Thursday, 7 February 2008

Who stole my day?

I just don't know where the time goes, do you? Up until a couple of years ago I had always worked full-time and envied people who worked part-time or not at all. I imagined they had long days with time to do whatever they wanted and more.

Now I work part-time and most of the day I am home. Do I have more time? - not even close - I'm sure someone is stealing it from me.

Take today, I finished work at 8.30 am, stopped in town for half an hour to go to the Post Office at 9am. Came home, breakfast, read the paper and did the Sudoko (only the easy 5-minute one).

Logged on, checked emails and Ebay listings. Decided to pop to Craftworld for a few supplies.

Came home - 12noon already - aargh! Made lunch, something quick and easy, semi-healthy.

Back to the computer to update my blogger shop - what a faff that was, lost the lot and had to start again! Stopped for an hour when I started going cross-eyed, packed up some parcels, had some tea then back to the computer. I finished about 10 minutes ago - 7pm. I still have to do the washing up and tidy up the mess of boxes, bubble wrap and sellotape covering the kitchen table and floor. As for getting any crafting done - pah, forget it! ... and housework - no chance! And I don't even have children or pets, as many of you do, I just don't know how you manage - I should think myself lucky really. In fact I do, I'm not really whinging (well maybe a bit), just thought I'd give a little insight into my day, kind of like a day in the life tagging thing. But if someone does have a secret formula for stretching the day, would you let me know - please?

I've updated my little craft shop today (link on the left) just a few things, I would have made more, but I ran out of time ;-)


  1. Such cheerful and lovely goodies! :)

  2. I know what you mean about the time. I was laid off from my job a month ago, and thought what great fun I would have for awhile, getting so much done with all this free time. It seems like by the time I really get going it's time for dinner, and I've accomplished nothing. Love the clock in the first picture - now I'm going to look in your shop. Pop over and enter my giveaway!

  3. Hi Lucy

    Sorry the bug's playing games with you, too. It's no longer funny, though, is it!

    There's never enough time - what happened to those days of endless school holidays, the waiting for Christmas and Easter and birthdays? Time used to stand still but I'm afraid you'll have to accept that it no longer does, and that it never will again!! Just put on your running shoes and try and keep up! If you manage it, let me know your secret ...
    Sue x

  4. Hi, I know what you mean about time. Where does it go. B oth Noreen and I now work part-time, but the days go faster then least we can say we're never bored!

  5. Hi Lucy
    I have no idea how to find more time in the day, I am always chasing my tail. Something always has to fall by the wayside and I often end the day surrounded by at least 2 projects that are on the go and a list of things that need to be done for the next day. If I have to go out to the Post office or shops then I get really behind! Having said that, I'm not sure how long I would enjoy having absolutely nothing to do! A fortnight would be great and then I might start itching to get busy again! Take care

  6. That same person that is stealing time from you has been in my house for MANY years, too!!
    Going to go over to look around in your shop.....
    hugs, bj

  7. Hi Lucy,
    I know exactly how you feel - so I'll be checking back to see if any Bloggers have suggestions on how to stretch a day!
    There's never enough time for crafting, is there? Sniff.

    Good luck with your sales - I see all the lovely coat hangers are already sold - well done! The packing and posting takes a lot of time out of a day though, doesn't it?!!

    Have a lovely weekend - I see sunshine!
    Niki x

  8. Hi Lucy
    Sounds like you packed a fair amount into your day today.. but I do sympathise.. there is never enough time to fulfill all the lists of 'To Do's' in a day.
    I just set myself 2 or 3 'Must Do's' each day and if I achieve those then I am happy!
    Tomorrow is Sunday and a day of rest!

    Love Michelex

  9. Hi Lucy, thanks for visiting and leaving comments, I really appreciate it. I know what you mean about lack of time, I find that the more I have to do the more focused I am and more I get done....sounds odd, but if I have a week off work the time seems to fly by and I don't achieve anything, but when I'm working I can make little time slots and tick the boxes as I go. Mind you I don't get much crafting done and I miss that. Guess we'll never have the perfect life! Enjoying your posts, just catching up with everyone tonight and I know what I'll be doing for the rest of this evening!
    Have a good weekend.
    Gill x

  10. Oh Lucy I think you have achieved a lot and you put me to shame!
    I will have to take a peak at your shop!
    Carol x


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