Wednesday, 25 February 2009

A Rare Occurrance

A tidy kitchen is a rare occurrance in this household so I felt it deserved a post.

The kitchen is a recent extension which is actually a kitchen/breakfast room divided by the kitchen units.

The kitchen part isn't huge, but still about twice as big as the previous kitchen (which is now a laundry and loo) and somehow there still isn't enough room to fit everything in!

We had to buy new units, I would have loved freestanding ones but then there really wouldn't have been room for anything! It's not my dream kitchen but it's the one I've got so I've tried to make the most of it.

I don't know if it's just the kitchen units we chose, but they are a lot smaller than the old ones. Particulary annoying is the fact that behind the drawer fronts are plastic 'trays' which are about half the depth of the drawer fronts so you can fit very little into a drawer. I don't see the logic behind making them that way - not from a usability point of view, anyway.

There is another bit of the kitchen, the bit where I was standing to take the photo, which has the fridge, a built-in larder and more shelves and cupboards. That bit wasn't quite so tidy, so in fact I only have half a tidy kitchen. Should the other half ever become tidy as well, I'll do another post!

Saturday, 14 February 2009


The table is laid...

The food is prepared...

I think I'm ready ;-)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Pick and Mix

Mr. Bloom and I don't go out much, we are quite happy to be pottering about at home. On some Tuesday afternoons though, we do treat ourselves to a trip to the cinema. Tuesdays because it's cut price day, and late afternoon because it's not so crowded as in the evening. I prefer not to have anyone sitting next to me, or in front of me, or behind me (except Mr. B. of course)!

Our routine each time we go is pretty much the same. Arrive about 10 minutes before the start, Mr. Bloom buys the tickets and I buy the Pick'n'Mix. Then we go in, find our aisle seats - about half way up so that you don't strain your neck either up or down -and scoff the Pick'n'Mix whilst the adverts are showing, so that we're not making a noise when the feature starts (we are very considerate like that ;-).

I do get annoyed at the prices charged for food and drink in the cinema so I bring my own drink, a bottle of water - hidden in my handbag. I always buy the same Pick'n'Mix selection, about £1.50, which I think is an outrage for what you get, but it's a little extra treat for us.

First, 2 chocolate mice, for me

Then, two chocolate Brazils for Mr. Bloom.

Four jelly babies (2 each)

Four Liquorice Allsorts (2 each)

And lastly, four wine gums (2 each)

This week we went to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - it was worth going, though I did nod off a couple times in the middle (no reflection on the film, I always get drowsy in the afternoons) but it is quite long, almost 3 hours. The last three films we have seen were all quite serious, and one in particular - Changeling - extremely harrowing to watch. I thought Benjamin Button would be a bit light hearted but I definately needed hankies. Next on the list is The Secret of Moonacre (please don't let it be harrowing!!!).

Yesterday I took a little drive out to Cirencester to the Home and Garden Bazaar. Lizzie had blogged about it recently, it was the first one and I was interested to see what it would be like. There was a good mix of stalls, some new, some handcrafted and some vintage. Not enough vintage for me but I did see Lizzie on her stall and we had a nice chat. I didn't buy anything as I've had to tighten the purse strings lately and I had tied them so tight I couldn't get the purse open. Nice to window shop though.

Afterwards I took a walk round the charity shops - there are a fair few in Cirencester plus an antiques arcade, so enough to keep a thrifty girl happy. I did manage to wrestle a few pounds out of the purse to buy some pretty fabric, a pair of vintage pillowslips and some lace and trimmings. I justified the purchase as materials for crafting. The broderie anglaise lace has tiny pleats, ideal for dolly clothes. The fabric is a soft jersey cotton - it looks something Laura Ashley might have done, but there is nothing on the selvedge - I don't know if the dress fabrics had her logo on. Not sure if the pillowslips will remain intact or be cut up.

Recently our hot water upstairs has been anything but - taking a lukewarm bath or shower is not fun. Mr. Bloom was tackling it today but had to admit defeat and call out the plumber.

Turns out the previous occupants had very cleverly fitted the boiler behind some pipes so you can't get the front off to take a look inside. So plumber has to come back next week and re-position all the pipes before he can look inside and tell us if he can fix it or we need a new boiler! Either way - ouch!

Monday, 2 February 2009

Tin of Tiny Treasures

A little while ago I was indulging in a bit of web-window shopping when I came across this pretty tin. Well... a vintage tin and covered in gorgeous roses at that is just too much to resist, so now it's mine!

Not just any tin though, a Tin of Tiny Treasures - look what was inside.

I bought these from Frances at ALittleBitVintage who had put together this lovely collection of vintage treasures. Just love 'em!

Even better that they're tiny so I can easily find room for them on my shelves.
The tiny tin of gramophone needles still has its contents intact.

This celluloid lady is so elegant.

I've adorned the powder box with some tiny china flowers from an old brooch.

The tortoiseshell buffer nestles in my hanging heart pocket along side a Lillipeg.

I have received a number of tags and awards recently. I shan't be passing them on but I did want to give a mention to the lovely ladies who passed them to me (hope I didn't miss anyone out - let me know if I have):

Kim at Shabby, Pink and Pretty

Fifties Girl

Kathryn at Our Shabby Cottage

Renata at Nata's Place

Thank you for thinking of me! And thank you to everyone who bought a Lillipeg from me, I hope to have some more in a couple of weeks or so.

Must go now, there's a documentary about my favourite boys on the TV tonight, so I have to comb my hair and put a bit of lipstick on!

New Girls in Town

Just arrived in Bloomstown - six new girls.
Dressed in their finest outfits.

They are waiting in the shop now! (sorry, we're all gone!)