Tuesday, 4 December 2007

A little something for you...

I’ve had my little stall in the Marlborough Craft Centre for about 4 years now. My best selling items there are these decorated pegs and in that time I have made literally hundreds of these.
Well, as my blog is just over a month old… and it’s nearly Christmas… and I’ve been lucky enough to win a couple of Giveaways myself…and I’ve always wanted to do a Giveaway… and especially to say Thank You for stopping by to everyone who has visited me… I’m doing a Giveaway… and guess what?...it’s these pegs.

There are two sets of 4 pegs, one set is decorated both sides and these are great as giant paper clips, or for holding the tops of food packets, or clipping socks together, or, well loads of uses. The other set are magnetic on the back and can be used to pin things to the fridge (or microwave). I have made them in festive colours of red and white checks and flowers.

There are a few other bits in the giveaway, which I’ve tried to keep to a colour theme.

As well as the pegs you will get:
A heart key-ring made by me from vintage French toile
A wooden block printed with the word ‘vintage’ (not made by me)
3 vintage paper doilies
A Laura Ashley scented sachet
A sheet of Laura Ashley Christmas Rose drawer liner paper.

Anyone who leaves a comment on this post up to and including Sunday 9th December will be entered in the draw so do have a go and Good Luck!

Update: the draw will take place at 9pm (GMT, UK) Sunday!

I’m hoping to list some of these pegs and a couple of other things for sale in a post over the next couple of days, so keep checking if you are interested. Here's a peek:

Some Product Testing:

Thanks to everyone who posted suggestions for my kitchen window treatment, you’ve given me some really good ideas to think about.

(p.s. Checking my Comments Settings I found that I had comments set to Google Users Only. I hope this didn't prevent anyone who wanted to from commenting on my posts. I have set this to 'Anyone' now, but maybe someone could explain to me about these settings and which one is recommended?)


  1. Oh I'm first to leave my comment and enter your draw!!

    Love the pegs and could see them fitting quite nicely in my "bottom draw" stash so my fingers are crossed.

    Best wishes


  2. The pegs are gorgeous! What a wonderful idea!! I would love to be entered in your give away.

    Thank you! :<)

  3. The pegs are gorgeous - I love all the things you have made. And what a fabulous giveaway. Please enter me in the draw - I would love to be the proud owner of these pretty things.
    Cathy XX

  4. oooo, I LOVE those pegs...they are fabulous and I WANT TO WIN YOUR GIVEAWAY!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed sooo hard, Lucy!
    You do such pretty work!
    May I put a notice on my blog about your giveaway? I would love to do so but will wait until I hear back from you! :)

  5. Love the pegs,Lucy! In fact I've had to catch up with several of your posts this evening. Everything looks gorgeous.

  6. Hi Lucy,
    Thank you for popping in today.
    You have made such lovely things for your crafts stall.
    It is very kind of you to have a Giveaway.....please enter me in!
    Have a lovely day tomorrow.
    Carol xx

  7. I love your colorful pegs. Please enter me in your contest.
    Love your blog, congrats on 1 month.
    :) Bren

  8. Hello Lucy, Nice to meet you!
    I came here via sweet BJ from Sweet Nothings.
    What a wonderful giveaway. I love those pegs!!!


  9. Hi, Lucy - I love your pegs - what a cool idea. Please enter me in your giveaway. Hope I win!! Have a blessed day.

  10. WOWEEE Lucy.... what a generous and very pretty giveaway..
    I have to admit that these pegs are the loveliest I have ever set eyes upon.. washing day would never be the same with these pegging out the laundry!

    Thank you for coming to 'see' me yesterday.. your comments are always appreciated!

  11. Wandered over from "sweet nothings" blog. Love your blog . Your pegs are adorable!

    Pattie :)

  12. Hi Lucy Bloom, your giveaway is fantastic, I love dusky pink, hint, hint, I have a lot of accessories in this colour! Regarding the comments, I allow anyone to comment, if you get any dubious ones, which I have had two, you can delete them from the comments box, by clicking on the dustbin symbol, this then gives you the option to delete, hope this helps. Please, please enter me into your fantastic giveaway draw. x

  13. Hello Lucy Bloom: I've just recently found your blog and like your style. Please enter me in your draw - I LOVE your clothes pegs - so creative!
    Best wishes, Trina

  14. Hi Mrs B - love your pegs - what a lovelt idea - makes the washing so much more glamorous even hubby's undies!! Is that a Hambleton District Council leaflet I spy for your recycling??

  15. Forget my stupid question about the Council - you can't have one if you can do a stall in Marlborough??!!!

  16. Who would have thought pegs could be so glamourous. They're gorgeous, clever you. It's so lovely to discover another beautiful blog.
    Best, Stephx

  17. I just love your blog and all the neat things you have. The pegs are wonderful and I can see many uses already for some lucky person.

  18. What a wonderful giveaway. I found your blog via BJ at Sweet Nothings. I can hardly wait to go back and read more of your older posts. Congratulations on your blog!

  19. Hello Lucy Bloom - just found you while clicking around the land of blog. I have jst been back through your posts and quite enjoyed my time visiting - have saved you in my favourites and will be back sometime. Would love to be entered in your giveaway.

  20. Hi Lucy - how generous of you! The prize is stunning - the pegs are such a good idea too (Still havn't made it to Marlborough yet, due to having the lurgy, but I'll get there...)
    Please enter me in your prize draw - thanks.

    BTW, I also open my comments to everyone, but you may find you receive some spam. I just delete these comments and turn of the 'anyone' option for a week or so and the spammers give up and go away!) then I turn it back on again!

  21. What a lovely idea and such beautiful items. I would love to join your give away! :)

  22. Hello Lucy, what gorgeous pegs! They are lovely. the prettiest I've seen. I've come to say hello again and see that you're having a giveaway!
    Kim x
    PS I initially had my comments set to google accounts only, but this meant people with typepad etc couldn't join in so I opened it up to anyone and lots of poeple are able to comment now. I do get some occasional spam, but i just delete it.

  23. Ooh I love those pegs. The red ones would look particularly pretty in my kitchen. I would love to be entered in the draw.

  24. These are so pretty! I like thh "garland" you have above the pegs. Would you be willing to show a bigger picture of it? Please?

  25. This is my first visit to your blog and I see that you have a giveaway. What perfect timimg! I am new to blogging and I did the same thing as you, allowing only google. Fortunately one of the readers told me. There sure is a lot to learn but isn't it fun. Perhaps you'll visit me.

  26. Dear Lucy Bloom (I tell you, I just LOVE your name, girl !!)
    I am getting so anxious for your beautiful giveaway! I have had my fingers crossed for luck so long now, I am getting a severe cramp in them!! Hahaha....
    Happy day,

  27. The pegs are lovely - and so useful too! Please enter me in your draw.

  28. Please enter me in the draw, those are adorable.
    Have a happy day.

  29. Very cute clothepins (pegs)! I give you a ton of credit for having the patience! I know the drawing is over, but I just wanted to pop over and say hi and I like your blog!

    Jen R


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