Wednesday 30 June 2010

A break in the break

What a glorious summer we are having so far, makes a nice change.   It's a bit too hot for me though and I'm finding myself glowing a bit too much for comfort!   I'm still officially on my blogging break, but as it's turning into rather a long break thought I'd interrupt it with a little post.

(posies from the few flowers in my garden)

I was pleased recently to discover that Newbury was to be a new (trial) venue for the International Antiques and Collector's Fair.   Normally these fair are held at locations quite a distance from me, and I don't go very often but Newbury is only 30 miles down the road, so too good an opportunity to be missed. 

The only downside was that it was being held on a Monday which is a workday for me but I managed to re-arrange my hours so that I could get there at a reasonable time.

Almost the first stall I came across was lovely Tracey from the Vintage Bothy. I hadn't met Tracy before but I knew from her blog that she'd be there. 

These four pictures are from Tracey's stall, lovely vintage textile, racks of dresses and all sorts of wonderful haberdashery, as well lovely furniture and homewares.  Tracey and I had a good chat, then I went off to explore the rest of the fair.

This stall had some lovely garden items, mostly new but with our British weather I don't think it would take long for them to look aged!

This stall was lovely too, lots of painted furniture and gorgeous French fabric covered lampshades and cushions.  Sadly no fabric for sale - I rarely buy something if I think I could make it myself.

I'm afraid my picture taking stopped after this, I kind of forgot to take any more as I was wandering around.  Generally, the fair was a bit disappointing - a lot of the stalls had much the same stuff and the prices weren't anything to get excited about - so I didn't buy very much at all.  Mind you, I couldn't get there early enough for trade entry so maybe there were lots of bargains earlier, certainly not by the time I got there.  Still, it had to be checked out but not sure I'll go again next time.

Most of my purchases came from Tracey's stall - my favourite being the gorgeous fabric covered sewing box.  I also bought a few small pieces of fabric and some lovely rose-covered quilted mats - I've been finding a few of these lately and have some plans for them.

I also purchased a nice selected of victorian scraps, for crafting.

Ooh, I can't wait to start using these!  The green box contains a vintage Scottish perfume bottle.

Finally, a little bunch of sweet pink velvet flowers.  I guess I might have found more bargains if I'd rummaged a bit harder but it was a blistering hot day and it wasn't long before I started to wilt and had to head home.

The purpose of my blogging break was for me to concentrate on restoring some order to the house and garden.  Not much visible progress in the house - the trouble is I am continually buying stock which clutters up the house until I take it over to Lechlade, by which time I've bought more to take it's place anyway!

But I have managed to make some headway in the garden, this is my sunny nook which was all overgrown a couple of weeks ago, now re-instated as a pretty place to sit.

Mrs. Blackbird taking a drink - she decided to build a nest in a bush right next to the back door, I was worried that we might disturb her but all is well so far.

But stock or not, there is definately a need to declutter round here so encouraged by my friend Jayne, who has been in a decluttering frenzy the last two weeks, we are taking a stall at the Car Boot sale in a couple of weeks - I have so far filled half a box of clutter so I really need to get a move on! 

This Saturday I am planning a visit to the Vintage and Handmade Textile Fair in Chipping Sodbury.  I know there will be many tempations, maybe I should leave my purse at home? (not likely!)

(clematis and roses putting on a wonderful display despite my inattention)

Today I have been enjoying watching a bit of Wimbledon, well you have to don't you - my excuse is that it's too hot to be doing anything else.  I was gutted to see Roger Federer knocked out, I do have a soft spot for him.  The final just won't be the same without him now. 
Anyway, it's cooled down a bit now so I'd better get back to what I should be doing, back in a few weeks!
Lucy x

p.s. Hello Susanna!