Tuesday 27 January 2009

Checking in...and Out

Just checking in, been busy with this and that, you know how it is. I've made a couple of these boxed hearts - one set is a gorgeous vintage Sanderson fabric, duck egg background with vibrant flowers.

The other is french floral, lovely raspberry pink roses. Both are edged with hand ruffled (by me) vintage ribbon.

They are in my shop now. There is a third made from a rose chintz, with bobble trim.

There were a couple of Lillipegs, but before I'd had time to post this they had gone! There will be more in a few days, plus some vintage goodies too. These things have a habit of taking longer than you anticipate.

Mr. Bloom and I are off to the pictures now - got to check out Daniel Craig in Defiance!

Saturday 17 January 2009

Yes, more stuff!

My thriftaholic habit continues unabated. Locally there isn't usually much good thrift but recently I have been quite lucky, maybe it's the post-christmas clearouts that everyone's having. Everyone except me, that is - I seem to be the one who's acquiring it all!!!

I'd seen the pretty tea-set in the charity shop window several weeks ago and assumed it would be more than I would want to pay, so I didn't even ask. Last week I went and it was still in there so I asked - 10p a piece! Well, you know the rest - it will join my mismatched 'best' china.

The heart-shaped flower wreath (above) was a wired headdress, it was round but I bent it into a heart shape, I think it looks much better this way.

The ballerinas are on a glass-topped tray. I had a couple of pictures similar to this in my bedroom as a child, I wish I knew what happened to them. These are much more colourful than mine were.

Floral mirror and brush.

The handbag isn't vintage but has a vintage look - I love the colour scheme. And glass candlesticks are always handy in case of power cuts!

And how about these to cheer a dull winter's day. Red with white polka dots, handpainted beads, a necklace and bracelet to match. Hiding at the bottom of the glass cabinet - until spotted by me.

My tiny craft room has been undergoing it's periodic tidy-up, necessary if you want to have some space to work in.


More on that another time. Thank you to everyone who has puchased a Lillipeg doll from my webshop, I hope to have some more items in there very soon.

TTFN - Lucy

Monday 12 January 2009

Here come the girls!

I have really enjoyed making these peg dolls recently. I have come to the conclusion that I prefer to make small things - they are fiddly but the results are seen sooner and they don't take up too much space.

In the process of making some for me and some to give, they have evolved and (I think) improved. They have more hair, quite a lot of hair - I like that about them, and all wear pantaloons (they were a bit rude before) - I think that will be the format from now on.

I feel they are ready for sale now and they are the first occupants of my re-opened shop. I have called them Lillipegs as whilst thinking of a name I was reminded of the little people in Gulliver's Travels, they are the size I imagine the little people would have been.

Each Lillipeg has an individual name. This is Lottie:

this is Monique:

and this is Pandora:

Each has her own fabric envelope to travel in.

They are available in my updated shop now. I will be adding more handcrafted and vintage items over the next few days and weeks.

In between making Lillipegs I managed to fit in some thrifting last week (what, more?!), some lovely finds that I'll show next time.

Mr. Bloom is decorating the hall and stairs so once again there is upheaval and disruption. There is definately an unwelcome pattern evolving here!

Saturday 10 January 2009

Saturday 3 January 2009

A winter's walk

Well, it seems we are now firmly into 2009 - hope you all had a great New Year, thank you for your good wishes on my last post.

Much as I love Christmas, I do find it disruptive and must admit that I'm also rather glad when it's over - especially that odd period in between Christmas and New Year, where it's difficult to know quite what one should be doing with oneself.

Walks seem to be quite popular though.

On one of these odd days, I decided an outing in the crisp winter weather to walk off some of that stodge would be the order of the day.

We dressed up warmly, jumped in the car and drove to one of my favourite spots to begin our walk.

First we walked down the High Street to the antiques centre. A good hour or so spent browsing yielded some goodies too.

Next a brisk walk to the other end of the High Street, to a delightful gift shop which is sadly closing down.

Then a walk to the local hostelry for some refreshment to keep up our energy levels.

Finally, a walk to the charity shop, unexpectedly found to be open.

Then a short walk back to the car and home to warm our toes - hope you enjoyed our winter walk as much as we did ;-)

I also found some time in that odd in-between period for a bit of crafting, some items will be apearing in my shop very soon.

Around this time last year I remember vaguely resolving to have a good clear out around the house and attic. I don't know what happened but now the situation is even worse (the stuff situation that is, i.e. too much of it - I think these winter walks have a lot to answer for!).

Having a good clear out is not one of my favourite things to do, it's something I have to break down into manageable chunks and delay starting for as long as possible. But the time has come and over the next few weeks I will again be having a good clear out and listing some things for sale too.

Right... off I go then... to have a good clear out - have a good weekend!

Lucy x

Thursday 1 January 2009