Wednesday 31 March 2010

Bagfull of Daisies

I came across this sweet little bag recently, smothered in pink daisies.  Though very pretty, not really the kind of bag I would use, not as a bag anyway, but the daisies would be lovely for all sorts of projects.

The daisies are made from fabric tubes, some very nimble fingers hand-stitched the tubes, then fashioned them into daisies and sewed them onto the bag.  I can't imagine how long it would have taken to make them all.

Feeling just a little bit guilty, very soon I had unpicked the daisies and had a lovely stash of floral embellishments. First project this paper-covered box.

Next, a lavender heart.

I added some glass bugle beads to the centres.

This one's still a WIP.

They also make rather nifty dolly hats.

But the best thing is - I've still got loads left!

Sunday 28 March 2010

Giant Jumble

I don't often go to Jumble Sales, mostly I find the rewards are not worth the effort.

Yesterday I made an exception as this was a GIANT jumble sale

First there's the queueing - I arrived half and hour before the start, and there were already over 20 people in the queue in front of me.

That meant no peeks inside the doors to see what delights may or may not lay within.

Secondly the boredom - standing around for half an hour (or an hour if you want to be first in the queue) with nothing to do but wait is quite tedious and feels like such a waste of time. 

I usually chat to someone in front or behind me for a while, then eavesdrop on other conversations.  This is where you normally find out about other fantastic sales that they attended and you didn't, but sometimes you find out about upcoming sales that might be worth a visit.

Even if they're ready, they always seem to keep you waiting until the very last second - something to do with insurance I've been told.

The doors open and a dilema - which stall to rush to first.  Even if you're the first in, within a few seconds the hall is teeming with bodies, if you don't get to that fantastic bargain straight away, you never will.

I usually rush to the wrong stall and find nothing worth having then watch others walking out with the things I would have bought.

But on a good day,  there's nothing better than rushing to the right stall and walking out laden with all the best bargains.  A rare occurance since the bargains are usually scattered around all over the stalls.  Fair's fair I suppose, everyone gets a chance.

This giant jumble didn't have much I wanted in the bric-a-brac department, just a few trinkets, but the linen stall proved quite bountiful.  A huge boxful of mats, doylies, runners, tray and tablecloths, fabrics and curtains.

I wasnt' quick enough to get the whole box, but managed to grab a couple of armfuls.  After that, I was fed up of the pushing, jostling, neck-straining and general lack of air and made my escape.  The best thing is you can come away with bagfuls of stuff and your purse not much lighter than when you went in.

Maybe I should start going more often!

Sunday 21 March 2010

Colourful Crocks

I acquired some lovely colourful crocks recently

This first set is from the 50s, a whole basketful on offer.

These have quite a retro feel with the solid colour cups and monochrome saucers, but are softened by the pretty blackberry design

The second set has lovely colourful daisies scattered all over.

Gorgeous springtime colours.

I have quite a few trios of each design, some are destined for my unit, some will be going to the V&H fair in May

If anyone is in the Ludlow area next week, you might want to visit the Love Vintage Event  on Saturday March 27th.  On offer will be "clothes, accessories, textiles for interiors, and allsorts of wonderful creative makes".  This event is running alongside the Zani Lady fleamarket and Ludlow's Green Fair, so promises to be a great day out for vintage-lovers.  I was lucky to be offered a stall but sadly I can't attend, not even as a customer and I'll be soooo envious of those of you who can!

Friday 19 March 2010

Beary Nice

I recently bought this charming little book - Country Livings Country Bears. I'm not a bear collector but the pictures inside were so sweet.

Not just the bears but the props and settings are very interesting - old toys:

Colourful bears:

Lovely outfits:

I do happen to have some bears myself though - just these three.

Big bear came from a car boot, little bear from a flea market and lady bear from the Garden Centre.

Big bear looks rather startled - he has a zipper down his back and is stuffed with an old nightdress - maybe that accounts for it.

Wednesday 17 March 2010

Six is the magic number

There were six of us for lunch on Sunday. 
Six is a good number for several reasons.

I only have six rose napkin holders and six pink spotty soup dishes.

Six 'best' green wine glasses.

Six can sit comfortably around the dining table.

Six pink glasses and rosebud cups and saucers.

Any more than six and we'd have to have 2 sittings!

My sweet mum kindly shared her Mother's day blooms with me. 

What - only FIVE?!!

Monday 15 March 2010

Girl with a Pearl Necklace

The week has started well - on the way home from work today I found (as in bought) this lovely simulated pearl necklace, still in it's orginal box with guarantee.

The date on the guarantee is 21/12/59 - so probably it was purchased as a Christmas present, it's lovely to have a bit of information with finds.

Also found 3 pretty 30s plates and a vase, all purchased in different shops but somehow the colours go well together.

This is a Barker Bros. design called Blossom Time.

Lovely pink and blue hydrangeas on the vase (as I'm writing this I realise I photographed the back of the vase, the flowers are much more profuse on the front!)

Also, this wallpaper which will be lovely as a lining for drawers and cupboards.

Hope your week has started well too!