Thursday, 13 December 2007

Christmas Folk

Thank you ladies for your comments about my 'lamp lady', the general consensus is that she doesn't. I'm going to be keeping a close eye on her from now on though, just in case!

These little folk are one of my favorite Christmas items.

They are not old, I bought them a few years ago as a Christmas present for my mum. They were from a boutique gift shop and cost more than I would normally spend on something like this (I think they are made from resin). They were the only ones like them in the shop. I just loved their sweet faces and subtle colours. You can't see it well in the photo but they are trimmed with glitter. Mum was thrilled with them and after Christmas they were left out on display, so I thought I must have got it right.

A couple of years later I had to stand-in for mum at the Church fete. I got there early to have a good rummage before the customers arrived. Well, you could have blown me down with a feather, there were my Christmas folk on the White Elephant stall! What's more, they were more than I would normally spend at a Church fete, but of course I had to buy them back. Later I went round to mum's and told her I had bought them. She went ever so slightly pink, laughed ever so slightly uncomfortably and said that if only she'd known I liked them so much she would gladly have given them to me! I love my mum dearly, but sometimes... just aaargh!

So even though they are not old, I can honestly say they are thrifted, and I love them.

I've seen some beautiful Christmas homes and decorations on blogs I've been visiting. I haven't really made much of a start on mine yet. So, feeling ever so slightly embarassed about that, I'm showing you what I bought today instead.
I popped out to Laura Ashley (it's only a 5 minute drive away) to see if I could pinch any Christmas ideas and found they have a sale on. I came home with these:

Everything except the tea-towel was half price. I'm going to make some cushions from the crocheted place mats, and lavender sachets from the coasters. We needed a couple of new wine glasses, these were pretty (I had to buy a spare as I'm quite experienced at breaking them). I'm going to use the toile wallpaper to panel my wardrobe I think, or maybe cover a little cupboard. The tea towel is for 'display only'. about that Christmas decorating...


  1. LOVELY treasures from Laura Ashley! Lucky you to live so close to one! The closest one to me is in Boston. When I worked in Boston, I used to go there all the time, if only to admire all the lovely fabric patterns! =) (I was paying off my college loans and had to do more looking than buying!)

  2. Love your little "folks" What a great find!

  3. Hi Lucy - I'm glad you managed to buy your little figures back! Mothers! Honestly!! hehe

    I think a trip to Laura Ashley is called for - you found some lovely things...I bought some of the toile wallpaper last year and used it as Christmas wrapping paper.


  4. Hi Lucy
    I think my in-laws have a cupboard full of pressies from us that have never been used! Love your Laura Ashley finds, I have the tea towel and have had it a while and never used it, it's just too pretty! I might have to go and buy the wine glasses as I have managed to break every single one in the house recently (not in rage, but they just seem to slip through my fingers!). Have a good weekend

  5. Love the little figures, they were obviously destined to come home with you eventually! You bought some lovely things from Laura Ashley, how tempting to have one so close. Jackie MX

  6. Hello Lucy
    I am glad that these lovely characters eventually came home to roost with you..
    I have a similar story about my dear late mother.. she hated the clothes I wore when I was a young lass at art college and gave my favourite velvet jacket to the local charity shop while I was at college that day. The next morning I saw a lady waiting on the station platform wearing my jacket! I was not a happy bunny!

  7. Lucy Bloom, I think the treasures you came home with from LA are just wonderful!

  8. Ohh Im jealous of your crochet place mats, and everything else... move aside people Im heading for Laura Ashley! x

  9. Hi Lucy, you must have been seriously out of pocket by the time you got the figurines back, may be better to give your mum a voucher in the future? I love the wine glasses, I could do with some posh ones. When I try to have a teatowel for display purposes only, along comes J who unwittingly wipes his large mitts all over it! x

  10. I think you were really menat to own those Christmas folk! They are lovely. Merry Christmas to you.

  11. Love the colours of those figures, I can see why you bought them back. Also laughed at the previous post about the lamp lady, she's very glamorous and I think you should keep her.

  12. Hi Lucy I see someone else has mentioned their lovely purchases form you on their blog - they were as thrilled as me. I have just got home from town - sat down to order a dvd for my son and had a sneak at the blogs and realised I didnt got to LA when I was there!! after seeing your pics the other day I meant to go - havent been for do I go back out??


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