Thursday, 21 February 2008

February Fever

I try not to buy magazines as a rule, I find them quite expensive for what you get. However, I saw something on the cover of Country Living which sucked me in.

(Though I think they may be preaching to the converted.)

I couldn't browse it because it was in a plastic sleeve, so I bought it on the strength of that cover story, imagining all sorts useful tips and advice about thrifting and wonderful pictures of thrifted goodies. Well, not quite - it referred to the two homes featured in the magazine whose owners had decorated in a vintage-style. Pretty enough but I did feel a bit shortchanged, although I haven't really looked at it properly yet, so that might be unfair. However, I did take their advice and brought back thrift. This thrift - pretty rose patterned china I picked up last weekend.

Sadly only 1 cup and saucer, but 8 teaplates, 4 spare saucers and the cute little jug.

Last weekend I also took delivery of these (Thank You to A and W for picking them up for me!).

I had great plans for lots of crafting this week. Instead I've been laid low since Sunday with a really nasty cold. After feeling under the weather a couple of weeks ago, I thought I had got away with it, no such luck! Coughing, sneezing, eyes watering, runny nose, aches and pains, I've got the lot. Well I do feel a bit better today, but very annoyed that I've hardly achieved anything this week.

Though I did manage to make one set of pink hangers. I haven't updated the shop as I'm waiting until I have more things to put in there, but this set is available for purchase. * now reserved *

Well, I'm off now to drink my third cup of Lemsip, open a third packet of tissues and watch Atonement for the third time today - now that's value for money for gorgeous interiors!


  1. Oh Lucy, I do hope you'll soon be feeling better and that the nasty cold/flu/bug doesn't hang around like it has done with us.

    Lovely photos as always.

    Keep taking the Lemsip!
    Sue xx

  2. Hi Lucy,
    I agree with you about magazines although i still can't help buying them just in case i miss something really good lol...your china is a really pretty find, i love the shades of the pink and green.
    I have been really poorly for the last two days with a horrid cold and i was wondering who i had caught it off lol lets hope we can shake them off quick Lucy.
    I watched Attonement the other day and WOW! those rose covered sofas and the pretty seat around the fireplace and and....what a beautiful film i loved it.
    Love Kristina XxX

  3. Sorry you are under the weather. I went to the bookstore today, and was looking at that exact Country Living magazine!! It seemed like a good issue; but being it was from Britain, it was quite expensive here. So I left it on the shelf!
    Did you teach yourself to paint those little roses on your hangers? I bought a roses teach-yourself-in-one-step kit; what a joke. I couldn't even tell what they were!

  4. I got this months 'Country living', and like you, was looking forward to seeing what was inside. I felt a bit disappointed :( 'Country living' always has gorgeous covers but sometimes I feel that is all I buy them for!
    Love the coat hangers, really pretty and your thrify buy is beautiful.
    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  5. Hi Lucy, I hope you are feeling a smidgen better today. I don't buy magazines anymore, why, when you have all these blogs to read. I have learned more from these than any magazine and they are free! I love the romance of Country Living but in reality it is all out of our price range, so I think I shall stick to searching out a good bargain, like you are doing. Keep taking those lemsips. x

  6. Sorry to hear that your poorly Lucy, hope you're on the mend. Watching Atonement must help a little, I love that house!!! The wallpaper, the furniture, every little bit of it!!! I felt like you about this month's CL, it promised much and gave very little! Love your thrifting finds though. Take care and hope you're feeling better soon

  7. Awwww, hope you're feeling better soon Lucy. And how absolutely gorgoeus is that china - I am very envious. Hope you enjoy CL - the house featured on the front is right up my street and I've discovered its the home of the lady who runs Girls Own Site, a fabby shop which the much-coveted beret I have lived in all winter, was bought from by my parents. Bless 'em. I have a bit of a thing for Fair Isle! Take it easy.

  8. Beautiful tea set. I always watch Pride and Prejudice when I'm sick. I have the series so I just pick out the parts I want to see. :-). I also love those hangers. What a great idea.

  9. Hi Lucy,
    Colds are rotton they just slow us down. I started taking zinc & magnesium to help prevent them. Have one too at the moment. hope yours clears up very quick.
    I love your teaset it looks lovely.
    I think you should be in Country Living you have fab style as well. As well as creating beautifull items
    x dominique

  10. Ah, Lucy Bloom...I just hate that you aren't feeling well. Hopefully, it will pass and you'll be back to your perky self in no time.
    I LOVE your beautiful dishes. They are fabulous. I would dearly love to have an entire set that I could use EVERY day. I just love eating off pretty dishes. I hate paper plates and red solo cups with a passion but....we do use them some.
    I hope your Mr. Bloom is feeling dapper and that you will be over your illness really soon.
    hugs, bj

  11. I'm quite often disappointed with country Living and was with this issue too. But still I keep buying it. I do love your hangers. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  12. I was tempted by CL by the cover, glad I didn't succumb....I often find the cover promises more than the mag delivers. Hope oyu;re feeling better now, "there's a lot of it about" as they say. The hangers are really pretty, what a nice idea.

  13. Hi Lucy, hope you are feeling better! Jacqui is sick at the moment with a similar bug :( We don't buy many magazines at all either, they are expesnsice, but like to buy some when on holidays, that would be a special splurge!! I sent you an email with an order enquiry, just wondering if you received it? Thanks Lucy! Jenn and Jacqui

  14. Hi Lucy, hope you are feeling a little better. I love English Country Living, but then I am a magazine-a-holic, something I am working on, once I find a magazine that tells me how to deal with it,lol. We pay twice the price for it here and are about 3 issues behind ( we got the Christmas one last week), but I have to flick through it to see if it has enough pretty pictures to look at, and this one probably wouldn't do it for me, something about kitchen specials doesn't sound too vintagy or pretty! Still when you are feeling lousy it might be nice to flick through when you are finished watching your DVD! I shall check up on you later, take care, Linda Lilly Cottage.

  15. love all the pics here, looks real homely :)

  16. Hi there
    I have gone from buying maybe 5 home mags every month, to 2...which is quite an improvement...I buy Country Living and Country Homes and Gardens.I've got quite a few good ideas from them for my home!
    I love love those coat hangers, beautiful, just my and rosy!
    love your posts

  17. I have just bought that mag....I have not read it yet as I have to save it for a special On My Own Me Time! Love all the pinks.
    Carol xx


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