Friday, 7 December 2007

...and a little treat for me!

***STOP PRESS*** As I don't think I'll be awake at midnight on Sunday I am going to do the draw for my giveaway at 9pm Sunday(GMT UK). The winner will be notified shortly afterwards. Good Luck to everyone!

Hello dear bloggers, hope your week has been good.
Mine was until this morning when Mr. Bloom decided we should go to the supermarket, not our local one but the Morrisons right across the other side of town. Now I don't like large supermarkets at the best of times, but today it was raining, there was loads of traffic and it was very cold inside Morrisons. I was not happy. However, on the way back we stopped at Borders bookshop and that did make me happy. As a reward for my morning's misery I bought these:

I don't often buy American magazines, mainly because I can only get them in Borders which is right across the other side of town (I am very easily discouraged by heavy traffic or car journeys in town of more than 5 minutes). Last time I was there (some time last year!) they had a choice of 1, but now they have quite a good selection. I chose the 2 that had the most mouth-watering pictures. I haven't looked at them properly yet, (don't know how I've managed that!) apart from a quick flick and these caught my eye (from Mary Engelbreits Home Companion Dec07).

They are so pretty, I am just going to have to try making some. What do you think are my chances of finding green faded vintage crepe paper in the next few days?

Well, zero I think, but I do have some vintage paper serviettes which are made from crepe paper:

I think they will be ideal for something similar. Watch this space!

There are also some very pretty crackers in the December issue of UK Country Living. (If you haven't seen them, Jane at Posy posted about that issue while back).

On the left in my sidebar you will see a link to my Bloom Handmade Shop. I don't have a website but I did have some enquiries about my handmades, so I've set up a little blog shop with just a few things, you are welcome just to browse, I won't pounce on you!


Don't forget if you haven't entered my Giveaway yet, there's still time until Sunday. It's in the post below this one.

I have another blogger-type question, this regarding links to other peoples blogs or posts. I have put a few of these in my posts, but I've suddenly thought that maybe I should be asking the blog-owners permission first. Is there a convention about this. I don't mean putting any of their pics or content in my blog, just a link to a relevant post.

p.s. If someone wants to link to my blog or a post in a positive way, or put me in their Blogroll, then I don't mind at all ;-)


  1. I normally let the blogger know that I really like ____ and am posting a link to their blog for others to enjoy.

  2. I normally let the blogger know that I really like ____ and am posting a link to their blog for others to enjoy.

  3. Sorry about the double comment, I'm not sure what happened.
    Thank you for posting a picture of your little flags.

  4. Those crackers are so sweet. I usually make crackers, but may not get round to it this year. I can't wait to see yours - the napkins will make fabulous ones.
    Not sure about blog etiquette - I have mentioned other blogs before but didn't think to check, mainly because I wouldn't mind at all either!
    Cathy XX

  5. I'm not sure about blog etiquette but I don't usually check either, I imagine all bloggers are glad of any links or mentions so that we're not writing just for ourselves!

  6. Love the bunting! I think you'll be exceedingly lucky to find faded vintage green crepe paper within the next few days, but you never know ...

    Blog etiquette ... now there's a question. I don't think you need worry about not letting a blogger know they're being mentioned. I don't think it's necessary - and it's always a nice surprise to come across your name mentioned on someone's blog when you weren't expecting it!!

  7. Oh Lucy Bloom, Romantic Home is my very favorite magazine.
    Your sweet angel is on her way. I sent you an E-mail with more detail.


  8. Love those crackers, even if you found some pale green crepe paper there's no sunlight around to fade it in! Those paper napkins are lovely. I often link to other blogs in a post and just leave a comment on that person's blog afterwards, just to let them know. Just done a very wet supermarket shop and could do with a magazine as a reward!

  9. Good morning, Lucy Bloom (I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that name!) I also love both of the magazines you chose!!
    I don't care for long, across town trips either but it sure makes me feel better about it all if I can have a new magazine!! :)
    Happy day, *and I still have my fingers crossed SOOOOO hard for winning that lovely giveaway you have coming up!!
    hugs, bj


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