Sunday, 3 February 2008

Lilac and Lace

I know that purple isn’t the most popular “shabby chic” colour. Whilst it's not my favourite colour, I think a little of it in the right setting can look very pretty and effective. After all, who doesn’t love lavender and lilacs and violets. I don’t care for the word purple though, it just sounds too modern to me, I shall refer to it instead as lilac. I had fun putting together this lilac-themed vignette, I wish I had enough room in the house to have this as a permanent feature.

In my previous house I was going to use lilac as an accent colour in my spare bedroom which was painted cream. I bought curtain fabric from Laura Ashley, a pretty lilac and green patchwork quilt and some lilac-coloured trinkets.

I didn't realize my plan and I still have about 8 yards of the fabric somewhere in the loft ( it's not the lovely vintage Laura Ashley fabric in the vignette - I only have a small piece of that). I shan’t use it in this house as I don't have an appropriate room - I think it needs a sunny room and our spare bedroom isn't. The quilt has been sold and the fabric will be going on EBay at some point. I kept most of the trinkets though.

Many of them are now sitting on this painted green shelf in my sewing room, this is just a little peak at it.

This frame was given a lilac-inspired makeover - I painted it cream and inside I have a vintage postcard mounted on some old Laura Ashley wallpaper, embellished with flower cut-outs and lace.

I also covered this box with the same wallpaper and trimmed with cream broderie anglaise lace.

It's useful for storing my sewing cottons.

I have a small teaset in the same design as the bowl in the picture below, unusual in lilac and white I think. The rest of the teaset it packed away - no room to display it!

Look what arrived in the post this week, I'd been waiting for it for what seemed like an age, though it was about 4 weeks. My fabric-covered drawers from Cath Kidston. They are actually bigger and nicer than I thought they would be, though they do smell a bit funny - the glue I think, but I'm sure that will fade with time.

Ruth at OhSoVintage mentioned being less than impressed with the customer service at CK. I must admit, I think they could do better, I would have expected some contact from them if an item was to be delayed for any length of time, in this day and age I think a month is a long time to wait for something. I also received the new CK catalogue this week and found myself not really caring to take a look at it. I think she's producing too much of the same now and I am becoming impartial to it all.

I hope you have all enjoyed the weekend, ours was quiet and mostly uneventful. We did take a drive our to a nearby village for the annual Women's Institute rummage sale yesterday afternoon. It sounded promising, I figured that since it was an annual sale, there would be a whole year's worth of rummage. When we got there there were already about 30 people in the queue before us. Once inside everyone rushed to the bric-a-brac stall and by the time I got to it the crowd was 3-deep. I couldn't even get a glimpse of what was there. Ah well, win some, lose some - at least it was a nice drive there and back!

Have a good week all,

Lucy x


  1. What mouth wateringly gorgeous pictures Lucy! I love them all and I agree, lilac is a particularly lovely colout, certainly one of my favourites. What clever ideas you share with us again, I love the way you've decorated the photo frame, also love the picture of the Jack Russell which looks very much like one of mine. Thank you for all that eye candy Love Jackie Mxx

  2. It all looks lovely, Lucy. You always create such lovely vignettes. Me? I just struggle to clear my desk from time to time and make some space!!! Sue x

  3. Beautiful always.
    I think you are amazing.
    I love a film that I can escape into..if you get my meaning! I love the Lakes, thank god Beatrix did too, otherwise it would have all been developed.
    Carol x

  4. HI Lucy, I love the vintage violet and lovely lavender colours, your settings look beautiful and you are going to get such a surprise when your little treasure from our giveaway, remember this post!!! Kiss noises Linda and Laura Lilly Cottage.

  5. Hello Lucy
    I love the way you arrange your displays.. you have a real flair for design.
    Lilac is not my favourite either but occasionally something catches my eye.. for instance the lovely little pansies postcard.. very pretty.
    I tend to agree with you about CK... I got so frustrated the other day waiting for items to download on her website.. I gave up in the end.. and to be totally honest... I prefer the real vintage finds to reproductions although she has a wonderful business head and some attractive items..I think her customer service could definitely be improved!
    Have a lovely week Lucy...

  6. Beautiful trinkets Lucy - what a lovely lunch I've just had viewing your lilac treasures.
    Love your CK drawers in the my favourite fabric. My poor husband had a run in with their shoddy customer service dept at Christmas. He'd ordered the washed roses purse for me and the delivery tracking kept saying it was on its way but nothing arrived. Luckily he rang to check where it was on Dec 20th to be told it wasn't coming! I got a lovely Emma Bridgewater teapot instead from the factory shop netr us - sometimes proper shopping is best. I didn't fancy anything in the new catalogue either - not vintagey enough for me, too funky!
    Have a lovely week.

  7. Hi Lucy, I love the CK drawers, have been coveting them for some time but for some reason cannot bring myself to part with the cash. Maybe one day!

  8. Hi Lucy,
    I love the vignettes that you have created - and am a BIG fan of lavender, lilac, violet,purple or mauve - whatever you like to call it!! And it looks especially lovely with your mint green shelves. It looks like you had lots of fun 'playing' with all of your pretty treasures!
    The hat box that you have covered for your sewing threads is adorable! As is the little framed puppy portrait.
    (I also have the CK drawers, which I bought with some vouchers of hers that I won recently. But have to say that I would always prefer to buy genuine vintage whenever possible - its often cheaper to, as well!)
    Have a great week and thanks for all the inspiring photos.
    BTW, I wear purple nearly every day!!
    Niki x

  9. Oh, what beautiful vignettes! I'm a Laura Ashley fan from way back -- I have her wallpaper and fabric in several rooms.

    I enjoyed the photos in your previous post -- so lovely when everything here in New Jersey, USA ie still cold and frozen.

  10. I agree with you on CK, when I first found her I loved her items in the beginning but now I think it's more satisfying to find something at a charity shop or boot sale that is true vintage rather than a mainstream high street buy!


  11. Lovely pictures Lucy, you have a good eye for putting things together, it never quite works for me!
    The last jumble sale I went to was last year, same thing, lots of people in the queue who headed straight for the bric-a-brac, people know what they're looking for these days, they were so much better in the sixties and seventies befre the days of Ebay!

  12. I was getting some bored with all the shabby chic pink and white...I for one love these "lilac" accents!

  13. Love your lilac vignettes Lucy. I don't like the word purple either, violet or lilac sound much nicer! I agree with you about the CK thing, it's a bit same old, same old. but now again I would love to have just a few more metres of her fabric to play with! Take care

  14. What lovely things you have made! I love the shelf and what's on it. I agree about the word 'purple', it's a very hard word and I prefer to refer to the shade as lavender. Not my favourite of colours but violets, lilac, lavender, irises they're all such beautiful flowers.
    I am so jealous you have received your CK drawers! I emailed CK and received a reply today saying I wouldn't be getting them - they have a problem with the supplier. That was after I had also phoned them today to be told my order was still current and the item would be despatched as soon as they received more stock. The customer service operator said she thought their lack of communication with customers was sadly lacking (hope her supervisor wasn't listening in!) Anyway the email offered me 10 per cent off and free p&p for my next order - don't think I'll bother, though!

  15. Hi Lucy thanks for the info about the metal tracking - I think I saw it this week in our local fabric place it was called 'bend it yourself'. We will try that - are your bays three sided or a curve? You are right about pre war houses - the bedroom is a bit nipped but I have more living space than before 'cos of the extensions they did. I love the whole house even the kitchen door handle that came off in my hand!! and I staggered backwards in to the kitchen. will be online in about 3 weeks - appalling...........

  16. Lucy do have a fabulous talent of putting things together that just knocks my socks off. This is all soooo pretty.
    hugs, bj


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