Monday 31 December 2007

Wishing You a Bright and Happy Year

As the year draws to a close, I would like to take the opportunity to thank each one of you who have visited my blog and bought from my shop. Starting this blog has got to be one of my Top Ten highlights of this year, I have enjoyed it immensely and have discovered many truly kind-hearted, friendly and generous souls. It's been a pleasure to have each and every one of you stop by - I've loved reading your comments and visiting your blogs in return. I'm looking forward to many more happy hours blogging in 2008 - just hope I can keep up the momentum!

Wishing you all much love, health and happiness in 2008

and the fulfilment of your heart's desires.

x Lucy Bloom x

Thursday 27 December 2007

On the third day of Christmas...

Hello dear blog-friends, hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are well stuffed now.
Our Christmas was a grown-up affair, Christmas Eve supper at my parents, a huge family feast on Christmas day prepared by Mr. Bloom and myself (with both of us in the kitchen, a few sparks flew but all was well in the end), and Boxing day at Mrs. Bloom Senior's.
Lovely though it was, I'm quite glad to have the day at home with just the two of us today.
I was back at work this morning (I work part-time early mornings) and at 8.30 after work I rushed to buy the one thing I wanted to get in the sales:

I had my eye on these before Christmas and had contemplated asking Mr. Bloom to buy them for me but I suspected they would be reduced straight after so decided to take a chance. Sure enough, there they were today, half price. I didn't stay in town, I can't abide the crowds at sale time and I'm happy enough with these.

I also did a bit of shopping at Cath Kidston online as she has her sale on now.
Man, was her website ever slow, were all of you on there today as well? I ordered these because they were half price too (I do like a bargain!):

This afternoon while Mr. Bloom was happily settled watching a Bond movie, I retired to my sewing room for some crafting.

I have my PC in this room as well and having recently discovered BBC iPlayer, I could watch a couple of TV programmes I missed over Christmas.
First Dr. Who (I don't normally watch it but wanted to see the Christmas special as Kylie Minogue was in it - I'm not particularly a fan of hers either, but somehow the combination of the two appealed to me).
Second, Ballet Shoes, which was delightful, I'm going to watch it again after I've posted this as I was bit distracted with sewing.

As for the crafting, I thrifted this little knitted bunny a while back with the intention of giving it a makeover.

Armed with a pile of fabrics and trimmings I got to work.

I lined her ears as she had a Paul Smith logo in one of them which I wasn't so keen on. Then I used the same fabrics for her dress, and pads on her feet. I think she should be quite pleased with her new outfit.

She's also made friends with my other thrifted floppy-eared bunny. I think they look rather sweet together.

In case you're wondering, I don't collect bunnies, I just happen to have a few of them. I'll get them all together one day and post them. I'm off to tackle the turkey leftovers now, hope you enjoy the rest of the week!

Saturday 22 December 2007

Traditional Tree

Much as I love my white kitchen tree, I'm a bit of a traditional girl at times and it wouldn't be Christmas for me without a green tree and red baubles. That's what we have in our front room. We bought a real tree, I wanted a growing one in a pot which would hopefully last more than one year. Sadly there wasn't much available by the time we went looking and we had to come home with a rather sorry looking specimen. It's very lop-sided and wierdly has two central stalks. Mr. Bloom wanted to cut one of them out, but that would have left only half a tree, so I worked with what there was.

My main tree always features red, this year I combined it with cream and a little bit of gold, as it's quite a small tree. I've mainly used round baubles and flowers, a few special ornaments plus lots of fine gold lametta. I wanted to put angel hair on as well but couldn't find it.

Around the base I have arranged a few more Christmas trinkets, and of course Santa.

Now it's starting to feel Christmassy around here!

I must also thank Kristina of .Shabbily Ever After. for nominating me for this blogger award:

I'm not quite sure what I've done to deserve this, but thank you Kristina, I feel very honoured. I think a condition of the award is that I have to divulge 7 random facts about myself. Now that's a tough one as I don't usually make a habit of divulging, but I will tell you this:

1. I love relaxing in a hot bath but get bored after 5 minutes and want to get out again.
2. I hate having to dry and style my hair.
3. I love animals but don't have any pets.
4. Both my little toenails have split into 2 and won't grow back together again (yuk, sorry about that one!)
5. I once won a competion to feature in a magazine beauty makeover.
6. I like looking at cookbooks and recipes, but don't actually like to cook.
7. I am VERY VERY grumpy first thing in the morning.

Ok, that's enough about me, I shan't tag anyone as I think all you lovely bloggers are amazing and it would be impossible to choose just 3.

So, that just leaves the business of Christmas...

From my Christmas home to yours I wish you peace, joy and love this Christmas,

and a Blogging-Good New Year!

Lots of love to you all, see you soon,

x Lucy Bloom x

Wednesday 19 December 2007

Kitchen Tree

Well, its getting closer and there's so much to do - so what am I doing? - faffing about arranging trinkets and baubles, or watching soppy Christmas films on TV! I took some pictures of my kitchen tree today, thought you might like to see them.

This tree just sort of evolved, starting with a white tree I picked up at a table-top sale. I've never had a white tree before and wasn't sure how I was going to decorate it. My rag balls from Kim were the inspiration for the colour scheme. The branches are quite sparse so it needed a lot of decoration to get it looking good. I used a mixture of new and vintage decorations, lots of bows and added bobble braid as a garland. I was a bit stuck for lights as I didn't have any with a white cable, then I found these snowball lights in the discount store. Unfortunately there isn't much length of cable between the snowballs so they have ended up looking a bit bunched on the tree.

I can't decide whether I prefer them lit or unlit. I made some bunting as the wall looked a bit bare, and I put some festive trinkets on my shelf units,

Then, no sooner had I finished taking the photos, another surprise in the post. I almost don't want to admit it but this was another Giveaway prize. These very cute felt decorations were from Nonnie, painstakingly hand stitched and they look just right on this rose pot. Fiona also included one of her lovely Christmas cards - thank you so much Fiona!

Our kitchen/breakfast room is an extension which has only recently been completed and has been looking rather bare and unfinished. There's still a lot to do - flooring to be fitted, doors and furniture to be painted, window treatments to be made - but just for now I think it looks quite cosy.

Sunday 16 December 2007

Angel and other lovely things

Good evening dear readers, hope your weekend is going well. I have just completed two more Christmas social engagements, round to friends for drinks and nibbles last night, and out to lunch today with brother and sister-in-law. I shan't see my brother over Christmas as they are going away, so today was our "Christmas lunch" in lieu. We went to a quaint old English pub which was very cosy and served a delicious Sunday Roast.

I'm making it sound like we have a whirlwind social life, but in fact the opposite is true, Mr. Bloom and I are a couple of homebodies really and I am feeling quite exhausted by it all.

But, to the point of this post. I have been very fortunate to have won three giveaways since I started blogging. Oh yes, I've been lucky indeed, just look what came in the post yesterday:

This wonderful Angel doll was in a giveaway hosted by the very generous and talented Becky of On a Wing and A Prayer. She wears a vintage dolls dress and her wings are made from a piece of antique weathered wood. She is beautifully made and must have taken hours of work. Thank you so much Becky for your generosity. Becky also wrote a little story about me which I hope she won't mind me showing you.

"Lucy Bloom" wandered through Central Park, lost and wondering what she was to do. Her first time in America, she knew no one really.Then as she wandered, from the side of her eye she caught a sparkle, a glimmer of something in the grass. It was a Golden Key...What next Lucy Bloom?

Now I really want to know what happened next - does anyone know?

The same day I received a lovely bundle of baker's twine, which I won in Gill at Lucy Locket's Giveaway. Thank You Gill, that's a very seriously generous bundle!

I posted about my first Giveaway win here. In fact I feel slightly embarrassed at having won all these Giveaways, maybe I won't enter any for a while, but they are so tempting! To say Thank You I'm going to do another Giveaway myself in the New Year, so do look out for it.

I also have to show you some beautiful items I bought from Kim at Ragged Roses. These fabric balls are just the loveliest things. I love the colours and these have been the inspiration for my kitchen Christmas tree.

I had been wondering how to dress the tree this year and these have proved just perfect. I carefully added some hanging loops which I can remove again later, these lovelies will definately be on display all year round. Kim has some beautiful things in her Etsy shop here.

I haven't been able to get a good photo of the whole tree yet, I'll try again and add it to the post.

I also wanted to say to everyone who has left a comment on my post - thank you again - I love reading them and have been a bit remiss in visiting in return, but I will do so over the next couple of days. Knowing how busy everyone is this time of year, I do appreciate the time you take to visit me and leave your lovely comments, I don't know how you manage to fit it all in!

Thursday 13 December 2007

Christmas Folk

Thank you ladies for your comments about my 'lamp lady', the general consensus is that she doesn't. I'm going to be keeping a close eye on her from now on though, just in case!

These little folk are one of my favorite Christmas items.

They are not old, I bought them a few years ago as a Christmas present for my mum. They were from a boutique gift shop and cost more than I would normally spend on something like this (I think they are made from resin). They were the only ones like them in the shop. I just loved their sweet faces and subtle colours. You can't see it well in the photo but they are trimmed with glitter. Mum was thrilled with them and after Christmas they were left out on display, so I thought I must have got it right.

A couple of years later I had to stand-in for mum at the Church fete. I got there early to have a good rummage before the customers arrived. Well, you could have blown me down with a feather, there were my Christmas folk on the White Elephant stall! What's more, they were more than I would normally spend at a Church fete, but of course I had to buy them back. Later I went round to mum's and told her I had bought them. She went ever so slightly pink, laughed ever so slightly uncomfortably and said that if only she'd known I liked them so much she would gladly have given them to me! I love my mum dearly, but sometimes... just aaargh!

So even though they are not old, I can honestly say they are thrifted, and I love them.

I've seen some beautiful Christmas homes and decorations on blogs I've been visiting. I haven't really made much of a start on mine yet. So, feeling ever so slightly embarassed about that, I'm showing you what I bought today instead.
I popped out to Laura Ashley (it's only a 5 minute drive away) to see if I could pinch any Christmas ideas and found they have a sale on. I came home with these:

Everything except the tea-towel was half price. I'm going to make some cushions from the crocheted place mats, and lavender sachets from the coasters. We needed a couple of new wine glasses, these were pretty (I had to buy a spare as I'm quite experienced at breaking them). I'm going to use the toile wallpaper to panel my wardrobe I think, or maybe cover a little cupboard. The tea towel is for 'display only'. about that Christmas decorating...

Tuesday 11 December 2007

Should I ban her?

I was at my friend's house yesterday and we got onto the subject of my blog, which she hadn't seen yet, so we took a look.

The conversation went something like this:

Friend: Why have you got a picture of a blow-up rubber doll at the top?


Friend: That picture at the top of the page, it's one of those kinky inflatable rubber dolls isn't it?

Me:'re kidding me, aren't you?

Friend: No.

Me: Oh My God... is that what she looks like?

Friend: Yes!

Me: No she doesn't... it's my lovely vintage lampshade doll, she's really pretty, she's got a light fitting under her dress, she doesn't look like a vinyl doll at all!

Friend: Yes she does - just look at her red lips and the long black leather gloves and that pose - she looks just like an inflatable vinyl doll!

Me: oh...

So I've hastily changed my banner, I wouldn't want to attract the wrong sort of reader.
I still can't see it myself, but what do you think ladies, does she or doesn't she?

(p.s. apologies for the terrible pun!)

Sunday 9 December 2007

We have a winner...

9pm came, the satsumas were tossed out of the bowl and the carefully replaced with the Giveaway entries.

Mr. Bloom obligingly picked a winner...Steph from Curlew Country.
Steph has a beautiful blog so do pop over and pay her a visit.

Congratulations Steph, and comiserations to everyone else, I wish you all could have won!
If you would email me your address. Steph, I will post your goodies asap.

Hope you all had a good weekend, can't believe it went so quickly. It seems that a lot of Christmas trees and decorations were being put up this weekend. Not ours though, I'm running behind, so I'll have to leave you with a picture of last years.

Best Wishes,

(p.s. there are some peg sets still available in my shop here)

Friday 7 December 2007

...and a little treat for me!

***STOP PRESS*** As I don't think I'll be awake at midnight on Sunday I am going to do the draw for my giveaway at 9pm Sunday(GMT UK). The winner will be notified shortly afterwards. Good Luck to everyone!

Hello dear bloggers, hope your week has been good.
Mine was until this morning when Mr. Bloom decided we should go to the supermarket, not our local one but the Morrisons right across the other side of town. Now I don't like large supermarkets at the best of times, but today it was raining, there was loads of traffic and it was very cold inside Morrisons. I was not happy. However, on the way back we stopped at Borders bookshop and that did make me happy. As a reward for my morning's misery I bought these:

I don't often buy American magazines, mainly because I can only get them in Borders which is right across the other side of town (I am very easily discouraged by heavy traffic or car journeys in town of more than 5 minutes). Last time I was there (some time last year!) they had a choice of 1, but now they have quite a good selection. I chose the 2 that had the most mouth-watering pictures. I haven't looked at them properly yet, (don't know how I've managed that!) apart from a quick flick and these caught my eye (from Mary Engelbreits Home Companion Dec07).

They are so pretty, I am just going to have to try making some. What do you think are my chances of finding green faded vintage crepe paper in the next few days?

Well, zero I think, but I do have some vintage paper serviettes which are made from crepe paper:

I think they will be ideal for something similar. Watch this space!

There are also some very pretty crackers in the December issue of UK Country Living. (If you haven't seen them, Jane at Posy posted about that issue while back).

On the left in my sidebar you will see a link to my Bloom Handmade Shop. I don't have a website but I did have some enquiries about my handmades, so I've set up a little blog shop with just a few things, you are welcome just to browse, I won't pounce on you!


Don't forget if you haven't entered my Giveaway yet, there's still time until Sunday. It's in the post below this one.

I have another blogger-type question, this regarding links to other peoples blogs or posts. I have put a few of these in my posts, but I've suddenly thought that maybe I should be asking the blog-owners permission first. Is there a convention about this. I don't mean putting any of their pics or content in my blog, just a link to a relevant post.

p.s. If someone wants to link to my blog or a post in a positive way, or put me in their Blogroll, then I don't mind at all ;-)