Sunday, 17 February 2008

My Mr. Bloom

Look what was waiting for me on the kitchen table on Thursday morning:

Red roses, truffle chocolates, pink sparkly, and my favourite - the CD which I have been desperately waiting for ever since I saw the film last year. In fact, just on Tuesday I'd seen it advertised on the TV and asked Mr. Bloom to pop out to Tesco to get it for me. Poor man had to make an unnecessary trip then come home and tell me it was out-of-stock, because in fact he had already bought it for Valentines day. Mr. Bloom is good at storing away snippets of information about things I like. I have to be careful what I say sometimes though, that's how I ended up getting a Lilly Allen CD for Christmas.

Anyway, ever-thoughtful, along with my gifts, Mr. Bloom had left this magazine cutting on the table. It made me smile.

I don't really write about family and friends on my blog, though I love them dearly, it's not what this blog is intended to be. I do mention Mr. Bloom sometimes in a jokey sort of way, but I wanted to write just one post to let him know how much I appreciate having him in my life.

After all it's not always easy living with a crafty vintage-loving girl, who is intent on adorning every possible surface in flowers...

(including Mr. Bloom's alarm clock)

Someone who covers the kitchen worktops and table with her crafting activities, so that most usually we have to eat our dinner off our laps.

An ever so slightly mad woman who lately has taken to photographing anything and everything and spends hours sitting at the computer doing who knows what, and when he asks her what she is doing, says "nothing".

Who issues strict instructions about which soap, flannel and towels he can and cannot use.

And insists, whenever we have a day out anywhere, on going into every single charity and junk shop... and drags him out of bed at some unearthly hour on a Sunday morning to go to the car boot sale, when all he wants to do is have a lie-in, just so she can buy more 'stuff' which he then has to carry around while she looks for even more 'stuff' (but he does get to have a bacon butty).

Thank You Mr. Bloom for putting up with me.

I'm sorry about the scratches on your car when we were trying to load that wicker chair I bought at the car boot last summer,

...and that you can never open your wardrobe because there's too much stuff and not enough house,

...and the times you've tripped over the furniture when you've come home late at night from work and I've been re-arranging...

I know I don't tell you very often but I really would be lost without you.

I know this will ring true (and it's probably been said before, but not by me!) with many a vintage-loving girl and their long-suffering other halves, we carry on doing it and they carry on loving us anyway!

So, the roses were arranged in a vase with sugar and a drop of bleach, their stems carefully snipped on the diagonal, and I've been changing the water every day.

Oh yes, do you see that picture propped up on the table - if you are reading this Mr. Bloom, I'm still waiting for you to hang it up...


  1. Hello Mr Bloom, please don't feel that you're the only one - Mr Ragged Roses has to put up with exactly the same! Lovely roses and pressies and a lovely post.

  2. What a sweet post!
    The roses are lovely!

  3. What a lovely post Lucy, and lucky you to have such a thoughtful Mr Bloom! Mine isn't so good at buying pressies (needs to be told exactly what to buy me) but is very tolerant of my hobbies and crafts and changing my mind about things. And wouldn't dare moan about the bags and bags of stuff I haul home from the boot sales!

  4. Hi Lucy
    That is funny our hubbies do have to do the charity shop , car boot rounds etc. Fit in with the floral shabby look!!.
    I bought my husband a floral shirt very subtle , but it hasnt been worn yet??!!.
    My hubby loves the bunting I ordered from you and appreciates the work that went in to it for you. he has a shiny head ! so I may decoupage a rose on to it! (when he is asleep)!!
    You produce lovely items and I am sure he knows how lucky he is
    x Dominique

  5. Hi Lucy - Adorable post! We do seem to lead very similar lifestyles - but you describe it so well! Very cute and funny! - I don't know how Mr Bloom puts up with you at all ;-) hehe!
    Love the third photo up from the bottom - is that all of your 'stuff' or is it a photo of a stall somewhere? Yummy things if they are all yours - lucky girl!

    Hope you've had a great weekend,

  6. Bless him, you've got a diamond there. My hub can't abide flowers on anything ,except real ones which he does buy for me Lisa x

  7. What a gorgeous post Lucy. Mr Bloom sounds like a lovely man. You're lucky to have found someone who doesn't mind all the flowers. He bought you some lovely things on Thursday, especially Attonement. Need to get that myself. I do think he ought to get on and get that picture up for you though!

  8. What a lovely post Lucy and what a wonderful Mr Bloom. I'm sure he'll be quite embarrassed to know we all love him, too!!!

    Sorry to hear the bug returned - P was coughing most of the night and has slept in a chair most of today. I shall be really glad when spring has sprung and we're all bug-free once again.

    Sue x

  9. What a great post. You are truly lucky to have such a lovely Mr Bloom (but then you know that already).

  10. Hi Lucy, Mr Bloom sounds a lovely guy, a sweet and funny blog. Best Wishes to you, Annie x

  11. Awwww, what a lovely bloke - and at least he's not alone. If only there was a place where non-vintage loving partners of obsessive thrifting women could meet up, have a sit, eat a bacon sarnie and read the paper whilst we carve a path through every vintage/charity shop in town! We need a vinatge creche like the place in that huge Topshop on Oxford Street! What lovely treasures you've amassed btw. Glad you had such a lovely Valentine's day.

  12. Sounds just like our house! I get cross with Ian about how untidy this house gets, until he points out it's so untidy because I've filled it all with vintage 'tat'!
    Julia xx

  13. This is such a touching tribute to Mr Bloom. I think he must be very special and of course long suffering!!! I have one from the same mold....aren't they wonderful and totally irreplaceable!


  14. Hi Lucy! :) Mr. Bloom and Awesome Guy will be best friends should they ever meet! :) I loved the tribute and all the painted surfaces! I think I'd be happier sweeping with a broom like that! :)


  15. Oh, Lucy are one of the most delightful creatures and I know Mr. Bloom loves you dearly!
    Thanks for making my heart and mouth smile today!
    hugs, bj

  16. Very sweet post...and I can relate.I have a "thing" for pillow cases...I know...and so my Mr wakes up every morning to flowers and more flowers right before his eyes...on his duvet...on his dinner plates...etc etc..
    Poor darlings, they still love us!

  17. I like this post, oh how familiar it sounds, our other halfs wouldn't want us any other way. Surely there must be evidence of Mr Bloom somewhere in your house, maybe the odd greasy motorbike part on the kitchen table or a clothes pile lurking in a dark corner! x

  18. Oh how lovely! I love the "handy hint" about the roses that he included!

  19. What a beautiful post and what a lovely home (and husband) you have!

  20. Hi Lucy,
    What a beautiful post....its what valentines is all about and bless Mr.Bloom.
    Love Kristina XxX

  21. Hi Lucy, ehat a gorgeous post!! Just adorable! Bless your Mr Bloom, as they say, he is a keeper!! Jenn and Jacqui :)

  22. Darling post. I'm just getting around to my Valentine reading because HH took me to NYC. I loved the instructions on rose care carefully torn out by Mr. Bloom. He made an investment in V-Day and wanted it well tended. Thanks for the smiles and the beauty you provide through your blog.~~Dee

  23. It sounds like you have a wonderful husband and that you appreciate him too.

  24. God bless Mr Bloom....
    A lovely post Lucy and you and me are ever so slightly mad together....I say just the same when I am at the pc...coz I feel a little guilty really, I should be doing housework!
    Carol xx


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