Saturday 27 April 2013

How not to dry roses

Of course I love fresh roses, but it always seems a shame once they've wilted and I try to dry them whenever I can.  These are drying on the radiator (suitably covered and with props!)
It's not the recommended way to dry them (I think hanging upside down in a dry, warm and dark place give greater success).  However, these were in an arrangement I had been given which I forgot to water.  They had already started to crisp up so just needed finishing off.

I was surprised they dried so well, I don't usually have success with paler colours.  Drying them is one thing, but then what to do with them.  Usually I snap the heads off and put them in a jar "for future use".  Not having a jar to hand, I popped them into the paper roll.
I rather like how they look there.  The vintage toilet paper is not "for future use"!

Monday 22 April 2013

Sunday Harvest

I did get to the Car Boot on Sunday morning.  It's quite large and only on once a month so I was quite keen to go.  Not keen enough to get there for the start though.  I have enough early mornings on my days in the shop so we (trusty friend Jayne and I) got there about an hour after the start. Downside - we had to park a long way away.  We went back to the car for a tea break at mid-morning when some people were leaving and moved the car a lot closer to the gates!

I didn't have a particular shopping list and this was more a day out than a buying trip, but all in all I was very pleased with my harvest.  I tried not to think about what I might have missed out on by not getting there earlier!

pretty petit-point on the travel alarm clock case

Fortunately the weather was kind this time and we spent a pleasant morning wandering about and making a few purchases. On the way home we saw a sign for an Antiques and Flea market, naturally we had to check it out. 

Not as exciting as the car boot - it was small and not at all busy.  I did feel sorry for the stallholders, they had to be there for another 3 hours and it didn't look like they were selling very much (been there, etc!). 

This was my weekend off and mainly it was spent making, sorting, organising, tidying, the usual stuff that seems neverending.  Our washing machine is out of action at the moment (ongoing dispute with the appliance company I won't bore you with) so all washing must be done by hand (fortunately the spin dryer still works).  Whilst I don't mind hand-washing anything that's vintage, actual clothes to wear are a real chore, not appreciated how much until it has to be done.

Devon violets perfume and soaps in original box - how long did that sit in someone's drawer!

Some four-leggged friends amongst my finds.
These two my particular favourites.  I'm not quite sure what the grey one is meant to be - a mouse maybe?
Finally, a whole teaset including pot, of violets china.  I only photographed a few of the pieces.  All came in a lovely blue painted basket which I plan to line and show another time.  Violets china seems harder to find these days (as do most vintage things!)
Well, back to the shop tomorrow so I must get a few things ready.  Enjoy your week.

Monday 1 April 2013


I don't often remember to take 'before' pics, so keen am I to get going with a paintbrush and make the transformations.  I did remember with this bookrack and shelves though.  I love the way that paint can quickly change something you wouldn't look at twice to something I can sell in the shop .
A few coats later, plus some wallpaper to finish and transformations are complete.  I resisted the urge to go flowery with the book rack and used a green toile paper to line the back so that it might appeal to our male customers too.  Staged with some stoneware for a change for a natural look.

The shelf got a buttery cream finish with floral wallpaper.  Shelves are always good sellers and don't hang around long in the shop.  The other items were picked up at the Vintage Jumble and are destined for the shop too.

I particularly love this little turkey plaque.  We don't sell turkeys but I might keep this as decoration.

Another plaque for cheese triangles - cute!

The cut glass tea-light holders will hopefully do well, though I am tempted to keep them.

Another makeover, this hook rack which I painted and decoupaged.

All items will be making their way to the shop at some point.  Today I will be making miles of bunting (OK, slight exaggeration) for our special event in the shop which I will post about next time.