Saturday, 1 December 2007

Blooming Good Saturday

Hello Blogmates, hope you are having a good weekend. Well what a horrible rainy day it’s been here today.
I had been reading Niki’s blog in the week and admiring the lovely flowers in her Autumn Colour post. I particularly liked the brassicas which were so pretty and I hadn’t seen them anywhere to buy. Well what do you know, Mr. Bloom came back from getting petrol this morning and brought me a bunch of flowers, including a brassica! (I hadn’t said anything to him about them, pure co-incidence). There was only one in the mixed bunch, but it was enough to make me happy.
I popped out to Marlborough this morning to deliver my stock, meaning I could take a bit of a crafting breather over the weekend. Cleaning and tidying instead then!!!

Oh, but first, I had to arrange my flowers…

Then I had to create a setting for them…
(shortly after taking this pic I had to extinguish the candle as the flowers started to burn – oops!)

Then I had to find a place for the pink teapot…

And as it is now December I also had to make a start on Christmas decorating…
(can you spot the little brush tree, snowbaby and stars that I won in Michele's giveaway?)

I did manage to clean and tidy in the kitchen though, looks reasonable now…
(I’m trying to decide on a window treatment in here – any ideas?)

Mind you, Mr. Bloom is cooking a curry as I write, I dread to think of the aftermath!


  1. Hello to you, Lucy Bloom....(I've always loved the name "Lucy" was my nickname that my mom used and my very first doll I named LUCY)
    Bisquick is a biscuit mix you buy at the store. I don't know what the brand name is in England. Any biscuit mix is fine....I think you will just love the sausage can leave out the chilis and add anything you like to them. I added the hot peppers to them once and they were good, too.
    I love your pretty things on your blog today !
    Good luck,

  2. I love your displays and the kitchen is fab - how about a stiff shaped pelmet with a roller blind or a roman blind on its own would be nice. You dont really want to lose the use of your windowsill do you?? A Roman is good way of using a small amount of material so you could get something really special......I asked on the last blog if you sell your things mail order (ebay?)

  3. Bless him, the flowers look lovely including the brasica!
    You have a bit of red going on here so something cream with red would be nice.

  4. That's it! I'm starting on my kitchen cabinets next week. I've been wanting to paint them for 3 years and yours look so good, I'm feeling inspired. Have a great weekend. Blessings... Polly

  5. Lucy, I LOVE your pretty things! You have such a knack for arranging things. Also love your kitchen and personally I don't think that window needs a thing.
    Bet your house is a dream. I really enjoy yoyr blog.

  6. Thank you for the posting advice & taking the time to comment... I'll know for next time!

    Best Wishes


  7. Hi Lucy, I love your little displays, they look so pretty. I'd say cream and red for your window too, or leave it as it is because it looks clean and simple.
    Thanks for visitng me, you've won a little something in my prize draw, if you'd like to email me with your postal address I'll pop it in the post asap.

  8. Hi Lucy,
    Your flowers are beautiful and beautifully displayed too, the teapot looks very at home with the rest of your pieces too.
    The kitchen window would look lovely with fabric something like the towel you have hung on the oven in a ruffled pelmet.

  9. Hello Lucy, thanks for popping over to say hello on my blog. I do love your fabulous kitchen, I hope my new one will be similar one day. For now it has a blue sink(?), yellow walls and white plastic units so I keep the door shut! i'm not good at being patient. My windows will hav roller blinds, possibly made from vintage bistro tea towels (white with a red stripe at the sides.) if I ever get around to making them! Looking forward to coming back soon to read more. love Stephx

  10. Hi Lucy, What a lucky girl you are to have been bought such beautiful flowers (and they included a brassica - what a coincidence!)
    Your kitchen is a delight - I love all of the red and blue accessories - so cheerful. Is the window over-looked? Do you need privacy or is it just a fun window treatment you are looking for? - You could echo the little shelf trims that you have in your glazed cupboard, along the top of the window, perhaps? Or hang red tea-towel curtains?
    Hope you enjoyed the curry! A man that brings you flowers and cooks(?) - hang on to him!!! hehe!

  11. Your house looks amazing - really pretty. I have got bunting as my only window treatment in the kitchen - it just softens the edges but doesn't take away any light.
    I loved the things you had been making in your previous post too - gorgeous.
    Cathy XX

  12. I have got practically the same kitchen units as you and the same colour paintwork, on my window I have just a plain blind in a very pale aqua blue which I love, infact looks the same colour as your drainer, I really love these colours together. The petrol station that Mr Bloom frequents sells gorgeous flowers, much better quality than some of our local ones. x

  13. The flowers are such lovely colours!
    Your Christmas decorating is looking super.


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