the only wall available is the one the door crashes into. I have in the loft a boxful of devonware violet bottles which I have had for years, and have had nowhere to put them, I keep saying maybe one day? I like a bath, there is nothing like a soak in bubbles after a long day, is there? You lucky thing to have storage in your bathroom, towels are always falling on my head from our airing cupboard, it drives me mad. Funny you want your new taps to look old, I want my old taps to look new, there is nothing strange as folk. Nice post Lucy. x

  10. Hello Lucy
    I love your bathroom.. it would tempt me to linger longer in the suds whereas normally I am like yourself.. I spend less and less time at my toilette and try to avoid looking in the mirror these days!!
    Looking at your beautifully co-ordinated bathroom has made me determined to tackly ours this Easter hols..I just need a long pair of legs and arms to reach the ceiling with the paint brush.


  11. how pretty, I am in the process of doing my bathroom, we managed to salvage the old sink and the bath came from a neighbours allotment (so it looks like its been around the block a few times, the toilet is new, I am trying to combine the old with the new ie new white tiles with old wooden floor. It is a large room and after looking through several mags I think the idea of placing a few pieces of furniture as well as the bathroom suite would be a good idea. I am going to post a few piccies in the next few days of the outcome because it always seems to look better in someone else's home.
    I'm gald to hear that all is well with you over there in old blighty after the earthquake

    love jules

  12. Very nice!
    I'm glad everything is alright, I had heard about the earthquake!!

  13. BLISS is correct! I'd think I was showering in heaven if I found myself in your bathroom! =) I share a bathroom with 4 men... enough said. lol

  14. Lucy, it looks gorgeous. We did ours within about 6 months of moving, but there are still a few finishing touches needed. That's a lovely green. You could have had our old taps - they'd have been perfect for you!!

  15. Your bathroom is gorgeous!
    Mine is still a blank canvas, I haven't decided what to do yet.
    Glad the tiles stayed intact.

  16. Oh, how fun! I just wrote a post with photos of my powder room last night! Yours is SO pretty! I can't wait to have a house that I own someday so that I can paint it and redo it all to fit my tastes. I just love the green wall color and all the pretty accessories in yours!!

  17. Gorgeous bathroom, I love the colour of the walls, the mirror and all the pretty toiletries...
    I have yet to tack my bathroom, it seems to be forgotten about in this house, but there are so many beautiful things you can do to a bathroom, the possibilities are endless! (not that my hubby would agree..)

  18. What an absolutely perfect room Lucy - but in the perfect vintage sense of course! You've made it into such a pretty retreat. If you don't mind me asking, where did you get the pretty shower curtain from? I'm looking for something very similar but absolutely no joy so far.
    Take care and enjoy your weekend - in the bath I imagine!

  19. What a beautiful bathroom Lucy, so pretty. I love that shade of green and all the floral fabric you've used. Very fresh, pretty and inviting

  20. Hello Lucy..I think your bathroom is so pretty..I adore green and with all those roses it's just gorgeous!
    We have the same suite as you and I love the looks really 30s!

  21. Hi Lucy, your bathroom is lovely - that green is perfect! (I'm still choosing the right green for my kitchen cupboards - I have managed to find an old button which is THE colour!)Love all your bits 'n' pieces in the bathroom - I have the same old lilacs talc tin as you!

    Thanks for the tip for the taps!!!

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Clare x

  22. Your lovely blog is true serendipity! I found it today and can’t help – think I spent couple hours browsing. You did good job with bathroom6 I think I will get some ideas from you.


  23. this is definitely one of the nicest bathroom i have ever seen, wished i had one here, i can stay here forever :)

  24. Oh Lucy, what a heavenly bathroom, I too would really want to linger in there. There is so much to look at and it's all so pretty, you have such a knack for creating lovely pictures to please the eye. Thanks for sharing it with us. Love Jackie Mxx

  25. Hi Lucy,
    You have created a wonderful sanctuary in which to relax in.
    Your cabinet with the pretty bottles and things is gorgeous - Funnily enough I have been to the flea market today and found some more bottles for my colection!

    Well done to Mr. Bloom - I think he should have several gold stars!

    Enjoy the rest of the weeekend,
    Niki x

  26. Your bathroom is adorable! I love it. That display case with all the trinkets looks beautiful!I love all of it...



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