Sunday 27 April 2008

Crafting Small

It started when I was sorting out my jewellery drawer and found lots of empty jewellery gift boxes. I was going to throw them out but then had second thoughts, the same day I came across these tiny glass jars. All set for some small scale crafting.

The first set I made using vintage wallpaper, from some small pieces I had I used two co-ordinating designs plus tiny flowers and tiny braid trim.

I used a scrap of vintage french fabric for this ring box and bottle, embellished with tiny flowers and ribbon.

Four small pearl beads became tiny feet on the box, I think it looks like a miniature footstool.

The bottles are about 5cm tall, this picture shows the scale.

These two boxes are a bit bigger (6 x 8cm)

The blue box again uses vintage wallpaper plus I made a ribbon ruffle and flower trim in one corner.

I covered the other box with a ticking style cotton, stuck a cigarette card on the top and trimmed with lace and mini ric-rac braid. A small red button finishing touch.

I had this tiny photo frame which had lost its embellishment, I covered it with tiny flowers, stamens and jewels. You wouldn't think it was the same frame.

Another ring box is covered with vintage wallpaper and lace with flowers, stamens and rhinestones in a cake-like concoction on the top.

There are advantages to small-scale crafting:

You can finish an item relatively quickly,
You don't need a lot of space to work in,
You don't need a lot of materials, you can use small amounts and scraps,
You don't need a lot of space to display them.

Now I just need to get a small-scale shelf to put them on!

Hope you were all able to benefit from the fine weather this weekend in the UK. I spent the whole of Saturday gardening (and am still walking straight today!) plus went to 3 car boot sales this morning. I bought a few bits, I'll show them next time.

Have a good week,
Lucy x

Tuesday 22 April 2008

Heart Pockets and a Dish

I mentioned that I got a bit of crafting done last week, I've been making these hanging heart pockets. The fronts are fabric, each one has a lace pocket at the bottom where you can put cards or flowers or notes, anything you like really, or leave them just as they are, functional or purely decorative.

I have six of these available in different designs, in my shop now. I am trying to get more items made for the shop, really I am, but you know how it is.

When I posted about my thrifty and booty finds last time I forgot to put in one more thing. In fact, I'd forgotten I'd bought it and only came across it at the weekend still wrapped.
It's this flowery sauce dish with it's own china ladle.

The ladles are often the first things to become broken so I was pleased to find this set complete.

It is to be used but for the moment it's on display on my kitchen cabinet (necessitating a re-arrange of course!)

Finally an update on the kitchen tiles, I went for plain cream in the end as I didn't want to be tied to a colour scheme. I wish I'd decided that in the first place, it would have saved rather a long time trawling around the tile and DIY shops, not my favourite activity. They are still a WIP but I'll show you when they're finished.

TTFN - Lucy x

Thursday 17 April 2008

The Thrill of the Boot

Last Sunday morning a change of routine meant I could go to the Car Boot Sale - my first this year - oh happy day! Actually it wasn't that good, but just the thrill of going was enough, though I did manage to find a few bits and bobs, would you like to see?

Some vintage buttons - these are always a welcome find. Two Avon perfume bottles with their original boxes one is lilac and the other rose. They are pretty enough in their own right but I might have a go at embellishing them a bit.

A pink necklace and some enamel rose earrings, plus a hand-embroidered traycloth in lovely springy colours. The cushions I was really pleased with, they have a lovely old shabby look and feel and go perfectly with the colour-scheme in my front room. I haven't really shown pictures of my front room, that's because it's still in its 'before' state. I'll show the 'before' once there is an 'after', that could be little while yet, things don't happen very quickly around here.

Also in the main pic you'll see a couple of old books and notebooks - very handy! So that was it, not much to sing and dance about, but better than nothing.

On Thursday I helped my dad on an errand which took us past Pewsey, so we stopped for some refreshment at this quayside hostelry. It's right next to the canal and a mooring spot, there were barges as far as the eye could see, but they weren't very nice looking so I didn't bother photograhing them.

As we supped our ale in the sunshine I couldn't decide whether I would rather be messing about on the water, as this family were (3 generations plus dog on holiday).

Or exploring inside this lovely old house across the road - actually I think it's a school now, but I'd still love to take a look around.

I took the opportunity to pop into the thrift shop and came out with a few more things I don't need but decided I must have.

The fabric in the background is a soft chiffony type material, I have in mind a curtain for the front of a cupboard, it will drape really nicely and not be bulky. Ric-rac braid is always useful, I didn't care much for the green and brown one, but it was in one bag with the lilac one. I had a similar 'Bambi' bookend (this one is grown-up Bambi) a few years ago and sold it then wished I hadn't.

I thought the lilac jug could be added to my little green shelf, but there's no room, I'll have to have a re-arrange first. The soap dish is a lovely pale aqua blue colour and came in 3 parts (soap not included), of course it's the wrong colour for my bathroom, but I'm sure I'll find a place for it somewhere. The pink lady has already found a home on this shelf.

A couple of weeks ago I received this postcard from Mary Kate at La Vie Est Belle. Mary Kate lives in Malaysia and visits some wonderful places which you can see on her blog.

Mary Kate had been to Kuala Lumpar and was kind enough to send a postcard to everyone who left a comment on that post - how sweet and kind that was. Thank you Mary Kate, it brightened my day.

I have a message for Patti - thank you for your lovely comment on my last post, I can't link to your blog (do you have one) or an email. Do let me know. My email link is at the top of this page.

I have finally managed to get down to some crafting this week, not finished yet but here's a little peek, hope to have them finished for my next post.

Not long till the weekend - Yipee - till next time...

Lucy x

Friday 11 April 2008

The Mannequin's Tale

When one has done no crafting, no thrifting and not been out all week the mannequin is a reliable standby. She doesn't have a name, I find it difficult to name something that doesn't have a head, so is simply referred to as The Mannequin (if I were pressed to name her, I think Delphine would be rather nice though).

The mannequin was a present from Mr. Bloom a couple of years ago. I think he bought it for some peace and quiet, since I never failed to point out to him whenever I saw one in a shop or magazine that I really, really wanted one. It wasn't my intention that Mr. Bloom should buy me one, I was just preparing him for the day when I lost my senses and spent a way too much money on a genuine vintage one.

We spotted this one and a wire one in a shop one day, of course I pointed them out saying how much I would like a mannequin. Mr. Bloom said he preferred this one to the wire one and I politely agreed, though I really preferred the wire one, little realizing the consequence of my casual reply.

In the weeks running up to Christmas there were secret phone calls and shopping trips which I wasn't allowed on. I knew it was to do with my present, but didn't have an inkling what it could be, despite trying my hardest to work it out, so on Christmas day it was a delightful surprise (it was collected at the last possible moment and hidden at my mum's house so I couldn't possibly find it).

Now she stands in the bedroom window, dressed up of course and I think she looks rather fine now.

As she already has a patterned body, this large piece of fringed lace was perfect just draped over her shoulders and tied around the waist. A pearl collar, some pink glass beads and a floral corsage as finishing touches.

Her 'hat' is actually an antique french lampshade cover. I have a pair of these, they didn't fit any of my lampshades, I'm not even sure what sort of lampshade they were intended for. They are so beautiful I couldn't not have them, I'm still trying to figure out a way of displaying the other one.

The mannequin has quite grown in my affections now, but there is a twist. After I had opened my present, Mr. Bloom told me that he'd had no end of trouble getting her. They weren't any in the shop when he went back so he'd had to order one. When she arrived he went to collect her to find they'd ordered the wire one but as he didn't think I'd like it as much he got them to send her back and get this one (aaargh!!!) There's a moral somewhere in this tale, but I've said too much already. If you should every bump into Mr. Bloom, please don't tell.

The mannequin shares the sunny window spot with dolly and bunny (now they could have names, but they don't) .

You've seen bunny before, but I didn't tell you she was 5p at a Car Boot Sale, can you believe that! Dolly was acquired a few years ago because of her sweet face and that mass of curly red hair. She did have fairy wings but they were really nasty bright pink net and wire, she looks much better without.

On the other side of the room, a tiny baby doll has found a home amongst my pink glass collection.

Mr. Bloom and I are popping out now to look for some tiles for our kitchen window-sill. I really don't want to go, but if I don't I might end up not getting the ones I really prefer (hee-hee!)

Have a lovely weekend,

Lucy x