Saturday, 23 February 2008

The case of the disappearing emails

I wasn't going to post this weekend, this cold or bug thing has taken a liking to me and is showing no signs of clearing off at the moment. I know a few people who have had it for weeks, ooh dear, I hope that's not going to be me, I'm not really very good at being ill. Thank you for all your comments wishing me better soon - I do hope so!

Rather alarmingly, I've recently discovered that some email orders haven't reached me. I don't know if these were isolated incidents or if there's a bigger problem, as I have been getting other emails. I always try to respond as soon as I receive emails, or at least the same day, so if anyone has emailed me and not had a response where one would have been required, I haven't been ignoring you, I simply didn't receive it. If you would be good enough to mail me again, hopefully they'll get through this time. If I don't get back within a day, please leave a comment on my blog and I'll send you an alternative email address.

As this is a rather boring post, I've put in a few random pics of prettiness I prepared earlier.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend,
Lucy (atishoo!) x


  1. Hello, Lucy Bloom! So very pleased to find your beautiful and charming blog! I must say I am in love with your home and will have to visit this blog often to see more eye candy! I enjoyed your post about Mr. Bloom and how sweet he is to put up with all the vintage shopping and vintage goodies filling up the house! My sweet husband is so good about it all, too! Even claiming that he loves all my pretty vintage goodies and my very feminine decorating style! And when I apologize for taking WAY to long in the antique store while he waits and watches our two little sweet 3 and 6 year old boys, he refuses to hear it. You have got to love a man like that! Aren't we lucky ladies? I will be adding you to my blog's list of inspiring places to visit. Please do come by for a visit sometime!

  2. I use Hotmail and have been having quite a few problems with it. The same thing, not hearing back and then following up only to find they never received the original...or their mail to me bouncing back to them.
    I switched from Yahoo to Hotmail as I had problems with them too, I don't know, maybe it is a huge cyber glitch at times!

    Bless you!!

    And have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Hi Lucy

    I'm so sorry to hear you still have the lovely bug. Thankfully I think I can safely say I'm almost back to normal (after 4 weeks) - although I'm exceedingly tired by the end of the day. I do hope you manage to get rid of it soon and get back to your normally lively, jolly self. Don't try and do more than you know you can cope with!

    Lovely piccies!

    Sue x

  4. I love the pics! You have such a gift for arranging things. Oh, and thanks for telling me how you learned to paint the roses!

  5. There's that Cath Kidston set of drawers I didn't get again in your pics!! Lovely photos as always. I'd like to know how to paint roses too please!

  6. Hi Lucy! The Case Of The Disappearing Emails...that sounds like a great title for a Poirot movie! Thanks so much for your message on our Blog, we shall send you an email this afternoon! Jenn and Jacqui

  7. Hi there
    Know how you feel, just got over flu's etc in our house...hope you better very soon.
    Pictures are soo pretty!
    Take care

  8. Lucy, your posts are never boring, I love your blog with all your vintage pretty. I hope that communications are getting through to you now and get better soon. x

  9. Poor Your Licy, your posts are never boring. I hope that you rid this bug soon I too have had it lurking around for weeks and just when i think it has gone and I get all energetic it returns!
    I am sending a big get well hug through the sky!
    Carol x

  10. Well I hope you are feeling better soon, and that your email problem is sorted out as well. And your random pictures are indeed pretty!

  11. Lovely pictures! I hope you're feeling a lot better after the weekend. x

  12. Your post isn't boring!!! Hope you're recovering, take care these things can linger. Really pretty pictures as usual. Hope you find those missing emails,

  13. Dear Little Lucy Bloom....I am so sorry you are still feeling poorly..I do hope that fabulous Mr. Bloom has not caught the nasty cold, as well. You need SOMEONE to waite on you and cater to your every whim ! And, I don't even mind if you tell him I said that!! :)
    Take good care of yourself and....EAT's GOOD FOR THE SOUL, even if it doesn't have curing powers over a cold.
    hugs, bj

  14. Hello Lucy,
    Sorry that you are not feeling well, these bugs are just awful. Take care and I hope that you feel better soon. The photo's are very,very pretty and not in the least bit boring.
    Sandi x

  15. Hello, Sweden here!! What a lovely blogg you svit!!So nice things!

    Thanks for the visit!!

    God Evning Millan

  16. hi lucy hope you are feeling better soon, as usual even when your not firing on all cylinders you still maage to brighten my day with pretty piccies of lovely things, keep them coming

    love jules x


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