Wednesday 24 February 2010

New Dresser

I have always wanted a dresser, in all the houses I've lived in either I didn't have the funds to buy one or when I did, I didn't have the space for one.  Currently the issue is still space, but undeterred I recently purchased my heart's desire. 

The space problem is solved by not bringing it home - it resides in my unit at Lechlade Antiques Arcade.

When I first took the unit last year I didn't want to invest too much in fixtures and fittings as I wasn't sure how it would work out so I brought in various shelves and cupboards I already had at home.

But things are going well there so I decided it was time to start making my unit more like I want it to be.  I bought the dresser from another dealer in the arcade so moving it in was easy enough.

My room is still more cluttered than I'd like it to be but I receive many positive comments and apparently it's a favourite with the ladies on a Saturday afternoon.

It's also been featured in a Japanese magazine - I haven't seen it myself but was told by another dealer.

I'm now working one afternoon a week manning the arcade which I'm enjoying very much as I get to meet the customers and have a chat.  Thursday afternoon is my slot, so if you're around then do pop in to say hello - and maybe find a bargain too!

Saturday 20 February 2010

Dappled Sun

So nice to see the sunshine today, making the kind of day to be going out somewhere. Mr. Bloom is working today and I don't feel inclined to go out by myself, besides I have enough to do, much neglected houswork for a start.

I do hate doing housework at the weekend but can rarely get myself organised to get it done in the week. The sun is helping me by highlighting all the dirt and dust!

It is lovely to have sunshine through the windows. Geography is not my strong point so I can't tell you which way our house faces, but it only gets the sun at the front.

Even in the middle of summer, although the back garden gets sun, the back rooms never do. A good point to consider when buying a house which I clearly didn't!

My bedroom is at the front of the house, and I love the way the dappled light shines through the window, so I took a few snaps (like you do!).

Thursday 18 February 2010

Corner of My Home

This corner is in my bedroom underneath the shelf I posted about here. Some more of my favourite things reside in this corner.

I have a small glass lamp which I am using as a hatstand for a floral cloche hat (or maybe I am using the hat as a lampshade?) in any event, it does look pretty when the lamp is switched on. It only has a tiny low wattage bulb, in case you're worrying about it catching fire!

Cussons produced some wonderful toiletry gift sets in the past, I can imagine that it would have been difficult to bring oneself to use the contents, and generally when I come across one of these sets (which is not that often), the contents are still intact. This one still has the original price label on the back too.

The birdie hanging from the shelf above was a Gisela Graham christmas decoration from a couple of years ago.

The doll was a purchase at the very first Vintage and Handmade fair and next to her is a vintage French fabric bon-bon bag, it is lined with crepe paper, sadly no bon-bons remain.

Here is is all together. (The white drawers were rescued from an old dressing table, I have a pair of them, currently on the makeover waiting list).

Monday 15 February 2010

Paint, Paper and Lace

Most recently, paint, paper and lace have featured in my crafting efforts, plus the colour green. In an effort to reduce the paint-pot mountain I have been mixing some pots together, one of the results being this lovely muted green.

As I have to paint in the kitchen, I tend to paint in small batches, to minimise the disruption on the worktop. First off this wooden box, which I decoupaged with victorian style roses.

Secondly another box which didn't have a lid but is useful for display or storage. I added some wooden bun feet, I do this with most of the boxes I make, somehow they look more finished this way.

Lastly, a wooden planter, the black bands are metal and were on it originally, I liked the contrast with the green so put them back on.

Finishing touches are tiny painted dots, I can't resist putting dots somewhere on the things I paint, and some tea-stained crochet lace.

The best bit is finding things to display in them, though these are just temporary as the boxes are all going off to my craft unit very soon.

Hope you enjoyed the weekend, my Sunday was very lazy and relaxed, a real treat!

Sunday 14 February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

For St. Valentine's day I have selected a few snippets from this delightful book - the Love Almanac.

It's packed full of interesting and entertaining information about matters of the heart - very appropriate for today. I haven't actually read it, but I do like looking at the pictures!

Today, Mr. Bloom and I are dining courtesy of Messrs. Marks & Spencer again - no expense spared in this household!

Of course, not everyone chooses (or has a choice) to celebrate this day. For many years this was my most dreaded day of the year and I wished for it to be over as quickly as possible. But whatever you are doing today, I wish you a LOVE-ly day!

Saturday 13 February 2010

Mission: Accomplished

Mr. Bloom went out on a 'secret mission' early this morning, he wasn't giving much away, but I know he went to a certain shop which happens to sell flowers.

I went on my own mission, to look for stock for my unit in Lechlade, and I did find a few nice things:

(Woven door curtain in background, fibreglass rose design tray, boxed set of 6 floral mats, rose trellis cushions, rose design bowls, pink mirror, crinoline lady sugar tin)

I was really pleased to find the tablemats - they have some beautiful prints on them, at least two are signed Vernon Ward though I'm not sure they are all his.

This lovely Worcester Ware sugar tin, very battered and shabby, but that's OK because I'm keeping it for myself.

The mirror has some cute hand-painted roses on the back - needs a good clean, hadn't got around to that yet!

Mr. Bloom was home before me, and no sign of anything having been bought - but I know from previous experience that he accomplished his mission and it's been hidden in the shed.
I've already got Mr. Bloom's Valentine gift - ME (ha ha!) - but just in case I also bought him a couple of DVD's.

Now we've eaten dinner I have another mission - the washing up!
TTFN - Lucy

Wednesday 10 February 2010

Yesterday's News

Yesterday was flowery.

I found... 2 quilts and a sewing basket - lovely vintage florals.

I made... a patchwork ball from Liberty fabric scraps, just for fun.

I was given....a piece of beautiful vintage Sanderson fabric, pretty pictures and a cute perfume spray bottle. LOVE the fabric - thank you L!

Today...there is no news.