Monday 31 August 2009

Now and Again

Last weekend, Mr. Bloom and I ventured out for a spot of bargain-hunting.

Mr. Bloom doesn't always accompany me on these trips, but I am lucky that he does like to wander around antique shops and flea markets, (and even car boot sales) now and again.

Last Saturday was one of those now-and-again days, a visit to an antiques fair and an antiques centre.

I prefer car boots and flea markets for bargains but there were a few little gems to be found.

Not quite car boot sale prices, but still very affordable.

Some are to keep and some are to sell though I'm finding it very difficult to choose which things to sell - nothing has made it into that category so far!

First day of autumn tomorrow, I don't know about you but I'm feeling rather cheated of a summer this year. Have a good week!

Lucy x

Sunday 23 August 2009

Pink at the Pear Tree

Last weekend we had lunch at a pretty country house hotel with a charming name - The Pear Tree. We had been invited by our friends Kathryn-Rose and George to celebrate George's 50th birthday (and I am hot on his heels, but I'm not saying when!).

I was rather taken with the pink striped hall which I thought you might like to see.

The rest of the hotel decor was rather more formal and it was a surprise to walk into this pink paradise.

I wondered what the wallpaper was but on closer inspection (as you do) I discovered the stripes were all painted - what a job that must have been for someone.

Two galleried landings with an atrium window at the top and pink corridors leading to the bedrooms.

And a door leading to the pretty gardens outside with wellington boots under the settle and a croquet set in a wooden chest. How heavenly to stay here (hint, hint, Mr. Bloom!).

The garden was not dissimilar to my own...maybe one day... sigh!

Lunches are taken in the conservatory - anyone for chess?

The front of the house.

All in all a wonderful afternoon - thank you dear friends!

And to finish on a pink note, some pretties that will be appearing in my next post (not that I like pink or anything!).

Wednesday 12 August 2009

Making for Me

Most of the things I make are for selling so it's nice once in a while to make something for myself. I've had this wooden box for a while with the intention of a makeover for it and I finally made some time this week to do just that.

And here's the end result, I used the two different designs from the fabric for the top and the base.

Covering the box didn't take too long, it's that finishing touches that made it into almost a morning's work.

Lace trim with a sparkly button on the front. I added little bun feet which I also trimmed with lace.

Inside I lined it with ditsy rose wallpaper and a rose motif cut from the fabric.

It's now on my coffee table to hide all those necessary bits and bobs - pens, scissors, remote, etc, that are handy to have near but not so pretty to look at.

Here it is in situ, makes the tissue box look a bit plain - that's next in line then!

Thursday 6 August 2009

Tiny Things

I took a plain wooden cutlery tray and spent an enjoyable evening transforming it into something much prettier.

I used a large-scale floral Sanderson paper on the outside and a small-scale "you-know-who" print on the inside - I like the contrast.

These trays are quite inexpensive to buy and can be used for all sorts of storage, on display or in a drawer, not just for cutlery.

With a couple of hooks in the back they are also a more readily available alternative to printers trays for displaying tiny things.

I spent the rest of the evening finding tiny treasure to fill up my tray.

Filling it up was the best part, I have to say that covering it was very fiddly and faffy, not something I'd want to do again in a hurry - though I know I have another three of these trays stashed away somewhere - hope I don't find them soon.

Before I go, I'd like to thank the heavens above for opening up most of the two weeks I've had off, meaning that as well as having to spend more time in the car than out on our break, I haven't been able to get outside to do gardening or painting or just sitting, or any other lovely outdoorsy activities in the past two weeks - Thank You very much! And no doubt, to put the boot in, you will stay firmly closed next week when I am back at work!! But despite your best efforts at sabotage I've had a lovely two weeks off - HA!!!