Wednesday 18 November 2009

Post Fair Haste

I'm probably the last one to post about the V&H fair so you'll have read all about what a truly wonderful day it was. Being determined to allow some shopping time, my friend Jayne and I hastily set up and I took some even hastier photos, most of which came out blurred, so here are some not very good pictures of my stall.

Looking around the other stalls I noticed how artfully they were all arranged whereas mine seemed to be a lesson in how much can be packed onto one 6ft x2ft table - quite a lot as it turned out.

Before we knew it the doors were opened, the rest is a bit of a blur until suddenly it was all over. Thank you to everyone who visited my stall, I wish there had been more time to chat, but it was lovely to meet you all.
A huge thank you to Jayne and Michele once again for a fantastic event! There are links to all posts of the event on the Vintage and Handmade blog and lots more pictures on the website (good ones!)

My plan to allow plenty of shopping time almost worked, I had about 20 minutes before the start, I could had done with three times that at least. I think I need to work on a simpler stall layout and less stuff for next time!

I was very pleased with my own shopping though - pretty fabrics and trims...

One of Niki's superb fairies...

and a lovely brooch pillow.

I thought once it was over I'd be able to slow down a bit, but it's been a very busy week so far with one thing and another, so this is a hastily-written post. I will be taking it a bit easier for the rest of the week though, as Mr. Bloom and I are going on a mini-break tomorrow. This is a bit of a special break as it's my birthday, and a milestone one too. A lady doesn't like to give away her age but it begins with a 5 and ends in an 0. I don't know where we are going, it's a surprise, but I will be taking my camera so hope to have some pics to show you when I'm back next week. Now I'm off to do some hasty packing!
TTFN - Lucy x