Thursday, 27 December 2007

On the third day of Christmas...

Hello dear blog-friends, hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are well stuffed now.
Our Christmas was a grown-up affair, Christmas Eve supper at my parents, a huge family feast on Christmas day prepared by Mr. Bloom and myself (with both of us in the kitchen, a few sparks flew but all was well in the end), and Boxing day at Mrs. Bloom Senior's.
Lovely though it was, I'm quite glad to have the day at home with just the two of us today.
I was back at work this morning (I work part-time early mornings) and at 8.30 after work I rushed to buy the one thing I wanted to get in the sales:

I had my eye on these before Christmas and had contemplated asking Mr. Bloom to buy them for me but I suspected they would be reduced straight after so decided to take a chance. Sure enough, there they were today, half price. I didn't stay in town, I can't abide the crowds at sale time and I'm happy enough with these.

I also did a bit of shopping at Cath Kidston online as she has her sale on now.
Man, was her website ever slow, were all of you on there today as well? I ordered these because they were half price too (I do like a bargain!):

This afternoon while Mr. Bloom was happily settled watching a Bond movie, I retired to my sewing room for some crafting.

I have my PC in this room as well and having recently discovered BBC iPlayer, I could watch a couple of TV programmes I missed over Christmas.
First Dr. Who (I don't normally watch it but wanted to see the Christmas special as Kylie Minogue was in it - I'm not particularly a fan of hers either, but somehow the combination of the two appealed to me).
Second, Ballet Shoes, which was delightful, I'm going to watch it again after I've posted this as I was bit distracted with sewing.

As for the crafting, I thrifted this little knitted bunny a while back with the intention of giving it a makeover.

Armed with a pile of fabrics and trimmings I got to work.

I lined her ears as she had a Paul Smith logo in one of them which I wasn't so keen on. Then I used the same fabrics for her dress, and pads on her feet. I think she should be quite pleased with her new outfit.

She's also made friends with my other thrifted floppy-eared bunny. I think they look rather sweet together.

In case you're wondering, I don't collect bunnies, I just happen to have a few of them. I'll get them all together one day and post them. I'm off to tackle the turkey leftovers now, hope you enjoy the rest of the week!


  1. Glad you had a good Christmas Lucy and I love the makeover of your little rabbit, she looks fantastic!
    Love your bargains too and your sewing room looks so pretty. Ballet Shoes was lovely, wasn't it? I would like to see it again too. Enjoyed reading your post and hope you enjoy the rest of your day. Jackie Mx

  2. Hi, Lucy Bloom...your bunnies are wonderful. Makes me want one, really bad!! I don't know how to sew tho, so I couldn't make these cute outfits for one! BUMMER !
    Have a really good day...and the same to Mr. Bloom.
    hugs, bj

  3. Your bunnies are absolutely adorable! What a lovely job you've done. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and I wish you a joyous and peaceful New Year!

  4. Love the bunny! AND I love the after X-mas sales!!!
    Great find!
    Jen R

  5. Hi there -- love your bunnies, they are adorable. Sounds like you got some terrific bargains. Wishing you a bright and happy new year!

  6. Nice to hear what you've been up to, I might have a look around the sales on Sunday, hopefully the huge rush might be over which I can't stand! Your sewing room looks so pretty, if I had one like that you wouldn't get me out of it in my spare time. You did a great makeover of the rabbit, very cute.
    Happy new year!

  7. Hi Lucy. I like your thrifted bunnies. What you've done with them is so cute. I'll have to keep it in mind next time I see a cute stuffed animal with potential. Great idea! I'm going to take a look at that BBC site when I get a chance too. Looks very interesting. Happy New Year Rhondi

  8. LUCY!!!
    OH MY GOODNESS!!! Were we separated at birth???
    I LOVE EVERYTHING on your blog....your taste is right up my alley and I love it ALL!!! What eye candy and what sewing talents YOU HAVE!!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and entering the Valentine's Day Giveaway. Do you mind if I add you to my favorite blogs to read???
    Have a GREAT NEW YEAR!!! Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

  9. Glad you enjoyed your Christmas and bagged some bargains in the sales. The bunnies are really cute. Wishing you a very happy new year.
    Sandi x

  10. Hi Lucy!! Oh my goodness your bunnies are too gorgeous!! Would have loved to shop with you at the sales, we adore Kath Kidston!! Glad you had a lovely Christmas, we are just back and catching up! Happy New Year Lucy! Jenn and Jacqui

  11. Hi Lucy, those bunnies are just so so sweet, love her new ears , I think she will be very proud of herself now!..your sewing room looks like a great retreat, very cozy with all those beautiful fabrics, just heaven it must be to have a place lke that to go to..Cath K drawers are a steal, lucky you..
    good luck for 2008 Lucy, regards Kath x

  12. It sounds like you've been far more active the past couple of days than I have!

    I had those tea and biscuit tins ear marked for my list but Santa must have known they'd go on sale so I'll have to have a hunt for them when I hit the shops tomorrow!

    Please pop over to my blog where you will see I have given you an award.

    Best Wishes


  13. Lovely to see you back again Lucy and your bespoke you know I am a big fan of bunnies! I was given a beautiful vintage Steiff bunny from Santa..
    Great minds think alike... I had my eye on the Cath Kidston chest of drawers but didn't have much patience with the online site .. I have good intentions to make my own but could take some time!
    Wishing you & Mr Bloom a very Happy New Year !!

  14. Oh, thankyou for reminding me about Cath's sale, I had forgotten. I will go to the website straight away and may even treat myself to one of those sets of drawers too, they look lovely and so useful. I love the look of your sewing room. My 'den' is also the spare bedroom and I miss the joy of just going in there, shutting the door and pottering, sewing and listening to the radio when visitors are here. I didn't see Ballet shoes but really wanted to as I remember reading it as a child. Happy New year.

  15. What a makeover for little bunny, she must be so pleased, to have her out there with no clothes on originally! I must admit I tend to steer clear of Boots until after Christmas, they always have loads of their 3 for 2s left at half price, that is the time to treat yourself. I think I am the only blogger on this planet who doesn't own anything Cath Kidston! I made the usual turkey soup with the leftovers and then was too ill to eat any, although J survived on it for a couple of days, cos I was off food, most unlike me! I watched Dr Who but missed Ballet Shoes which I really wanted to watch, was too weak to put the tape in the video! x


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