Sunday, 16 December 2007

Angel and other lovely things

Good evening dear readers, hope your weekend is going well. I have just completed two more Christmas social engagements, round to friends for drinks and nibbles last night, and out to lunch today with brother and sister-in-law. I shan't see my brother over Christmas as they are going away, so today was our "Christmas lunch" in lieu. We went to a quaint old English pub which was very cosy and served a delicious Sunday Roast.

I'm making it sound like we have a whirlwind social life, but in fact the opposite is true, Mr. Bloom and I are a couple of homebodies really and I am feeling quite exhausted by it all.

But, to the point of this post. I have been very fortunate to have won three giveaways since I started blogging. Oh yes, I've been lucky indeed, just look what came in the post yesterday:

This wonderful Angel doll was in a giveaway hosted by the very generous and talented Becky of On a Wing and A Prayer. She wears a vintage dolls dress and her wings are made from a piece of antique weathered wood. She is beautifully made and must have taken hours of work. Thank you so much Becky for your generosity. Becky also wrote a little story about me which I hope she won't mind me showing you.

"Lucy Bloom" wandered through Central Park, lost and wondering what she was to do. Her first time in America, she knew no one really.Then as she wandered, from the side of her eye she caught a sparkle, a glimmer of something in the grass. It was a Golden Key...What next Lucy Bloom?

Now I really want to know what happened next - does anyone know?

The same day I received a lovely bundle of baker's twine, which I won in Gill at Lucy Locket's Giveaway. Thank You Gill, that's a very seriously generous bundle!

I posted about my first Giveaway win here. In fact I feel slightly embarrassed at having won all these Giveaways, maybe I won't enter any for a while, but they are so tempting! To say Thank You I'm going to do another Giveaway myself in the New Year, so do look out for it.

I also have to show you some beautiful items I bought from Kim at Ragged Roses. These fabric balls are just the loveliest things. I love the colours and these have been the inspiration for my kitchen Christmas tree.

I had been wondering how to dress the tree this year and these have proved just perfect. I carefully added some hanging loops which I can remove again later, these lovelies will definately be on display all year round. Kim has some beautiful things in her Etsy shop here.

I haven't been able to get a good photo of the whole tree yet, I'll try again and add it to the post.

I also wanted to say to everyone who has left a comment on my post - thank you again - I love reading them and have been a bit remiss in visiting in return, but I will do so over the next couple of days. Knowing how busy everyone is this time of year, I do appreciate the time you take to visit me and leave your lovely comments, I don't know how you manage to fit it all in!


  1. lucky you!
    cannot wait to see the whole tree - it looks magical x
    speak soon
    tracy x

  2. What a lovely angel - she's so pretty! I got some of the twine from Gill too, isn't it great! Thank you soo much for the mention, I'm really glad that you liked the ragballs. They look great on the tree.
    Thanks again Lucy, take care

  3. Your angel is gorheous - lucky you! Your tree looks lovely too.

  4. Hello Lucy
    Maybe Giveaways are like buses.. you wait ages and then they all turn up at once!
    I hope so..!
    Beautiful Christmassy photos.. I think I am going to rethink my Christmas tree... it looks very 'ordinary' compared to yours.


  5. Lucy I see Curlew Country is telling the world about your talents as well, I have decided I can let my hangers go, so my friend will have to have something else?

  6. Hi, little Lucy Bloom, I trust Mr. Bloom is doing well after the nice lunchon you had at the quaint inn? We don't have such lovely places to dine.
    Your angel is just precious. Lucky Lucy to win so many nice things. Don't quit entering the giveaways, tho...that is part of the fun of blogging!
    hugs, bj

  7. Hi Lucy, the baubles on your tree are so pretty,and the angel is just a picture, your home looks so welcoming, no wonder you and Mr bloom choose to stay indoors , I really need to get a move on with my decorations now, everyone else has it semms I am the only one left to decorate the house with christmas flair......
    Reagrds Kath

  8. Hi Lucy, what lovely Xmas decorations, and to have won that lovely prim angel, you must have been thrilled. Keep entering the giveaways, why shouldn't you, we are all given the same chance. I am a homebird too, I have got a works event to attend, would rather stay at home with a mug of cocoa! Although I love the gatherings with family and my friends at Xmas, this is about the only time you get to see some of them! x

  9. Hi Lucy, I adore your Angel.
    My hubby and I are like you and Mr Bloom.......homely!
    Carol x

  10. Oh what a bright and cheerful Christmas home you have Ms Lucy Bloom. I think your new angel fits in just perfect. It was ment to be.
    Happy New Year to you.



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