Sunday, 10 February 2008

Recently Acquired

I'm writing this post with my tail (proverbial of course) firmly between my legs, as I have another couple of giveaway wins to show. Now I know I said I wouldn't enter any more and I don't know how it happened that I did, I think a mischievous sprite must have jumped on my fingers and made them press the keys. After my run of luck, what were the chances I would win again - very slim I thought, but no, luck was still on my side. In fact, I almost wasn't going to own up to this, so sheepish do I feel, but that wouldn't be fair on the lovely ladies whose giveaways I won.

First, this little stash of goodies arrived from the Lark.

Badges, a mirror, hairclip, bookplates, a knitted cupcake all in a pretty blue spotty and floral pouch. Such lovely goodies - thank you Allison! (there was also a packet of Love Hearts, but they were eaten almost instantly)

Later in the week, another parcel arrived, this one from Linda and Laura at Lilly Cottage - a beautifully wrapped package with handmade tag revealed a pretty vintage style box with lilac ribbon and a velvet rose.

Inside the box - oh gosh - this beautiful heart locket embellished with vintage lace and flowers. I was well and truly stunned. How appropriate the colour was considering I had been posting about the colour lilac recently, Laura and Lilly Cottage had no knowledge of that when they posted the parcel!

Thank you ladies, you made my day, and I have just the place for this (when I'm not wearing it, of course, but that's for another post). If you pop to their blog you may well be overcome by all the loveliness there. I have now banished the mischievous sprite and have not entered any more Giveaways!
Other aquisitions this week, mostly thrifted, some a bit more than £1 this time.

A rose-adorned biscuit barrel, a bisque figure, some feathery and flowery head-dresses, a pink china shoe, vintage postcards, Laura Ashley scented sachets, a pearly necklace and some tiny silver-tone ballerinas. Oh and the picture was bought for the frame, plus some pretty rosebud wallpaper. I shan't be wearing the hats but I thought the feathers and flowers could be stashed away for crafting.
I think the biscuit barrel and the ballerinas are my favourites.

I almost didn't buy the shoe, as it's nothing special, but then I thought I could turn it into a puncushion, a nice little project for a few spare moments (I have some saved up). The wallpaper is just right for lining drawers and cupboards.

Now is it just me, or does the girl in this postcard look like Kirsten Dunst - a bit maybe?

Hope you've enjoyed a sunny weekend. I'm hoping to fit in a bit of crafting this week, with Valentine's coming up, a heart theme would be appropriate, I'll see what I can do.

Have a super week everyone.

Lucy x


  1. oooo, Lucy Bloom...all your treasures are just precious. The biscuit barrel is my favorite, too.
    Take good care and have a fun, crafty Sunday.
    hugs, bj

  2. A lovely post as always!

    Congragulations on your wins!!

  3. Lucky you, I love that Topsy badge x

  4. She does look very much like Kirsten Dunst! How lucky have you been? Such pretty things arriving at your doorstep. I love Lark and have bought a few things for my daughters in the past, they love the hairslides. Love your finds too

  5. I adore all of your'treasures'!Sal;-)

  6. My dear I need some of that luck! Send a goodluck thought my way and maybe some of it will rub off.

    Love your finds this week!

  7. Congratulations Lucy! Your prizes are well deserved!

    You found some wonderful treasures - I love old postcards and hats too.

    Hope you managed a crafty weekend - the little pincushion project sounds fun.

  8. I love that biscuit barrel. With all that luck winning prizes I hope you are buying lottery never know!

  9. hi Lucy,
    Yes i did manage to get things of my chest it was a very long thread !.
    Yes my makeshift vase was a baked bean can! washed out. My friend had just moved in and I wasnt sure wether she would know where her vase was!
    Congratulations on winning those giveaways you have some lovely little treasures there and I can imagine you are very happy that necklace is in those colours you like too. An original is very nice and more so when it has been lovingly handmade.
    ps love your blog and all your lovely pictures .
    X Dominique

  10. What beautiful treasures! I thought you were being overly modest when you told me not to enter you in my drawing!

  11. Hi Lucy You sure have been lucky. Such nice giveaways too! I love all your thrift finds especially the biscuit jar. It is beautiful. You must have some good shops where you live. I think I'll come visit sometime and you can show me all your favorites. Hope you have a great day.
    Rhondi xo

  12. Oh you are a lucky old thing what with giveaway prizes and these wonderful finds. Happy Valentines to you.

  13. Well done on the wins and I like your finds. How do you get on with dusting all your little treasures, surely that takes up most of a day! Your lady does look very much like Kirsten Dunst. x

  14. Omigosh...I wrote too soon! You like vintage finds, too! LOVE LOVE LOVE the biscuit jar!!!!!


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